98 Texas Trivia Questions and Answers

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including its rich history, diverse culture, and notable landmarks. From bustling cities to serene deserts and from music festivals to space exploration, the Lone Star State is a tapestry of fascinating facts and tales. Whether you’re a native Texan or someone curious about the state, dive into this Texas Trivia collection and test your knowledge on all things Texas. Y’all ready?

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1. What is the state flower of Texas?

2. In which year did Texas achieve statehood?

3. Which country did Texas previously belong to before joining the USA?

4. What is the state bird of Texas?

5. Which city in Texas is known as the ‘Space City’?

6. What is the largest city in Texas by population?

7. The Texas flag features a single star. What is its nickname?

8. What major river forms a natural border between Texas and Mexico?

9. Which popular university is located in Austin, Texas?

10. Which annual event in Austin celebrates live music from around the world?

11. Which Texas city is famous for its stockyards?

12. What desert is located in West Texas?

13. Which city is known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’?

14. What is the tallest building in Texas?

15. Which island city is a popular vacation spot in Texas?

16. Which president was born in Denison, Texas?

17. What massive ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island?

18. Where was the final battle that led to Texas’s independence from Mexico?

19. Which Texas city is the headquarters for Dell Computers?

20. Which Texas city is nicknamed ‘Cowtown’?

21. What Texas event is the world’s largest livestock show and rodeo?

22. Which Texas city is known for the historic site, The Alamo?

23. Which historic trail was used to drive cattle from Texas to railroads in Kansas?

24. What is the state tree of Texas?

25. Which Texas city is known for its German cultural heritage?

26. Where in Texas is Big Bend National Park located?

27. Which bay borders the city of Corpus Christi?

28. What is the official state dish of Texas?

29. Which famous Texas road is known as ‘The Main Street of Texas’?

30. What is the official state mammal of Texas?

31. Which Texas city is the birthplace of Buddy Holly?

32. Which Texas city is nicknamed ‘The Sun City’?

33. Which famous Texas battle took place in 1836 and lasted for 13 days?

34. Which Texas city is home to Texas Tech University?

35. What is the state insect of Texas?

36. Which massive reservoir is on the border of Texas and Louisiana?

37. Which city is the county seat of El Paso County?

38. What type of music has roots in the Texas region?

39. Which military installation is one of the U.S. Army’s largest?

40. Which Texas city is the state capital?

41. Which cave in Texas is a major tourist attraction and is known as an underground wonder?

42. Which national forest is located in East Texas?

43. What is the largest natural lake in Texas?

44. Which Texas city is named after a tree?

45. Which football team is based in Dallas?

46. Which ocean borders the southeastern coast of Texas?

47. Which Texas city is known for its oil history and is called the ‘Oil Capital of the World’?

48. Where is the LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) Library and Museum located?

49. Which festival in San Antonio celebrates Texas’s independence from Mexico?

50. Which structure in Dallas is a memorial to John F. Kennedy?

51. What’s the name of the popular dance associated with Texas?

52. What is the Texas state reptile?

53. Which Texas city is home to the Space Center?

54. Which Texas city is the headquarters for American Airlines?

55. In which city is the University of Texas Medical Branch located?

56. Which island separates the Gulf of Mexico from Laguna Madre?

57. Which Texas university’s mascot is the Horned Frogs?

58. Which Texas lake is the largest man-made lake?

59. Which artist’s museum is located in Marfa, Texas?

60. What is the Texas state gem?

61. Which Texas city has a zoo that’s one of the oldest in the U.S.?

62. Which Texas river is the longest?

63. Which Texas national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site?

64. What is the state song of Texas?

65. Which fort in West Texas was an important frontier post?

66. In which Texas city is the Kimbell Art Museum located?

67. What is the state fish of Texas?

68. Which MLB team is based in Houston?

69. What region is located between the Pecos River and the Rio Grande?

70. Which waterpark in New Braunfels is one of the best in the world?

71. Which Texas city has the nickname ‘Sparkling City by the Sea’?

72. Which famous U.S. military base is located in San Antonio?

73. Which canyon is the second largest in the U.S.?

74. Which body of water is located to the northeast of Dallas?

75. Which mountain range stretches from West Texas into New Mexico?

76. Which Texas city is home to the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium?

77. What is the highest natural point in Texas?

78. Which famous Texas site was a former military post and later became a university?

79. What museum in Houston is dedicated to space exploration?

80. Which Texas region is known for its wine production?

81. Which island is a part of the city of Corpus Christi?

82. Which Texas state park contains the highest waterfall in the state?

83. What is the largest state park within Texas?

84. Which bridge in Corpus Christi is among the tallest in the U.S.?

85. Which Texas town is the wind energy capital of America?

86. What bay is located just east of the city of Houston?

87. What is the oldest town in Texas?

88. Which Texas city is home to the historic Ysleta Mission?

89. Which river runs through the city of Austin?

90. Which Texas city has the nickname ‘Queen City of the West’?

91. What major lake is located to the northwest of Austin?

92. Which Texas city is known for its annual rose festival?

93. Where in Texas is the official state herd of buffalo located?

94. Which Texas city is known for the Dr Pepper Museum?

95. What is the name of the Texas state fair held annually in Dallas?

96. Which Texas city is known as the ‘Gateway to Big Bend’?

97. What popular Texas event takes place every year on New Year’s Day in Dallas?

98. Which university in Dallas is a major research institution?

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