140 Big Bang Theory Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to an exciting Big Bang Theory Trivia! Are you a fan of the gang from Caltech University? Have you laughed along with Sheldon’s quirky humor, empathized with Leonard’s quest for love, or admired Howard’s transformations? Do you feel like you are part of the group, eating Chinese take-out in their living room? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place.

This trivia post is filled with 140 fascinating questions and answers, each one brimming with facts about the characters, storylines, and fun details from the popular TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’. It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard fan who’s watched every episode or a casual viewer who enjoys a good laugh; there’s something for everyone in this trivia post. So, gear up, get your nerd mode on, and see how well you know ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Let the trivia challenge begin!

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1. Who came up with the initial idea for The Big Bang Theory?

2. Which network aired The Big Bang Theory?

3. Who played Sheldon Cooper?

4. What is Sheldon’s favorite catchphrase?

5. Who is Howard Wolowitz’s wife?

6. Where do the main characters work?

7. What is Penny’s last name?

8. Who played Penny?

9. What is the name of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment building?

10. Which main character has a PhD in neurobiology?

11. Who has a twin sister?

12. What kind of engineer is Howard Wolowitz?

13. What is the name of the theme song?

14. What is Leonard’s full name?

15. What is Sheldon’s spot on the couch?

16. Who played Amy Farrah Fowler?

17. What does ‘Soft Kitty’ mean to Sheldon?

18. Who has an overbearing mother?

19. What’s the name of Raj’s dog?

20. What is the Scavenger Vortex?

21. Who played Bernadette Rostenkowski?

22. Who is Sheldon’s mortal enemy?

23. What is Raj’s full name?

24. What is the name of Howard’s mother?

25. What is the profession of Penny’s dad?

26. What is Leonard allergic to?

27. What is Amy’s profession?

28. What video game is often played by the gang?

29. What is the name of Leonard’s high school bully?

30. What comic book store does the gang frequently visit?

31. Who played Raj Koothrappali?

32. Who is the ‘Fun With Flags’ host?

33. Who does Howard impersonate to seduce women?

34. What instrument does Leonard play?

35. What is Sheldon’s IQ?

36. Who is Leonard’s mother?

37. What is Sheldon’s one-word catchphrase?

38. What is Howard’s full name?

39. Where is Raj originally from?

40. What does Penny do for a living?

41. What is the name of Leonard and Sheldon’s favorite diner?

42. What is the number of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment?

43. Who is the owner of the comic book store?

44. Who is Sheldon’s favorite superhero?

45. Which character suffers from selective mutism?

46. What is Sheldon’s favorite number?

47. Which character has five siblings?

48. What is the name of Sheldon’s assistant?

49. What is the name of the university where most of the main characters work?

50. What is the title of Sheldon’s online show about flags?

51. Who becomes the roommate of Howard and Bernadette?

52. Who played Howard Wolowitz?

53. What is the name of Sheldon’s favorite childhood TV show?

54. Who officiated Sheldon and Amy’s wedding?

55. What is the name of the cafeteria where the scientists often eat?

56. Who played Stuart Bloom?

57. What did Sheldon want to become when he was a child?

58. Who was the only main character that did not have a doctorate?

59. What is the name of the alien species in Sheldon’s favorite TV show?

60. What is Sheldon’s favorite food?

61. What does ‘BBT’ stand for?

62. Who is the ‘third wheel’ in Amy and Sheldon’s relationship?

63. What is the language spoken by Howard and Raj?

64. What is the fictional town where Sheldon was born?

65. What is the game Sheldon invents?

66. What is Leonard’s field of study?

67. Who has triskaidekaphobia in the show?

68. What is the name of Raj’s sister?

69. Who was the voice of Howard’s mother?

70. What is the full name of Bernadette?

71. What does Penny give Sheldon as a Christmas present that makes him extremely happy?

72. What is the name of the fictional university in the show?

73. What does Sheldon knock three times before saying?

74. Who does Penny marry?

75. What food do the friends eat every Thursday night?

76. What is the name of Sheldon’s girlfriend?

77. What is the profession of Howard’s wife?

78. What is Sheldon’s middle name?

79. Which character’s mom is a psychiatrist?

80. What is the title of the theme song?

81. Which character works at the Cheesecake Factory?

82. Who plays the character Beverly Hofstadter?

83. Which actor plays the character Wil Wheaton?

84. What is the name of the actor who plays Howard’s mother?

85. What is Sheldon’s mother’s name?

86. Who played Mary Cooper?

87. Which character did Mayim Bialik play?

88. What is the profession of Sheldon’s mother?

89. What is Sheldon’s favorite game?

90. Who does Leonard’s mother favor more, Sheldon or Leonard?

91. Who is Sheldon’s favorite Star Trek character?

92. Which character can’t talk to women unless he’s drinking alcohol?

93. Who does Amy work with in her lab?

94. What is Howard’s degree in?

95. Who wins the Nobel Prize in Physics?

96. Who is Emily?

97. Who is Barry Kripke?

98. Which character has a PhD in Engineering?

99. What does Leonard offer to Penny in ‘The Hamburger Postulate’?

100. Why does Sheldon take a nap in the ball pit?

101. Who said ‘Soft Kitty’ for the first time?

102. What is the full name of ‘Raj’?

103. Which main character appeared last in the show?

104. Which comic book store does the gang frequent?

105. Who is Leonard’s high school bully?

106. What is the name of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment building?

107. What does Penny start selling to earn extra money?

108. Which superhero is Sheldon’s favorite?

109. Who taught Howard to play Dungeons & Dragons?

110. What does Sheldon wear to feel brave?

111. What does Sheldon use as a coaster in the apartment?

112. What does Sheldon say to Leonard after losing at 3D chess?

113. What video game does the group often play?

114. Who did Sheldon believe was the doppler effect for Halloween?

115. What gift did Leonard receive from Penny on his birthday?

116. What is the IQ of Sheldon Cooper?

117. Who does Amy kiss at the New Year’s Eve party?

118. What science does Bernadette study?

119. What is the name of Sheldon’s ‘Fun With Flags’ co-host?

120. What is Sheldon’s grandmother’s nickname?

121. What is Leonard’s favorite spot on the couch?

122. What are the names of Howard and Bernadette’s children?

123. What does Leonard give Penny after their first kiss?

124. What is the name of the girl Raj talks to without drinking alcohol for the first time?

125. What does ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ signify in the show?

126. What does Leonard wear to feel comfortable?

127. What is the number of the apartment where Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny live?

128. What is the name of Howard’s dog?

129. What is the one word Amy wants to hear from Sheldon?

130. Who helps Sheldon with his fear of driving?

131. What comic does Sheldon get signed by Stan Lee?

132. What experiment makes Leonard famous?

133. What musical instrument does Leonard play?

134. What language does Howard speak other than English?

135. Who was Leonard named after?

136. What is the profession of Raj’s father?

137. What is the full name of ‘Penny’?

138. What condition does Sheldon have?

139. Who discovered the little Martian?

140. What is the occupation of Leonard’s father?

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