94 Sopranos Trivia Questions and Answers

Delve deep into the world of New Jersey’s most infamous mob family with this Sopranos Trivia challenge centered around the groundbreaking HBO series. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, these questions are designed to test your knowledge and take you on a nostalgic trip back to Tony’s crew, his family, and the numerous plot twists that left us all on the edge of our seats. So, put on your thinking cap, channel your inner mob boss, and see just how well you know the intricate details of this iconic show. Buona fortuna!

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1. Who is the primary protagonist of ‘The Sopranos’?

2. Which actress plays Carmela, Tony’s wife?

3. What is the name of Tony’s psychiatrist?

4. Who plays the character of Christopher Moltisanti?

5. Which member of Tony’s crew is known for his short stature?

6. Which character is Tony’s sister?

7. What is the nickname of Tony’s uncle who is a major figure in the crime family?

8. In which state is the series primarily set?

9. Who is the head of the Lupertazzi crime family from New York?

10. What is the occupation of Dr. Jennifer Melfi?

11. Which character is a captain in the Soprano crew and has a gambling problem?

12. Which character is a longtime friend of Tony and manages the Bada Bing strip club?

13. What animal does Tony develop an odd fascination with in the series?

14. Who assassinates Big Pussy at the end of season 2?

15. Which character is an FBI agent who often tries to get information from Adriana?

16. Who is the girlfriend of Christopher Moltisanti for most of the series?

17. Which character suffers from borderline personality disorder and has a tumultuous relationship with Tony?

18. Which rival boss does Tony physically assault at a daughter’s horse show, leading to tension?

19. Who manages the pork store, Satriale’s, which is a frequent hangout for the crew?

20. What does Carmela dream of pursuing as a career?

21. Which character is a close associate of Tony’s but ultimately turns informant for the FBI?

22. Who shoots Tony in season 1, leading to a temporary power struggle?

23. What is the name of Tony and Carmela’s daughter?

24. Who does Adriana become friends with, not knowing she’s an undercover FBI agent?

25. Which character is a New York mobster with a severe anger issue and almost instigates a war?

26. What is the primary source of income for the Soprano family?

27. Who is the first major character to be killed off in the series?

28. Which character does Carmela have an almost-affair with in Season 5?

29. What is the name of the horse Tony becomes fond of?

30. Which character is responsible for ending Christopher’s life?

31. Who replaces Tony as boss during his coma?

32. What is the name of Tony and Carmela’s son?

33. Which character is a has-been film producer that Christopher idolizes?

34. Who becomes the boss of the Lupertazzi family after Carmine’s death?

35. What causes Tony and Ralph’s relationship to deteriorate, leading to a fatal confrontation?

36. Who tries to take over the Soprano crew by attempting to kill both Tony and Silvio?

37. Which mobster from the early seasons is played by actor Steven Van Zandt?

38. What iconic item does Tony frequently wear?

39. Which character has a secret love affair with Vito Spatafore?

40. Who serves as Junior’s caregiver during his house arrest?

41. Who is sent to intimidate Dr. Melfi’s rapist in the episode ‘Employee of the Month’?

42. Which character gets engaged to Janice, only to be murdered by her?

43. What is the title of the last episode of ‘The Sopranos’?

44. Who shoots Tony at the end of season 6, part 1?

45. Where does Tony take Meadow for a college visit, leading to a chance encounter with a former mob associate?

46. What does Tony often suffer from, causing him to lose consciousness?

47. Who does Christopher kill, thinking he’s an informant, but later finds out he was wrong?

48. Which character owns and manages Vesuvio, a local Italian restaurant?

49. Which ‘Goodfellas’ actor also appears in ‘The Sopranos’ as Paulie?

50. What is the cause of death for Livia Soprano, Tony’s mother?

51. Who is the mobster from Italy that Carmela develops feelings for?

52. What is the FBI’s operation name for the investigation into the Soprano family?

53. Which character becomes Tony’s new protégé after Christopher’s death?

54. Who orders a hit on Carmine Lupertazzi but changes his mind?

55. Where do Carmela and Rosalie Aprile visit in season 5, leading to Carmela’s self-reflection?

56. Who is sent to kill Phil Leotardo but ends up killing his mistress and her father by mistake?

57. Which character is an older mobster who is respected by both young and old members?

58. In which season does Tony get shot by his uncle?

59. Who is Adriana’s final contact at the FBI?

60. Who marries Janice after the death of Richie?

61. Which character becomes a film writer and producer, leading Christopher into the movie business?

62. What is the name of the FBI agent who develops a close, personal relationship with Adriana?

63. Who kills Phil Leotardo at a gas station?

64. In which episode does Tony first meet Dr. Melfi?

65. Which of Tony’s associates is openly gay, leading to his exile?

66. Who is the consigliere for much of the series?

67. Who is Carmela’s spec house contractor with whom she develops a brief romantic relationship?

68. Which character gets into drug dealing, leading to tensions with Tony?

69. Who is the priest frequently seen with Carmela, leading to rumors?

70. What’s the name of Tony’s boat?

71. Who is Meadow’s first serious boyfriend in the series?

72. What song is playing in the final scene of the series?

73. Who is the hitman that Tony frequently employs, known for his icy demeanor?

74. Which character tries to move to New Hampshire to escape the mob life?

75. Which member of Tony’s crew is killed while carrying a box of cash for the mob?

76. Who does Tony believe ordered the hit on him in the first season?

77. Which character is a former police officer turned mob enforcer?

78. Where does Tony’s crew frequently meet, which also serves as a front for their illegal activities?

79. Who becomes the underboss of the Lupertazzi family and is known for his diplomatic approach?

80. In what business is Tony’s legitimate money primarily invested?

81. Which character is murdered by Phil Leotardo in a store after being mistaken for someone else?

82. Which character is a former hitman for the DiMeo family and is released from prison in Season 2?

83. What is the name of the club owned by Silvio Dante?

84. Which character is often seen wearing a tracksuit and gold chains?

85. Who becomes the acting boss of the Soprano family when Tony is in a coma?

86. Which character’s death is ordered by Tony after suspicions of him being an informant?

87. Who is known for his love of hunting and is a loyal ally of Tony’s?

88. Who is murdered by Tony after being disrespectful about his relationship with Tony’s horse?

89. What is the title of the movie Christopher produces?

90. Who is the loan shark and captain in the DiMeo family known for his violent outbursts?

91. Which character serves as Tony’s main driver and bodyguard?

92. Who is the older, wise mobster that provides counsel to Tony?

93. What is the name of the law firm that represents the Soprano family in legal matters?

94. Which character owns a sporting goods store and runs into debt with Tony?

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