Golden Globes Trivia Questions and Answers

These Golden Globes trivia questions and answers will be fun to do while watching the awards show. There’s a vast history of actors and actresses who’ve won this award.

Our Golden Globes trivia questions will cover that and much more. Find out what prize was given at the first annual celebration.

You might be surprised by some of these answers. With all that said, enjoy this Golden Globes trivia. If you like our trivia on the Golden Globes, check out our:

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Golden Globes Trivia Questions

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1. In what year was the Golden Globes established?

2.  How many categories were there during the first Golden Globes event?

3.  What was the prize for winners during the first Golden Globes?

4.  In what year did they first give statuettes for winning during the Golden Globes?

5.  How much are the Golden Globes statuettes estimated to cost?

6.  What was the first year celebrities began handing out awards at the Golden Globes?

7.  Which actress has the record for the most Golden Globe Award nominations?

8.  Who was the first woman to win a Golden Globe award?

9.  Who is the youngest person ever to receive a Golden Globe award?

10.  Ricky Schroder won the Best New Star of the Year for his role in what movie?

11.  In 2008, the Golden Globe Awards were canceled due to what?

12.  Who refused to accept his award in 1973 as a form of protest against racism and imperialism in America?

13.  What year did the tradition of having a Miss or Mr. Golden Globe start?

14.  The only three-way tie in Golden Globe history was in 1989 for which category?

15.  In what year did the Golden Globe Awards first have hosts?

16.  Which film broke records in 2017 for winning 7 Golden Globes awards?

17.  In what year was the first time the Golden Globes Awards were broadcast?

18.  The first national broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards occurred during The Andy Williams Show in which year?

19.  Before being broadcast nationally, the Golden Globe Awards were only televised in which area?

20.  Where have the Golden Globes been hosted since 1961?

21.  In what year was the category Best Animated Feature added to the Golden Globes?

22.  Which actor has had the most Golden Globe nominations in a single year?

23.  Only three women have ever won two acting Golden Globe awards in the same year. This includes Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, and who else?

24.  In what year did “Titanic” win a Golden Globe for Best Picture for Drama?

25.  Which film won the Golden Globe for Best Picture for Drama in 2019?

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