86 Call of Duty Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate test of your Call of Duty trivia knowledge! Spanning the iconic game’s vast history, this trivia covers everything from the early World War settings to the futuristic exo-suit adventures. Whether you’ve been securing objectives since the original release or you’ve parachuted into the recent Battle Royale madness, these 86 questions will test your expertise. Ready to see if you’re truly a “Call of Duty” veteran or just a rookie? Dive into the questions below and let the challenge begin!

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1. In which year was the original ‘Call of Duty’ released?

2. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game is set during the Cold War era?

3. Which installment introduced the ‘Zombies’ mode?

4. Who is the main antagonist in ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’?

5. What is the name of the German tank commander in ‘Call of Duty 3’?

6. Which game in the series introduced the ‘Pick 10’ system?

7. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game was primarily set in space?

8. In ‘Modern Warfare’, what is the name of Captain Price’s trusted sniper?

9. Which game was the first to feature a double jump mechanic?

10. What is the name of the elite squad in ‘Modern Warfare 2’?

11. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title introduced the ‘Battle Royale’ mode?

12. Which game in the series is set during World War II?

13. In ‘Zombies’ mode, who is the doctor obsessed with the undead?

14. Which faction are players part of in the ‘Ghosts’ campaign?

15. What’s the name of the device that disrupts electronics in ‘Modern Warfare 3’?

16. In which game did Captain Price first appear?

17. Which game had a controversial airport sequence?

18. Which ‘Call of Duty’ installment was set during the Vietnam War?

19. In which game do players control Logan Walker?

20. Which character says the line ‘History is written by the victor’?

21. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title is primarily focused on future warfare?

22. In ‘Zombies’, which drink grants players faster reload speed?

23. Which game introduced the ‘Specialist’ character system?

24. What is the main antagonist group in ‘Advanced Warfare’?

25. Which map is set in a deserted, snowy Russian facility?

26. What’s the default semi-automatic rifle in ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’?

27. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game was the first to feature a woman as a main playable character?

28. In ‘Zombies’, which map introduced the Pack-a-Punch machine?

29. Which fictional African country is featured in ‘Black Ops II’?

30. What’s the primary ability of the ‘Juggernog’ perk in ‘Zombies’?

31. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title introduced diving-to-prone?

32. What’s the name of the multiplayer map set in a nuclear test facility?

33. In which game did the character ‘Mason’ first appear?

34. What equipment is used to breach walls or doors?

35. In ‘Modern Warfare 2’, which monument is prominently featured in the ‘Second Sun’ mission?

36. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game was the first to introduce a three-lane map design?

37. What’s the name of the chemical weapon used in ‘Modern Warfare 3’?

38. Which weapon is commonly referred to as the ‘noob tube’?

39. What is the name of the main antagonist in ‘Black Ops III’?

40. Which map features a castle during World War II in ‘Zombies’ mode?

41. In ‘Call of Duty: WWII’, who is the player’s main ally?

42. Which game mode is a series of short, fast-paced matches?

43. In ‘Modern Warfare 2’, which mission involves an assault on a gulag?

44. What’s the primary role of the ‘Quick Revive’ perk in ‘Zombies’?

45. Which character is a former SAS operative in ‘Modern Warfare’ series?

46. What faction opposes the Atlas Corporation in ‘Advanced Warfare’?

47. In ‘Zombies’, which map is set on a Japanese island?

48. What equipment provides a temporary shield against bullets?

49. Which ‘Call of Duty’ installment introduced dynamic map events?

50. Which organization is responsible for drone attacks in ‘Black Ops II’?

51. In ‘Modern Warfare 3’, what city does the final mission take place in?

52. Which weapon class includes the AK-47?

53. What is the signature dog in ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’?

54. Which perk allows players to aim faster after sprinting?

55. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game introduced the ‘Exo’ movement system?

56. In ‘Zombies’, which map takes place on the Moon?

57. Which installment is set in a post-apocalyptic USA?

58. What is the codename for the Russian ultranationalist leader in ‘Modern Warfare’?

59. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game first introduced supply drops?

60. Which map features a snowy Soviet base with a submarine?

61. In ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’, who is the leader of the British SAS team?

62. Which game’s story involves a second Cold War between China and the USA?

63. Which mode involves waves of enemies that get progressively harder?

64. In ‘Call of Duty: WWII’, which battle does the game’s campaign start with?

65. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title has a map set in a theme park?

66. What is the name of the AC-130 gunship’s main weapon?

67. In which ‘Call of Duty’ game does a character lose their arm?

68. Which ‘Zombies’ map introduces the four elemental staffs?

69. In ‘Modern Warfare’, what does the acronym ‘SAS’ stand for?

70. Which game introduced the ‘War’ multiplayer mode?

71. In ‘Black Ops’, which chemical weapon is central to the storyline?

72. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title features a multiplayer map set in a shopping mall?

73. What perk in ‘Zombies’ gives players explosive melee attacks?

74. In ‘Modern Warfare 2’, who rescues Captain Price from the gulag?

75. What’s the codename of the operation to kill or capture Al-Asad in ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’?

76. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game takes place in an alternate history?

77. What is the main transportation method in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’?

78. In ‘Zombies’, which perk increases weapon damage?

79. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title first featured a sliding mechanic?

80. In ‘Modern Warfare 3’, which city is under siege in the first mission?

81. In ‘Call of Duty: WWII’, which famous battle occurs in the Ardennes?

82. Which game features a ‘Pick 13’ system for class customization?

83. In ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’, which historical figure is prominently featured?

84. Which ‘Call of Duty’ title introduced ‘Warzone’?

85. In ‘Zombies’, what is the name of the group trying to fend off the undead?

86. Which ‘Call of Duty’ game features a mission in Prypiat, Ukraine?

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