49 Ted Lasso Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Ted Lasso Trivia Post! Are you a fan of the heartwarming and hilarious show that has swept audiences off their feet? Do you find yourself quoting Ted Lasso or adopting his endless optimism? If you’ve been following the journey of AFC Richmond and its lovable coach, you’re in for a treat!

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 50 intriguing Ted Lasso trivia questions that will test your knowledge of the show, its characters, and those memorable moments that have made us laugh, cry, and—most importantly—believe. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, these questions are sure to challenge and entertain you.

So grab your biscuits, put on your AFC Richmond scarf, and get ready to dive into the world of Ted Lasso trivia. Let’s see how well you really know the show!

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1. Who plays the character Ted Lasso?

2. Which football team does Ted Lasso coach?

3. What sport did Ted coach before moving to England?

4. Who is the owner of AFC Richmond?

5. What is the name of Ted Lasso’s assistant coach?

6. What is Ted’s favorite type of biscuit?

7. Who serves as the captain of AFC Richmond?

8. What is the title of the AFC Richmond anthem?

9. Who is AFC Richmond’s young and talented player?

10. Which American university did Ted Lasso coach at before moving to England?

11. What does Ted bring Rebecca every morning?

12. Who becomes the new team owner in Season 2?

13. Which actress plays Rebecca Welton?

14. Which character is a sports psychologist?

15. What is the name of Roy Kent’s niece?

16. Who is Rebecca’s assistant?

17. What is Ted’s ex-wife’s name?

18. Who becomes the team’s water boy?

19. Which character is a pundit for ‘Premier League Fanzone’?

20. What is the name of Ted’s favorite book?

21. Who performs the AFC Richmond anthem in Season 1?

22. What is Ted’s signature catchphrase?

23. Which football position does Jamie Tartt play?

24. Which drink does Ted despise?

25. Who writes anonymous notes of encouragement to the team?

26. Who originally hired Ted Lasso to sabotage the team?

27. What is the mascot of AFC Richmond?

28. Who is Rebecca’s best friend?

29. What is Roy Kent’s jersey number?

30. What does Ted throw to the audience during games?

31. What instrument does Higgins play?

32. Who replaces Roy Kent as captain?

33. What sport does Coach Beard enjoy watching?

34. Which player is nicknamed ‘Dani Rojas of Football’?

35. What does Ted call his mustache?

36. Who is the first player to show kindness to Ted?

37. What is Nate’s new role in Season 2?

38. Who is the director of football operations for AFC Richmond?

39. What is the name of Rebecca’s dog?

40. What is the name of Keeley’s PR firm?

41. What is the name of Jamie’s reality TV show?

42. Who wins the karaoke contest at the charity auction?

43. What is Ted’s go-to karaoke song?

44. Who sponsors AFC Richmond’s jerseys?

45. Who adopts Earl after Rebecca gives him up?

46. Who is the journalist from ‘The Independent’ that covers AFC Richmond?

47. What is the traditional gift Ted receives for Christmas?

48. What is the name of Roy Kent’s pub?

49. What game do Ted and Roy play to decide if Roy should be benched?

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  1. A LOT of these are just plain wrong. Sorry. Ted’s favorite book is the fountain head. He simply gives Wrinkle in Time to Roy (we later see Sam reading it as well). But Ted flat out tells Sharon his favorite book.

    1. Outside of the book, what other ones are wrong?