92 Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Minecraft trivia challenge! This post is a treasure trove of questions designed to test your knowledge of the expansive world of Minecraft. From the game’s origins to its intricate gameplay mechanics, we’ve covered a wide array of topics that will keep both beginners and seasoned players engaged.

Our trivia includes 92 unique questions that span various aspects of the game – including mobs, biomes, items, and more. Each question is followed by an accurate answer, so you can check your responses or learn something new.

Whether you’re a dedicated builder, a brave explorer, or a cunning redstone engineer, there’s something in here for every type of Minecraft player. So, ready your diamond pickaxes, don your best armor, and let’s delve into the exciting and sometimes explosive world of Minecraft trivia. Good luck, and may the Creepers stay far away from you!

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1. What year was Minecraft originally released?

2. Who is the original creator of Minecraft?

3. What is the rarest mineral in Minecraft?

4. How many blocks high can a player jump without any effects?

5. Which mob drops a Nether Star?

6. What is the maximum amount of Ender Pearls a player can carry in their inventory, including off-hand and hotbar?

7. How many logs does it take to make a full set of wooden tools?

8. What is the name of the boss found in The End?

9. What are the creatures that explode called?

10. What is the lightest block in the game?

11. What is the name of the music disc with a green label?

12. How many hearts does a player have by default?

13. What enchantment lets you mine blocks faster?

14. What’s the maximum level of the Fortune enchantment?

15. What kind of mob is a Ghast?

16. What do you get when you mine Diamond Ore with an Iron Pickaxe or higher?

17. What is the name of the peaceful, mushroom-covered biome?

18. What is the creature that can teleport and steal blocks?

19. What item is used to guide pigs?

20. What is the maximum number of items you can stack in one inventory slot?

21. What does smelting Sand in a Furnace produce?

22. What mob is created when lightning strikes a pig?

23. What does a Compass point towards?

24. Which two mobs can spawn in a desert biome at night?

25. What mob is considered the ‘boss’ of the Ocean Monument?

26. What item is needed to activate an Ender Portal?

27. What item can be used to get milk from a cow?

28. What type of mob is a Blaze?

29. What is the name of the block that can store books with written content?

30. What item is dropped by Endermen?

31. What type of fish can be tamed to become a cat?

32. What mob can be tamed using bones?

33. What mob is known for its distinctive ‘ssssss’ sound before exploding?

34. How many different colors of wool can you have in Minecraft?

35. Which hostile mob is known to drop music discs?

36. What is the name of the passive mob that can carry a chest?

37. What is the maximum enchantment level?

38. What does the Respiration enchantment do?

39. Which mob can cure a Zombie Villager?

40. What are the two main biomes in the End?

41. What do you need to summon the Wither?

42. What item can be used to skip the night?

43. How many blocks of Obsidian do you need for a Nether Portal?

44. What is the name of the dimension where you find Fortresses and Blazes?

45. What biome do llamas naturally spawn in?

46. What are the small, hard-shelled mobs that spawn in deserts called?

47. What do players use to make a beacon?

48. What blocks can Silverfish hide in?

49. What does a Totem of Undying do?

50. How many seconds does it take to break Obsidian with a Diamond Pickaxe?

51. What does the Bane of Arthropods enchantment do?

52. What is the only food that can be eaten in Creative mode?

53. What happens when a Creeper is struck by lightning?

54. What type of tree drops apples when its leaves are destroyed?

55. How do you get a Chicken Jockey?

56. What does the Infinity enchantment do?

57. What is the company that developed and published Minecraft?

58. What type of mob is a Drowned?

59. What is the highest layer where you can find diamonds?

60. What are the dimensions of a Minecraft block?

61. How many different types of trees are there in Minecraft?

62. What is the only mob that drops a trident?

63. What is the only mob that drops a wither skeleton skull?

64. How many obsidian blocks are required to make an enchanting table?

65. What type of mob is a Wither?

66. How many different colors of dye are there in Minecraft?

67. What is the default character’s name in Minecraft?

68. Which item can be used to repair Elytra?

69. What are the eyes on an Enderman?

70. Which item is needed to tame and breed cats?

71. Which enemy mob has the appearance of a tall, slender humanoid?

72. What does a Creeper drop when killed by a Skeleton?

73. What is the name of the purple, teleporting blocks found in the End?

74. What mob is known for their long, slimy bodies and their jump attack?

75. What’s the difference between a Mooshroom and a normal Cow?

76. What creature is known for its high-pitched scream and ability to fly in the Nether?

77. Which food restores the most hunger points?

78. What type of mob is a Magma Cube?

79. How many items does a Hopper transfer per second?

80. What type of mob is an Endermite?

81. How many bookshelves are needed for a full enchantment table setup?

82. What blocks are immune to the Wither’s blue skull attack?

83. What is the maximum level for the Looting enchantment?

84. Which mob drops Spider Eyes?

85. Which item can be used to repel Endermen?

86. What do you need to create a map?

87. What color are the Creeper’s eyes?

88. Which tool is most effective when mining Pumpkins?

89. What is the maximum build height in Minecraft?

90. How many blocks can a piston push?

91. How many leather pieces are required to make a full set of leather armor?

92. What type of mob is a Strider?

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