84 Wizard of Oz Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Wizard of Oz trivia collection! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of L. Frank Baum’s timeless tale or a newcomer who’s just taken the journey down the yellow brick road, there’s something here for everyone. Test your knowledge and see how well you know Dorothy, Toto, and their magical friends. From the enchanting Emerald City to the mischievous flying monkeys, prepare to challenge yourself with these 100 questions from the world of Oz. Remember, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. So, let’s begin!

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1. Who wrote ‘The Wizard of Oz’?

2. What is the main character’s name?

3. Which direction did Dorothy follow on the yellow brick road?

4. What does the Scarecrow want from the Wizard?

5. What is the Tin Man seeking?

6. What is the Lion in search of?

7. Who rules the Emerald City?

8. What color are the shoes Dorothy wears in the movie?

9. What does Dorothy need to say to return to Kansas?

10. Who wants to steal Dorothy’s shoes?

11. Which witch is killed when Dorothy’s house lands?

12. Who gives Dorothy the ruby slippers?

13. What kind of dog is Toto?

14. Where does the yellow brick road start?

15. Who greets Dorothy in Munchkinland?

16. Which character is introduced first on the yellow brick road?

17. What is used to revive Dorothy and the Lion in the poppy field?

18. What do the flying monkeys serve?

19. How does the Wicked Witch of the West die?

20. Who reveals the Wizard’s true identity?

21. Where did the Wizard originally come from?

22. What does the Wizard give the Scarecrow as a brain?

23. What does the Wizard give the Lion for courage?

24. How does the Wizard travel?

25. Who ultimately helps Dorothy get back to Kansas?

26. What do the Winkies guard?

27. What do the Munchkins use to celebrate the Witch’s death?

28. Who commands the Winkie soldiers?

29. What is the capital of Oz?

30. Who does Dorothy meet after the Scarecrow?

31. How does the Tin Man become rusted?

32. Who repairs the Tin Man?

33. How many times does Dorothy have to click her heels to return home?

34. What does Glinda travel in?

35. Who tells Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road?

36. Who guards the entrance to the Emerald City?

37. What does the Wizard give the Tin Man as a heart?

38. What did the Witch use to write in the sky?

39. What does the Wicked Witch use to see Dorothy and her friends?

40. What color are the Wicked Witch’s guards dressed in?

41. Which character does Dorothy save from a wildcat?

42. Who was the director of the 1939 film version?

43. Which character sings ‘If I Only Had a Brain’?

44. Who sings ‘Over the Rainbow’?

45. How does Toto expose the Wizard?

46. Where does the Wizard ask Dorothy to go before he grants her request?

47. What color is the horse of a different color?

48. Who did Judy Garland play?

49. What do the trees throw at Dorothy?

50. What type of farm animal does Dorothy have?

51. How does Aunt Em address Dorothy?

52. Who tells Dorothy she isn’t in Kansas anymore?

53. How do the Munchkins hide from the Witch?

54. Who plays the Wicked Witch of the West?

55. Who helps Dorothy after her capture in the Witch’s castle?

56. Why can’t Glinda save Dorothy herself?

57. How does the Wizard plan to take Dorothy back to Kansas?

58. Who did Ray Bolger play?

59. Who played the Cowardly Lion?

60. Who portrayed the Tin Man?

61. What do Dorothy and her friends wear to blend into the Emerald City?

62. Who does the Wizard initially appear as to Dorothy?

63. What does the Lion ask for at the beauty salon in Emerald City?

64. How does the Wizard describe his origins in Oz?

65. What is the Witch’s main threat to Dorothy?

66. What do the Munchkins call Dorothy?

67. What does the Witch write in the sky?

68. What wakes up the Cowardly Lion in the poppy field?

69. What type of flower puts Dorothy to sleep?

70. What does the Witch use to put Dorothy to sleep in the poppy field?

71. What keeps the Witch from getting the ruby slippers while Dorothy is asleep?

72. Who saves Dorothy from the spell in the poppy field?

73. Who does the Wizard appear as to the Scarecrow?

74. Who does the Wizard appear as to the Tin Man?

75. Who does the Wizard appear as to the Lion?

76. Why was the Tin Man sad?

77. Why did the Lion hide in the forest?

78. What are the Witch’s minions called?

79. How does Dorothy first encounter the Witch?

80. What does the Witch give Dorothy to wear in the castle?

81. Who sends Dorothy on a quest to see the Wizard?

82. What does the Wizard demand from Dorothy?

83. How does the Scarecrow end up in his pole position?

84. How does the Lion act when first meeting Dorothy?

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