MLK Trivia Questions And Answers

These MLK trivia questions and answers can be a great way to celebrate this holiday. Learn some of the most interesting facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

Our MLK trivia questions and answers will be fun for all ages. Learning more about this historic civil rights figure.

Ready to prove how much you know about one of the greatest leaders of our time? Then enjoy these MLK trivia questions and answers. If you like our MLK trivia, check out our January and Black History Month trivia.

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MLK Trivia Questions

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1. In which U.S. state was MLK Jr. born? 

2. What was Martin Luther King Jr’s first name when he was born? 

3. How old was MLK Jr. when he graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor’s degree? 

4. What was the name of the protest that Dr. King helped lead, which resulted in city buses becoming desegregated? 

5. At what age did Dr. King become a pastor? 

6. Which two grades of school did MLK Jr. skip? 

7. In which U.S. state did MLK Jr. and Coretta Scott get married? 

8. How many children did Dr. King have? 

9. What is the name of MLK Jr.’s most iconic speech? 

10. In what year was MLK Jr. named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” for his work as a civil rights activist? 

11. In what year did Dr. King marry Coretta Scott? 

12. What award did MLK Jr. receive in 1964 for being a peaceful civil rights activist? 

13. When Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he was the youngest person ever to receive the award. How old was he? 

14. MLK Jr. received his Ph. D. from which university? 

15. How long did the Montgomery Bus Boycott last? 

16. Dr. King utilized principles of non-violent resistance from which Indian social activist? 

17. How many times was Martin arrested in his life? 

18. Which U.S. President established Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday? 

19. In what year did MLK Day become a holiday? 

20. MLK Day is celebrated in January because it’s the month of what?

21. In what year did MLK Day become a paid holiday in all 50 U.S. states? 

22. Which U.S. state was the last to make MLK Day a holiday? 

23. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his most famous speech, “I Have a Dream,” on the steps of which monument in Washington, D.C.? 

24. MLK Day is celebrated on which day in January? 

25. What is the name of the statue of MLK Jr. in Washington, D.C.? 

26. In what year was MLK Day first celebrated as a holiday? 

27. What is the name of the church where MLK Jr. was a pastor? 

28. How long is MLK Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech? 

29. How many people attended the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom? 

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