96 Stardew Valley Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, farmers and adventurers! Dive deep into the world of Pelican Town with this Stardew Valley trivia challenge. From the depths of Skull Cavern to the heights of the Community Center’s achievements, test your knowledge and see how well you truly know the ins and outs of this beloved farming simulation game. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newbie still finding your way around the valley, these questions will entertain and challenge you. Get ready, grab your watering can, and let’s see if you have what it takes to be a Stardew Valley trivia master!

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1. Who is the creator of Stardew Valley?

2. What item can be used to reset skill choices?

3. Which mine has iridium ore?

4. Who is the carpenter of the valley?

5. Which animal can find truffles?

6. Which festival occurs during Winter 25?

7. Which fish can only be caught when it’s raining?

8. Who lives in the Sewer?

9. What is the name of the cat-like creature in the Wizard’s Tower?

10. Which fruit takes 28 days to grow in the Greenhouse?

11. Which item can be used to change the player’s appearance?

12. Who runs the general store?

13. Who is the local blacksmith?

14. What is the maximum number of chickens a coop can hold?

15. Which item is necessary to access the Desert?

16. What is the currency used in the game?

17. Which animal can produce wool?

18. Who is the curator of the local museum?

19. What is the primary purpose of the Community Center?

20. What do you use to catch bugs?

21. Which crop is known as the ‘fairy plant’?

22. Who is known for their love of diamonds?

23. What can players use to warp home quickly?

24. Which machine turns milk into cheese?

25. What do players receive from Vincent during the Feast of the Winter Star?

26. Who is the town doctor?

27. Where can players find the Mermaid’s Pendant?

28. Who is Penny’s mother?

29. Which farm type is surrounded by water?

30. Who is the Joja Corporation manager in Stardew Valley?

31. Which monster drops a Dwarf Scroll?

32. What does the Journey of the Prairie King reward players with upon completion?

33. Which rarecrow resembles a snowman?

34. Which character has a parrot as a pet?

35. What is the first level of tool upgrade?

36. Who sends you a recipe for Maki Roll?

37. Which item is used to propose marriage?

38. What machine turns hops into beer?

39. Which villager lives south of the town in a tent?

40. What animal lives in the Witch’s Hut?

41. Which resource is needed to craft a sprinkler?

42. Who is the town’s fisherman?

43. What is the name of the local cave with monsters?

44. Which crop only grows in the fall?

45. What machine turns fruit into jam?

46. Where can players view their collection of artifacts?

47. What is Abigail’s favorite gem?

48. Which building allows players to hatch dinosaur eggs?

49. What festival involves hunting for colored eggs?

50. Who runs the Stardew Valley Museum & Library?

51. Which ore is required to upgrade to a gold tool?

52. Where can players purchase livestock?

53. What is the color of the Legendary Fish named ‘Angler’?

54. Who is known to practice aerobics with other villagers?

55. What event occurs in Winter 8?

56. Which tree produces maple syrup?

57. Who sends players recipes in the mail?

58. Where can players sell items instantly?

59. What protects crops from crows?

60. What’s the name of the forest to the south?

61. Which character lives in a hut on the western beach?

62. What animal appears during the Spirit’s Eve festival?

63. Which item can players use to skip levels in the mines?

64. Who teaches the player to craft a furnace?

65. What is the biggest size of a fish tank available?

66. Which animal is considered lucky in the game?

67. Which event is held on the 16th of Spring?

68. What do you receive after catching all fish?

69. Who is the leader of the Adventurer’s Guild?

70. Which gem is green in color?

71. Which villager practices meditation?

72. What’s the name of the desert merchant?

73. Which fruit grows on a tree in the spring?

74. Which monster can players encounter in the Secret Woods?

75. What is the beverage of choice for Shane?

76. Which floor of the mines is infested with monsters?

77. Who is the spouse of Jodi?

78. Which fruit tree product can be aged in casks?

79. Which metal is blue in color?

80. What is the name of the wizard?

81. Which festival occurs during Summer 11?

82. Which animal can produce duck feathers?

83. Where do spirits appear during the Night Market?

84. Which ring increases weapon speed?

85. Which character is known to have a pet guinea pig?

86. What color are cranberries?

87. Who is the rival company to Pierre’s shop?

88. What can players use to break meteorites on their farm?

89. Which villager lives at 1 Willow Lane?

90. What can be used to hatch eggs faster?

91. Which farm animal makes the most noise?

92. Who gifts you a cat or dog?

93. What’s the primary currency in the Night Market?

94. Which fish can be caught in the desert?

95. What is the color of a Dinosaur egg?

96. Who sells ice cream during summer?

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