76 Glee Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome, Gleeks! Are you ready to sing your heart out and show off your Glee knowledge? This trivia is all about the smash hit TV show that made us believe in the power of song, friendship, and high school drama. We’ll be testing your memory on everything from musical numbers and character arcs, to plot twists and behind-the-scenes tidbits. Whether you’re Team Finn or Team Puck, a Rachel Berry wannabe or a Sue Sylvester fan, this trivia will have something for everyone. So, get ready to step into the limelight and let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be Glee Trivia master!

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1. What is the name of the high school in ‘Glee’?

2. Who is the director of the Glee Club?

3. What is the name of the cheerleading squad in the show?

4. Which character was pregnant in the first season?

5. What song does Rachel sing in the pilot episode during her audition for the Glee Club?

6. Which character is a goth and self-proclaimed witch?

7. Who is the coach of the cheerleading squad?

8. Which character does Chris Colfer play?

9. Which famous track was covered in the first season and reached number one in the UK charts?

10. What character did Darren Criss play?

11. Who is Rachel Berry’s main love interest throughout the series?

12. What singing group does Blaine belong to before transferring to McKinley?

13. Which character is a star football player and also a member of the Glee Club?

14. What is Sue Sylvester’s signature outfit?

15. What city does Rachel move to after graduating from high school?

16. Who is the president of The Celibacy Club at the beginning of the series?

17. Who does Coach Beiste marry?

18. What character did actress Dianna Agron play?

19. What is the name of Kurt’s father?

20. What character did actress Naya Rivera play?

21. Who does Brittany marry in season 6?

22. What song does the Glee Club perform at the end of their last rehearsal in the final episode?

23. Who is the first openly gay character in the series?

24. Who does Emma Pillsbury marry?

25. What is the name of Will Schuester’s ex-wife?

26. Which character has a stutter in the first season?

27. Who does Artie lose his virginity to?

28. What song do Kurt and Blaine sing at their wedding?

29. Who does Puck date in the first season?

30. Who is the main female lead in the Glee Club?

31. What song does Santana sing to Brittany when she proposes to her?

32. What song does Rachel sing for her Funny Girl audition?

33. What’s the name of the band that Santana, Kurt, and Rachel form in New York?

34. Who does Tina have a crush on in the fourth season?

35. What is the name of Rachel’s biological mother?

36. Who is revealed to be the father of Quinn’s baby?

37. What character did Lea Michele play?

38. Which Broadway musical does Rachel star in?

39. Who is the school guidance counselor?

40. What is the name of the school’s football team?

41. Who is Santana’s best friend?

42. What is the name of the character who is in a wheelchair?

43. Who is the principal of the school?

44. Who does Kurt Hummel run against for class president?

45. Who becomes the co-director of the Glee Club in season 2?

46. What song does Will Schuester sing in the first episode?

47. What song does Quinn Fabray sing when she gives birth?

48. Who does Sue Sylvester marry?

49. What’s the name of Will Schuester’s high school glee club?

50. Which Glee Club member had a job at Sheets-N-Things?

51. Who is Rachel’s vocal coach in the fourth season?

52. Which character frequently forgets that he can’t walk?

53. Who does Puck have a pool cleaning business with?

54. What was the name of Kurt’s bully in season 2?

55. What character does actress Jayma Mays play?

56. Who does Quinn Fabray give her baby to?

57. Who helps Kurt and his father plan their wedding?

58. Which character does actor Cory Monteith play?

59. What is the name of Sue Sylvester’s sister?

60. Who does Finn Hudson take to prom in the third season?

61. Who takes over the Glee Club in season 5?

62. Which character does actor Kevin McHale play?

63. Who gets accepted into NYADA in season 3?

64. Who does Mercedes Jones date in the third season?

65. What character does actor Mark Salling play?

66. Which character loves to bake cupcakes?

67. What do Brittany and Santana call their web show?

68. What was the name of the rival glee club at McKinley High School?

69. Who is Rachel Berry’s first boyfriend?

70. Who is the first person to join the New Directions after Rachel Berry?

71. Who is revealed to be a spy for Sue Sylvester in the first season?

72. Who does Brittany Pierce believe is her father?

73. What song does Blaine Anderson sing when he auditions for the New Directions?

74. Who does Blaine Anderson cheat on Kurt Hummel with?

75. What character does actress Amber Riley play?

76. Who becomes the principal of McKinley High in season 6?

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