90 Downton Abbey Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive into the opulent world of the Crawleys and their loyal staff with this comprehensive Downton Abbey trivia. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a devoted fan, these 90 questions will test your knowledge on everything from scandalous affairs to household duties. Uncover lesser-known facts and relive memorable moments from the beloved series. Are you ready to prove your expertise on all things Downton Abbey?

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1. Who is the creator of ‘Downton Abbey’?

2. Which character is known as the Dowager Countess?

3. Who becomes the valet after Bates is imprisoned?

4. In which county is Downton Abbey located?

5. Which war takes place during the series?

6. Who marries Lady Mary after Matthew’s death?

7. What is Mr. Carson’s job at Downton?

8. Who becomes pregnant with Mr. Pamuk’s child?

9. Which character served as an army nurse during WWI?

10. Who inherits Downton Abbey after the Titanic sinks?

11. Where did Mr. Bates work before Downton?

12. Which character’s nickname is ‘Shrimpie’?

13. What type of dog is Lord Grantham’s pet?

14. Who runs off with Tom Branson to get married?

15. Who becomes Lady Mary’s lady’s maid?

16. Where is Mrs. Hughes from originally?

17. Which American heiress marries Lord Grantham?

18. What is the title of Edith’s newspaper column?

19. Which character is a former music hall singer?

20. Who is Rose’s mother?

21. What is Daisy’s job at Downton?

22. Who becomes the estate agent of Downton?

23. What ailment does Lord Grantham suffer from in later seasons?

24. Which character serves as the family’s lawyer?

25. Who is Thomas Barrow’s closest friend at Downton?

26. What is Mrs. Patmore’s role in the household?

27. Which family member is killed off in a car crash?

28. Who does Lady Edith have a child with out of wedlock?

29. Who adopts Marigold initially?

30. Which character travels to India?

31. What is Mr. Molesley’s initial position at Downton?

32. What does Daisy aspire to do after gaining education?

33. Who helps Anna Bates after her rape?

34. What is the first name of the Dowager Countess’s butler?

35. Who becomes a chauffeur after leaving service?

36. Who is the under-butler who aspires for more?

37. Which character leaves Downton to work in a tea shop?

38. Where is Matthew Crawley originally from?

39. Who proposes to Daisy but she declines?

40. What occupation does Edith take up in London?

41. Who attempts to blackmail Lady Mary about her affair?

42. Which character marries a dentist?

43. Who does Mrs. Patmore inherit a property from?

44. Which character suffers from a cataract?

45. Who runs the Downton Cottage Hospital?

46. Which character has a past relationship with a Duke?

47. Who becomes the butler after Mr. Carson’s retirement?

48. What title does Robert Crawley hold?

49. Who becomes Lord Merton’s second wife?

50. What job does Tom Branson take up in Boston?

51. Who does Lady Edith marry?

52. What type of business does Lady Mary consider investing in?

53. Who is Lady Rose’s husband?

54. Which character is wrongfully accused of murder?

55. Which household staff is known to be a war veteran?

56. Who does Daisy eventually get engaged to?

57. Which character gets a job at Buckingham Palace?

58. Who becomes the maid for the Dowager Countess?

59. Which maid falls in love with a footman but doesn’t pursue him?

60. Who owns the farm Mr. Mason works on?

61. Which servant is known to have diabetes?

62. Who replaces O’Brien as Cora’s maid?

63. Which character attempts to become a secretary?

64. Who officiates at Lady Edith’s wedding?

65. Which character is an accomplished pianist?

66. Who does Princess Mary marry?

67. Who teaches Daisy to read and write?

68. Which household staff gets promoted to head housemaid?

69. Who exposes the Marigold secret to Bertie?

70. Where does Lady Edith relocate Marigold to keep her secret?

71. What is the name of the pigman at Downton?

72. Which character eventually becomes a teacher?

73. Who temporarily replaces Mr. Carson when he’s ill?

74. Who becomes Robert Crawley’s valet after Bates?

75. Which maid has a fleeting relationship with Jimmy Kent?

76. Who leaves Downton Abbey due to scandalous love letters?

77. What is Tom Branson’s home country?

78. Who does Mary help set up a shop in York?

79. Which character goes to prison for the murder of her husband?

80. Who brings a gramophone to the house?

81. Which character loves to throw dinner parties in London?

82. Who becomes the head of the hospital board?

83. What is Tom Branson’s daughter’s name?

84. Who is George Crawley’s godfather?

85. What hobby does Lady Mary take up in the final seasons?

86. Who inherits Mr. Mason’s farm after his death?

87. Where does Anna give birth?

88. Who is referred to as the ‘Rebel Earl’?

89. Who is Lady Mary’s second child named after?

90. Which character claims to be the rightful heir but dies?

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