75 Horror Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

While not everybody likes horror movies, it’s hard to deny they can be quite a thrilling experience. Test your knowledge with these horror movie trivia questions and answers. 

We’ll cover classic characters like Freddie Kreuger and Michael Myers. Our horror movie trivia will be sure to bring up some fun scary memories. 

Do you know all there is to know about Halloween, Friday the 13th, and other spooky films? If you’re ready, then try out this horror movie trivia. If you like our scary movie trivia, check out our Movie Trivia, Scream Trivia, Hocus Pocus Trivia, pop culture trivia questions and answers.

Horror movie trivia questions and answers
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Horror Movie Trivia Questions And Answers  

1. The white face mask Michael Myers wears is based on what Hollywood actor?

2. What is the film where a character was famously asked, “Do you like scary movies?”

3. Who is the character everyone is running away from on Friday The 13th?

4. What is the name of the movie where two legendary horror film characters fight?

5. What is the highest-grossing horror film of all time?

6. What horror movie did Kelly Rowland of Destiny Childs star in?

7. What famous Hollywood actress starred in the first Halloween movie in 1978?

8. In 1999, what horror movie became one of the most successful independent films of all time?

9. In 1973, what movie became the first horror movie to be nominated for an Oscar?

10. What classic 90’s horror movie was made into a series in 2021?

11. Who was the original star of the 90’s movie mentioned in the previous question?

12. What 90’s R&B singer co-starred in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer?

13. What actress will not be appearing in Scream 6?

14. What is the 1976 film where a shy teenage girl was bullied at school but eventually got her revenge at the high school prom?

15. What horror movie character goes after people in their dreams?

16. What horror movie was originally a popular video game in the 90s?

17. How many exorcist movies have been made?

18. How many Halloween movies have been made?

19. What is the Halloween movie that released in 2022?

20. What 2017 horror movie was directed by Jordan Peele and starred Daniel Kaluuya?

21. What film is based on the alleged paranormal experiences of the Lutz family?

22. Who is the legendary actor that stars in the 1980s film, The Shining?

23. What was the second horror film directed by Jordan Peele?

24. What popular 2002 horror movie was a remake of a Japanese film?

25. What horror film does Anthony Hopkins recite the famous line, “Good evening, Clarice?”

26. Which horror film is set in a fictional Maine town and involves a mysterious mist full of monsters? 

27. What was the first feature-length zombie film?

28. Who directed the 1979 film, “Alien”?

29. Which horror film features a villain who kills his victims in their dreams?

30. What is the name of the serial killer in the “Halloween” series?

31. What is the name of the summer camp in “Friday the 13th”?

32. What is the mask in “Scream” inspired by?

33. What animal terrorizes the residents in the 1975 film “Jaws”?

34. In “Psycho,” where does Marion Crane stop to rest?

35. Which actress played the telekinetic teenager in “Carrie”?

36. Who directed the 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby”?

37. What was the original title for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”?

38. In “The Blair Witch Project,” what is left outside the tent on the second morning?

39. What object does the demon in “Paranormal Activity” move at night?

40. Who wrote the novel that “The Shining” is based on?

41. What is the name of the hotel in “The Shining”?

42. Which 1922 silent film is considered the first vampire-themed movie?

43. What insect is associated with the killer in “The Silence of the Lambs”?

44. Who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”?

45. Who directed “The Babadook”?

46. In which film does the villain make puzzles out of his victims’ bones?

47. In “It Follows,” how is the curse passed on?

48. Who directed the 2008 film “Cloverfield”?

49. In “The Ring,” how many days do you have after watching the video tape?

50. Who directed the film “Get Out”?

51. What 2018 horror movie is about a family trying to survive in silence to avoid creatures that hunt by sound?

52. In “Hereditary,” what item is frequently seen that symbolizes the grandmother?

53. Who directed the original 1968 version of “Night of the Living Dead”?

54. Who was the killer in the original “Friday the 13th” movie?

55. Who is the author of the short story that inspired “The Birds”?

56. Who played Regan MacNeil in “The Exorcist”?

57. In “The Sixth Sense,” what is the twist ending?

58. Who directed the 2017 film “IT”?

59. Which horror film was the first ever to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

60. What was the name of the doll in “Child’s Play”?

61. Which movie features the quote, “They’re here!”?

62. Who directed the original “Suspiria” (1977)?

63. Who played the original Dracula in the 1931 film?

64. In what year was the original “Halloween” movie released?

65. In “28 Days Later,” what causes the outbreak?

66. Who is the antagonist in “Candyman”?

67. Which horror film was based on a Stephen King novel about a haunted car?

68. Who is the “final girl” in the first “Alien” film?

69. What kind of establishment does Dr. Heiter own in “The Human Centipede”?

70. In “The Witch,” what is the family’s primary crop?

71. Which horror film was inspired by the real-life story of the Lutz family?

72. Which horror film is based on the real-life events surrounding the haunting of the Perron family in the 1970s? 

73. Who directed the remake of “The Fly” in 1986? 

74. Which Stephen King novel is the movie “Misery” based on? 

75. What is the title of the sequel to “The Shining,” both a novel by Stephen King and a film? 

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