49 Roblox Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the Roblox trivia challenge! Whether you’re a seasoned Roblox veteran or a curious newcomer, this trivia is designed to test your knowledge about one of the world’s leading online game platforms. From the history of Roblox to its game development nuances, these questions span a wide range of topics. Dive in, test your knowledge, and see how well you know the ins and outs of Roblox!

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1. In which year was Roblox founded?

2. Who are the co-founders of Roblox?

3. What virtual currency did Roblox replace with Robux?

4. What is the Roblox game creation platform primarily coded in?

5. Which device is NOT supported by Roblox?

6. How often do Roblox Premium subscribers receive Robux?

7. What is the maximum number of friends you can have on Roblox?

8. Which event allows developers to showcase their games at Roblox?

9. What is the name of the official Roblox avatar shop?

10. Which of these is a famous Roblox game developer?

11. What is the main purpose of Roblox Studio?

12. Which popular game allows you to adopt pets in Roblox?

13. What tool allows you to measure the distance between two points in Roblox Studio?

14. Which tool lets players script games in Roblox?

15. Which feature allows Roblox players to customize their character?

16. Which award is given to games that reach a billion visits on Roblox?

17. What was Roblox’s original name before it was changed?

18. What type of hat features a propeller on top in Roblox?

19. What is the primary programming language used to script games in Roblox?

20. What type of gear allows players to fly in some Roblox games?

21. What is the developer hub in Roblox for learning to script?

22. Which Roblox toy series features collectible action figures and virtual items?

23. What is the name of the virtual concerts hosted on Roblox?

24. Which real-life pop star had a virtual concert on Roblox?

25. What platform allows you to buy, sell, and create virtual items in Roblox?

26. Which game lets players build their theme park in Roblox?

27. What’s the default studio layout when you open Roblox Studio for the first time?

28. Which Roblox game is inspired by the survival horror genre?

29. Which Roblox item lets players listen to music?

30. What’s the maximum group limit a player can join in Roblox?

31. How many maximum players can join the default Roblox game?

32. What term is used for games that are still in development but playable on Roblox?

33. Which feature lets players create and join groups for social and in-game purposes?

34. Which popular Roblox game involves obstacle courses?

35. Which building tool allows you to view and organize game objects in Roblox Studio?

36. Which tool in Roblox Studio allows you to view and change properties of game objects?

37. Which game mode in Roblox involves team-based combat?

38. Which official Roblox event celebrates its community and games?

39. Which game became famous for its “oof” death sound?

40. What virtual concert in Roblox drew over 30 million visits?

41. Which feature allows for automatic control of in-game characters?

42. Which Roblox game lets players run their own pizzeria?

43. What do players earn from game passes and developer products in their games?

44. What do you call the wearable items players can equip on their avatars in Roblox?

45. Which of these is NOT a default tool in Roblox Studio?

46. How can developers monetize their games on Roblox?

47. Which Roblox item provides extra information or fun facts when clicked?

48. What’s the name of the virtual reality version of Roblox?

49. Which feature in Roblox allows players to restore their avatars to their default state?

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