87 Animal Crossing Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Animal Crossing trivia challenge! Whether you’re a longtime island resident or a newcomer to the charming world of Animal Crossing, this list will test your knowledge of the beloved game series. From villagers and special characters to events and daily activities, these 87 questions span the world of Animal Crossing, offering both easy and challenging inquiries. So, grab your NookPhone, take a seat by the bonfire, and let’s see how much you really know about the whimsical world of Animal Crossing!

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1. Which character is the mayor’s assistant in ‘New Leaf’?

2. What is the currency used in the Animal Crossing games?

3. Which insect is considered the most valuable in the game?

4. Who operates the town museum?

5. Which character sells shoes and socks?

6. What kind of animal is Tom Nook?

7. Which holiday happens on February 2nd?

8. Which villager type is known for being active in the morning?

9. What is the name of the in-game holiday that celebrates trees?

10. Which character runs the town’s general store?

11. What type of fish can only be caught when it rains?

12. Which character sends players on a quest to collect songs?

13. What type of animal is Resetti?

14. Which bird character sends and receives mail?

15. Where can players visit to get a coffee?

16. Who is the captain that takes players to the island?

17. What item helps players cross rivers?

18. What activity can players do on the beach at night?

19. Which character gives players DIY recipes?

20. What fruit can be native to your town at the beginning of ‘New Horizons’?

21. Who teaches players how to catch bugs and fish?

22. Which character loves fishing and hosts fishing tourneys?

23. What is the name of the art dealer fox?

24. Which villager type is known for being snooty?

25. What do players receive on their birthday?

26. Who operates the lost and found?

27. What is the name of the pelican who works the night shift at the post office?

28. Which character runs a gardening shop and sells flowers?

29. Who is the dog that performs concerts every Saturday night?

30. Which item can players use to change their appearance?

31. Where do players sell items in ‘New Horizons’?

32. What event occurs in November and involves collecting mushrooms?

33. What is the max number of villagers you can have on your island in ‘New Horizons’?

34. Which NPC gives advice on living a happy home life?

35. Which animal hosts the Bug-Off competition?

36. What can players use to summon a specific villager to the campsite?

37. Which character provides weather forecasts?

38. Which villager type is known for being peppy?

39. Who is the cat that appears when there’s no Wi-Fi connection?

40. What is the main purpose of the Dodo Airlines?

41. Which item can players use to attract certain fish types?

42. What do players need to create a perfect town?

43. What tool is used to catch bugs?

44. Who offers deep-sea diving tours in ‘New Leaf’?

45. Who do players call for emergency services on their NookPhone?

46. Which character in ‘New Horizons’ teaches DIY recipes involving fish?

47. Which character can help players change the town tune?

48. What is the name of the ghost that appears at night and needs help?

49. Who is the otter that teaches players how to swim?

50. What do players need to wear to go diving?

51. Which NPC is a jackal who dreams of becoming a stylist?

52. What do players need to create to get K.K. Slider to visit?

53. What can players do at Harv’s Island?

54. Who can assess and buy fossils from players?

55. Which item helps players find their way if they’re lost?

56. Who is the seagull that sometimes washes up on the beach?

57. Which character helps players design and modify their house exterior?

58. What do players use to decorate and customize items?

59. Which bird can be found at the airport?

60. Who sells players fake and real art?

61. Which item helps players catch fish?

62. Who helps players change the town flag?

63. Which character offers a home storage expansion?

64. Who gives players DIY recipes for mermaid-themed items?

65. Who is the pink alpaca that sells rugs, wallpapers, and floors?

66. Which NPC is in charge of the Happy Home Academy?

67. What is the max number of bridges players can have on their island?

68. Who is the camel that sells rare carpets and wallpapers?

69. Who is the Dodo bird responsible for flight services?

70. Which activity allows players to find rare items underground?

71. Which holiday involves finding candy and avoiding tricks?

72. Who is the bulldog that works as a police officer?

73. Which item is essential for planting trees?

74. What do players use to hit rocks for resources?

75. Which animal is known for saying ‘Stay fresh!’?

76. Who manages the campground in ‘New Leaf’?

77. Which villager type is known for being lazy?

78. Which item lets players hop over rivers?

79. Who offers treasure-hunting tours in ‘New Leaf’?

80. What item can players use to fly to other islands?

81. Which character delivers items purchased from the catalog?

82. What can players use to dig up buried items?

83. Which character is in charge of the Town Hall?

84. Which holiday happens in December and is like Christmas?

85. Who is the chameleon that buys bugs from players?

86. Which character is the head of Nook Inc.?

87. What do players receive from shaking trees?

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