97 The Wire Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate The Wire trivia challenge! The gritty streets of Baltimore and its memorable characters have left an indelible mark on the television landscape. How well do you remember the intricacies of this groundbreaking series? Test your knowledge with these 97 handpicked The Wire trivia questions that dive deep into the world created by David Simon. Whether you’re a die-hard fan who’s watched every season multiple times or someone who’s just getting introduced to the series, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s see if you can navigate the streets of this trivia challenge just as adeptly as McNulty and his team navigated the corners of Baltimore!

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1. Who created ‘The Wire’?

2. What city is the primary setting for the series?

3. Which character often says ‘Sheeeeeeeee-it’?

4. Which dockworker union leader is central to the second season?

5. What’s the nickname of Roland Pryzbylewski?

6. Which character becomes a schoolteacher in season 4?

7. Who is the young stick-up artist that idolizes Omar Little?

8. What’s the name of the detail’s primary informant in season 1?

9. Who plays Detective Jimmy McNulty?

10. Which journalist fabricates stories in season 5?

11. Who is known for using a nail gun as a weapon?

12. Which police major creates ‘free zones’ for drug dealers?

13. What nickname is given to the free zones?

14. Who is Avon Barksdale’s nephew?

15. What is the name of the newspaper featured in season 5?

16. Who becomes the police commissioner in the last season?

17. What’s Omar’s last name?

18. Which character has a dockside bar?

19. Who plays Omar Little?

20. In what year did the series premiere?

21. Who is the main antagonist of season 3?

22. Which detective is known for dollhouse furniture making?

23. Who is the young female drug dealer in Marlo’s crew?

24. What item does D’Angelo Barksdale use to explain the drug game?

25. Which politician becomes mayor of Baltimore?

26. Who serves as Stringer Bell’s second-in-command?

27. Which character struggles with alcoholism?

28. What’s the name of the western district way?

29. What is the profession of McNulty’s ex-wife?

30. Who becomes the police department’s public relations officer?

31. Which character becomes a boxing trainer?

32. Which two characters are childhood friends?

33. Who is the head of the Barksdale Organization at the series’ start?

34. Who shoots Brother Mouzone?

35. Who mentors Randy Wagstaff at school?

36. What is the last name of the Greek’s main contact?

37. Which detective becomes the head of the Major Crimes Unit?

38. Who kills Stringer Bell?

39. What name does Marlo Stanfield go by in the streets?

40. Who is the main narcotics supplier in season 2?

41. Who does McNulty partner with in season 1?

42. Which season focuses on the city’s school system?

43. What’s the nickname of Duquan Weems?

44. Which character becomes a state’s attorney?

45. Who manages the copy shop wiretap?

46. Who does Stringer Bell order to be killed, leading to a rift with Avon?

47. Who is Omar’s boyfriend in season 1?

48. Which season revolves around the city’s newspaper?

49. What’s the name of Marlo’s enforcer, known for his quiet demeanor?

50. Which lieutenant often says ‘Good police’?

51. Where does Omar Little die?

52. Who does Prop Joe introduce to the Greek?

53. Which officer gets shot in the line of duty in season 1?

54. What’s the name of Avon’s main enforcer?

55. Who is Bunk Moreland’s frequent partner?

56. Which detective has a past in the pawnshop unit?

57. What’s the real name of ‘Snoop’?

58. Which character is known for saying ‘All in the game’?

59. Who is the main target in the first wiretap?

60. Which character is a war veteran?

61. What is Stringer Bell’s first name?

62. Who is the chief of the stevedores’ union in season 2?

63. Which police officer is known for their stats ‘juking’?

64. Where does Cutty open his boxing gym?

65. Who is the lead investigator in the staged serial killer case?

66. What’s the main drug sold by the Barksdale crew?

67. Who takes over the Barksdale organization after Avon’s arrest?

68. Which detective is assigned to shadow Marlo Stanfield?

69. What’s the name of Proposition Joe’s repair shop?

70. Who helps Bubbles with his shopping cart business?

71. Who replaces Frank Sobotka as the union leader?

72. Who becomes the mayor after Tommy Carcetti?

73. Where is the Barksdale crew’s main territory?

74. What do the boys call their pigeon coop?

75. What’s the drug package named after a famous singer in season 1?

76. What is Bodie’s full name?

77. Who kills Bodie?

78. Which character becomes a state senator?

79. Who investigates the thefts in the docks in season 2?

80. What is Wee-Bey’s favorite food?

81. Who betrays Omar to Brother Mouzone?

82. Where does McNulty work in season 2?

83. Who is the head of the Stanfield organization?

84. Which character runs for governor?

85. Who is the FBI contact of Lieutenant Daniels?

86. What item is frequently used to communicate in prison?

87. What’s the nickname of Maurice Levy, the drug dealers’ lawyer?

88. Who becomes a foster mother in the series?

89. Which detective was previously involved in a shooting scandal?

90. Who oversees the city’s housing department?

91. What’s the name of Omar’s partner in season 4?

92. Who does McNulty date in season 2?

93. What is the first name of Brother Mouzone’s assistant?

94. Which character owns a funeral home?

95. What is the nickname of the head of the rival Eastside drug crew?

96. Who is Herc’s partner?

97. Which character is known for the catchphrase ‘Indeed’?

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