66 Mary Poppins Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the magical world of this Mary Poppins trivia collection. Whether you’re a superfan of P.L. Travers’ classic books or the iconic 1964 film, there’s something here for everyone. How well do you know the enigmatic nanny and her whimsical adventures? Test your knowledge and embark on a jolly holiday with these 66 intriguing questions!

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1. Who wrote the original ‘Mary Poppins’ books?

2. What object does Mary Poppins use to fly?

3. Where does Mary Poppins keep her peculiar items?

4. Who is the chimney sweep friend of Mary?

5. What is the name of the family Mary Poppins works for?

6. In which city is the story set?

7. What is the profession of Mr. Banks?

8. Who composed the music for the film adaptation?

9. Which actress played Mary Poppins in the 1964 film?

10. Which bird does Mary mention in her song about feeding?

11. What phrase does Mary use to describe something extraordinary?

12. Which actor played Bert in the 1964 film?

13. Which character is a suffragette?

14. In the ‘Jolly Holiday’ sequence, what animal races in the derby?

15. How many Banks children are there?

16. What are the names of the Banks children?

17. Which song is sung during the kite flying scene?

18. Who is Uncle Albert?

19. How do the children advertise for a new nanny?

20. Who breaks the ‘tuppence’ bank?

21. In what decade is the original ‘Mary Poppins’ film set?

22. Who says, ‘Spit spot, into bed’?

23. Which character fires a cannon every day?

24. What type of entertainer is Bert besides a chimney sweep?

25. Which character gets trapped in a birdcage?

26. What color is Mary Poppins’ primary umbrella?

27. What is the relation of Ellen and Mrs. Brill?

28. In the park, which character behaves like a horse?

29. How does Mary describe the wind when she leaves?

30. Which character constantly refers to his naval past?

31. In which year was the original ‘Mary Poppins’ film released?

32. Who feels neglected and pens a letter asking for a new nanny?

33. Which character frequently plants flags?

34. What is Mrs. Banks’ first name?

35. Who plays the one-man band during the ‘Jolly Holiday’?

36. What color are Mary Poppins’ shoes?

37. Which character is known to speak with animals?

38. What time does Admiral Boom fire his morning cannon?

39. What word does Mary Poppins use to describe herself when she looks in the mirror?

40. Which character struggles to pronounce ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’?

41. Which character serves as a butler for the Banks’ household?

42. How many books about ‘Mary Poppins’ did P.L. Travers write?

43. Where does Bert sketch his chalk drawings?

44. Who tries to offer the children a ‘proper’ education?

45. Which song highlights the hardships of the working class?

46. What is the key ingredient in Mary’s medicine?

47. Who plays a musical instrument during bath time?

48. What do the children buy from Mrs. Corry’s shop?

49. How often does Mary Poppins interact with animated characters?

50. What are the children’s feelings about their father at the start?

51. What color is the kite the family flies at the end?

52. Who is hesitant about hiring Mary Poppins initially?

53. Which character provides comic relief with his clumsiness?

54. Who is responsible for household chores in the Banks family home?

55. Who is often seen with a telescope?

56. Which character finds joy in the simple things?

57. Who is responsible for hiring nannies in the Banks family?

58. Where do the children first encounter Bert?

59. Which character offers Mary Poppins a job first?

60. Which character believes in women’s rights?

61. How do the Banks children describe their ideal nanny?

62. What changes in Mr. Banks’ life at the end?

63. Why do the children return to the bank with their father?

64. What do the children use to repair the kite?

65. How does the family feel after Mary Poppins leaves?

66. What event leads to the children meeting Uncle Albert?

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