78 That 70s Show Trivia Questions And Answers

Groovy greetings! Prepare to take a trip back to the disco era with this That 70s Show trivia challenge. From the basement hangouts in Point Place to the shenanigans of Eric, Donna, Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, and Fez, these questions will test your knowledge of the iconic series that gave us bell-bottoms, classic rock, and countless laughs. Whether you’re a superfan who’s seen every episode or just a casual viewer nostalgic for the ’70s vibes, this trivia is bound to make you exclaim, “Hello, Wisconsin!” So, are you ready to prove you’re the ultimate fan? Let’s roll!

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1. Who played the character Eric Forman?

2. Which character works at a record store?

3. Who is the foreign exchange student living with the Formans?

4. Which city does the show take place in?

5. Who becomes a DJ for the local radio station?

6. What is the name of Eric’s sister?

7. Which character drives the iconic Vista Cruiser?

8. Where do the friends often hang out in the Forman house?

9. What is the name of Jackie’s wealthy father?

10. Who does Fez eventually marry?

11. What is Red Forman’s famous catchphrase?

12. Who played the character Michael Kelso?

13. What is the name of Donna’s mother?

14. Which character is known for saying ‘Burn!’ after insulting someone?

15. Who is the owner of the local drive-in, The Hub?

16. Which character becomes a weatherman?

17. Who played the character Steven Hyde?

18. Which main character did NOT appear in the final season?

19. Who was Kelso’s on-and-off girlfriend for most of the series?

20. Which character enters a relationship with a nurse named Brooke?

21. What is Kitty Forman’s profession?

22. Who does Jackie end up with at the end of the series?

23. Who played the character Red Forman?

24. Which character lives above the Formans’ garage for a period of time?

25. Who was the original owner of the water tower the gang often hangs out at?

26. What is the name of Eric’s grandmother?

27. Which character was played by Mila Kunis?

28. Who briefly becomes a security guard at a Price Mart?

29. Who is Red’s war buddy from the Korean War?

30. In what year did the show begin airing?

31. Who becomes the principal of the gang’s high school?

32. What does Kelso name his daughter?

33. Who played the character Randy Pearson in the final season?

34. Which character once worked as a short-order cook at Fatso Burger?

35. Who breaks their leg after falling from the water tower?

36. What is Donna’s radio DJ name?

37. What type of car does Red give to Eric after his Toyota is destroyed?

38. What’s the name of the dog that Red brings home?

39. Which character went to Africa?

40. Who does Hyde marry in Vegas?

41. Who is the owner of Grooves, the record store where Hyde works?

42. Where do Donna and Eric plan to move before calling off their engagement?

43. What is the name of Bob’s second wife?

44. Who becomes a security officer at a Playboy Club in Chicago?

45. What is the name of Jackie’s favorite stuffed animal?

46. Who worked at the DMV?

47. Which character joins the police academy?

48. What is Red’s favorite beer?

49. Who did Red and Kitty almost adopt?

50. What does Fez stand for?

51. What does Hyde’s tattoo say?

52. What sport does Bob take up, much to Red’s amusement?

53. Where did Kelso move after leaving Point Place?

54. Which character becomes a bartender?

55. What is Red’s full first name?

56. What instrument does Fez play in the school marching band?

57. Which actor played Leo, the laid-back, hippie photo store owner?

58. What candy is often associated with Fez?

59. Where did Eric work during the summer with Red?

60. Who plays the character Kitty Forman?

61. What is the name of Red’s heart medication?

62. Who does Donna date after her breakup with Eric?

63. Which character has a sister named Tina?

64. Who ran over Eric’s foot with a car?

65. Who is Hyde’s biological father?

66. Which character opens a hair salon?

67. Which character sells beauty products?

68. Who does Donna kiss at a disco, making Eric jealous?

69. Who gets a tattoo of Woodstock from the Peanuts comic?

70. What does Red sell at his muffler shop?

71. What song does Red sing to Kitty when she is sick?

72. Which character gets a job at the Holiday Hotel?

73. What does Fez think the acronym ‘USA’ stands for?

74. Which character wants to become a journalist?

75. Who was the President of the United States during the show’s time setting?

76. Where does Kitty work as a nurse?

77. Which character is afraid of puppets?

78. Which character is a huge fan of Star Wars?

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