72 Power Rangers Trivia Questions and Answers

Morph into action and test your knowledge with this Power Rangers trivia compilation! From the streets of Angel Grove to the far reaches of space and beyond, this quiz covers the vibrant history and adventures of our beloved Rangers. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, these 72 questions will challenge your memory and bring back nostalgic moments from the series. It’s morphin’ time!

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1. Who was the original Red Ranger?

2. Which series introduced the first female Red Ranger?

3. What are the foot soldiers in ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ called?

4. Which Ranger had a fear of heights?

5. What did Billy Cranston invent for the Power Rangers?

6. Which Power Rangers series is set in the year 3000?

7. Which Power Ranger has the power of invisibility in ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm’?

8. What animal represents the Yellow Ranger in ‘Power Rangers Wild Force’?

9. Which series had the Rangers attending a martial arts academy?

10. What is the name of the megazord in ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’?

11. Which Ranger is known for the battle cry ‘Ki-Ya!’?

12. In which series does a Ranger have the spirit of the shark?

13. Who was the primary antagonist in ‘Power Rangers Dino Thunder’?

14. Which Ranger was a professional soccer player before joining the team?

15. What is the name of the Red Ranger’s sword in ‘Mighty Morphin’?

16. Which series featured an evil Ranger named Koragg?

17. Who piloted the Q-Rex Zord?

18. In which series does a Ranger possess the ‘Lunar Wolf’ powers?

19. Which Power Ranger was a prince?

20. What is the name of the Red Ranger’s T-Rex Zord in ‘Dino Thunder’?

21. In ‘Power Rangers Turbo’, what vehicle did the Blue Ranger drive?

22. Who was the first ever Purple Ranger?

23. In ‘Power Rangers Samurai’, what element does the Blue Ranger represent?

24. Who becomes the Magna Defender in ‘Power Rangers Lost Galaxy’?

25. Which Ranger owned a pet pig named ‘Piggy’?

26. Which series had a Ranger that could turn into a ball of light?

27. In ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm’, what sport did the Red Ranger practice?

28. What city do the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ protect?

29. Which Ranger was once a member of the ‘Wind Ninja Academy’?

30. In ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’, which gem gives the Rangers their powers?

31. What weapon is used by the Pink Ranger in ‘Mighty Morphin’?

32. Who is the mentor of the Rangers in ‘Power Rangers S.P.D.’?

33. Which Power Rangers series involves cards for morphing?

34. In ‘Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’, what is the Red Ranger’s occupation?

35. Which Ranger is known for their culinary skills?

36. Who was the Quantum Ranger?

37. Who was the villain in ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm’?

38. What is the name of the special mode used by the Rangers in ‘Power Rangers Dino Thunder’?

39. Which Ranger is a paleontologist?

40. Which Power Rangers series had an environmental theme?

41. Who was the primary antagonist in ‘Power Rangers Mystic Force’?

42. Which series introduced the ‘Battlizer’?

43. Which Power Ranger had a twin?

44. Which Ranger operated the ‘Wolf Cruiser’ in ‘Power Rangers S.P.D.’?

45. Who was the mentor of the Rangers in ‘Power Rangers Time Force’?

46. What musical instrument does the Pink Ranger play in ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm’?

47. Which series featured the ‘Solar Streak Megazord’?

48. Who is the robot companion of the Rangers in ‘Power Rangers Zeo’?

49. Who was the primary antagonist in ‘Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’?

50. In which series do the Rangers pilot rescue vehicles?

51. Which Ranger had the codename ‘Omega’?

52. Which series had the ‘Shogun Megazord’?

53. Who was the villain in ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’?

54. What is the name of the zord used by the Gold Ranger in ‘Power Rangers Zeo’?

55. Which Ranger had a talking sword named ‘Saba’?

56. In which series does a Ranger pilot the ‘Falconzord’?

57. Who becomes the Green Samurai Ranger?

58. What power source do the ‘Power Rangers Zeo’ use?

59. Which series featured the ‘Swordfish Fencer Megazord’?

60. What is the name of the robot in ‘Power Rangers Time Force’?

61. Which Ranger had a pet robot dog?

62. Which Ranger can merge with the Megazord?

63. In ‘Power Rangers Turbo’, who becomes the new Pink Ranger?

64. Which Ranger is a mechanic?

65. In ‘Power Rangers S.P.D.’, what is the codename for the Pink Ranger?

66. Who was the villain in ‘Power Rangers in Space’?

67. What is the source of the ‘Power Rangers Megaforce’ powers?

68. Who is the Silver Ranger in ‘Power Rangers Super Megaforce’?

69. Which Power Ranger had the ‘Quantum Power’?

70. Who was the primary antagonist in ‘Power Rangers RPM’?

71. Which Ranger is an expert in swordsmanship?

72. What is the name of the Gold Ranger’s zord in ‘Power Rangers Samurai’?

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