73 Saved by the Bell Trivia Questions And Answers

Ahoy, Bayside Tigers! For those who spent their mornings or afternoons following the antics of Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie, Lisa, and Screech, this trivia is a nostalgic trip back to the halls of Bayside High. From love triangles to hilarious pranks, and moments that defined a generation, “Saved by the Bell” captured the essence of high school life in the ’90s. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, this trivia is sure to test your knowledge and bring back memories of one of television’s most iconic teen shows. So, ready to take a trip down memory lane? Time out, and let’s dive into the Saved by the Bell trivia!

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1. Who is the main character with blonde hair?

2. Which character is the school’s fashionista?

3. Who is the school’s principal?

4. Which character is a star athlete?

5. Which character moved from Indiana to Bayside?

6. Which character serves as the school’s nerd?

7. Who is the girlfriend of Zack for most of the series?

8. What is the name of the hangout spot for the Bayside students?

9. Which character becomes the school nurse in one of the seasons?

10. Which band did Zack, Slater, and Screech form?

11. Who did Screech have a crush on throughout the series?

12. Which character is the student council president?

13. What is the mascot of Bayside High?

14. Who became the manager of The Max?

15. In which place did the gang work during summer?

16. Who was the wealthy girlfriend of Zack in one season?

17. Which character struggles with caffeine pill addiction?

18. Which character comes from a military family?

19. Who is known for his signature phrase, ‘Time out’?

20. Who hosted the radio show on Bayside’s radio station?

21. Who did Zack impersonate to make a deal for class rings?

22. What was the name of Screech’s robot?

23. Where did the gang go for their graduation trip?

24. What song did Jessie sing when she was addicted to caffeine pills?

25. Who was the rival school of Bayside High?

26. What instrument did Lisa play in the school band?

27. What did Slater call Zack as a term of endearment?

28. Who was the lifeguard that Kelly dated at Malibu Sands?

29. Which character ran for class president against Jessie?

30. What is the name of the club where the gang formed a band?

31. What’s the name of the girl Zack dated who was wheelchair-bound?

32. Who did Zack prank by making him wear a woman’s swimsuit?

33. Which character is a feminist and often stands up for women’s rights?

34. What subject does Miss Bliss teach?

35. Which character appeared in all episodes of the original series?

36. Where does Kelly’s family face financial problems leading her to work at?

37. Who tutored Zack in ‘The Gift’ episode?

38. Which character was introduced as the new girl and rode a motorcycle?

39. What was the title of the anti-drug episode?

40. Who runs the beach resort in the summer episodes?

41. Which character dreams of attending Stansbury University?

42. Who became a cadet at the California University Police Academy?

43. Who is the gym teacher at Bayside?

44. Which character has a pet duck named Becky?

45. Which character does Zack date in college?

46. Who was Screech’s girlfriend in ‘The College Years’?

47. Which character creates a zit cream that turns faces maroon?

48. Where does Slater originally come from?

49. Which student worked as a waiter at The Max?

50. Who stole and crashed Lisa’s mother’s car?

51. What item did the gang find that they thought was worth a lot of money?

52. Which character becomes a male model for a brief time?

53. In ‘The College Years’, who was Zack’s roommate?

54. Which character is a known environmentalist?

55. Who does Slater date after breaking up with Jessie?

56. Who tried to join a fraternity but faced hazing?

57. Who became the school’s mascot for a brief period?

58. What sport did Lisa injure her ankle in?

59. Who was the host of the dance contest at The Max?

60. Who gets struck by lightning and can then predict the future?

61. In ‘The College Years’, who is the RA of Zack and Slater’s dorm?

62. Which character did not go on to ‘The College Years’?

63. Who got trapped in an elevator during an earthquake?

64. Which character tried to save the school’s radio station from shutting down?

65. Who dated the school’s nurse, Jennifer?

66. Who was the captain of the wrestling team?

67. Who got into Yale?

68. Which character’s parents got divorced?

69. What does Screech dress up as to scare Slater in a prank?

70. Which character has a shrine dedicated to Lisa?

71. Who was the manager of the school’s band, Hot Sundae?

72. Which two characters competed in a dance-off?

73. Who worked as a construction worker during summer?

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