72 Spider-Man No Way Home Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the webbed world of Spiderman with this collection of Spider-Man No Way Home trivia questions. From the nuances of multiverse mayhem to the behind-the-scenes details, this trivia compilation will test even the most dedicated fans of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Whether you’ve watched the movie once or a dozen times, these 72 questions promise to challenge and enlighten. So, put on your Spider-Suit, and let’s see how well you know the intricacies of Peter Parker’s latest adventure!

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1. Who directed ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’?

2. Which Spider-Man movie preceded ‘No Way Home’?

3. Which magical character plays a prominent role in the film?

4. Which iconic building is central to the film’s climax?

5. Who composed the music for the film?

6. In which movie did Tom Holland first appear as Spider-Man?

7. What spell does Doctor Strange attempt that causes multiverse chaos?

8. Which Spider-Man villain from Sam Raimi’s films returns?

9. Which villain played by Jamie Foxx makes an appearance?

10. Which actor portrays the Green Goblin in ‘No Way Home’?

11. What does Peter ask Doctor Strange to help him with originally?

12. Other than Tom Holland, which other Spider-Men appear?

13. Who does MJ portray in ‘No Way Home’?

14. Which character discovers Peter’s identity early in the film?

15. Which creature appears in the post-credits scene?

16. Which character tries to fix the multiverse mess using science?

17. Who sacrifices himself to save the multiverse?

18. Which former Peter Parker has a healing touch?

19. Who said ‘I’m something of a scientist myself’?

20. Which character gets stabbed but doesn’t immediately die?

21. From which film universe does Electro originate?

22. What does Peter use to track his multiverse friends?

23. Who advises Peter to give villains a second chance?

24. Which character famously says, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’?

25. Where does Ned discover his magical abilities?

26. Who uses Doctor Strange’s sling ring in ‘No Way Home’?

27. Which device allows manipulation of the multiverse?

28. Who becomes the new owner of Doctor Strange’s cape?

29. What name does Peter give to his new suit at the end of the film?

30. Which Sandman actor returned for ‘No Way Home’?

31. Which character warns Peter of the consequences of tampering with time?

32. Who reveals to the world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

33. Which Spider-Man has faced a lizard villain?

34. Which device does Strange use to imprison Peter in the mirror dimension?

35. Which character does Peter save from falling off a building?

36. Where does Doctor Strange’s final battle with Spider-Man take place?

37. What is the color of Electro’s energy in ‘No Way Home’?

38. Who says ‘Peter, we need to talk’?

39. Which Spider-Man believes he’s in a sophisticated simulation?

40. What school does Peter Parker attend?

41. Who gives Peter a device to control Doctor Strange’s spells?

42. Which device helps Peter navigate the multiverse?

43. Who owns the apartment Peter moves into at the end?

44. Where did Ned promise not to turn evil?

45. What does Peter use to counter Electro’s powers?

46. Which Spider-Man was previously a member of The Avengers?

47. Who does Tom’s Spider-Man say he lost, like an uncle?

48. What’s the profession of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man’s MJ?

49. Which Spider-Man villain turns to sand when threatened?

50. Who does Doctor Octopus mistake Tom’s Spider-Man for?

51. Which character often refers to Spider-Man as ‘Webhead’?

52. Which villain does Andrew’s Spider-Man describe as a ‘Russian guy in a rhino machine’?

53. What does Peter design at the end of the movie?

54. Which character says, ‘Don’t do anything stupid until I get back’?

55. Who brings the three Spider-Men together?

56. Which Spider-Man often fights villains on a train?

57. Which character gets possessed by the Venom symbiote?

58. How does Peter communicate with Doctor Octopus?

59. Which character initially believes the villains’ return might be good?

60. Which Spider-Man has a best friend who becomes a villain?

61. What is left behind after Eddie Brock returns to his universe?

62. Where does Peter fight the Lizard in the school?

63. Which character runs the feast shelter?

64. Who says, ‘I promise, I won’t lay a finger on any of you’?

65. Which Spider-Man fights a villain named Scorpion?

66. Who initially tries to capture Peter for Doctor Strange?

67. Which character ends up taking the GED at the end?

68. Who oversees the multiverse in the Marvel Universe?

69. Which Spider-Man feels out of place because he never fought an alien?

70. Who is Peter’s lawyer in the beginning of the film?

71. What iconic Spider-Man move does Peter use to dodge projectiles?

72. Who is the main antagonist of ‘No Way Home’?

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