91 Modern Family Trivia Questions and Answers

How well do you know the Pritchett, Dunphy, and Tucker-Pritchett families? “Modern Family” has given us countless laughs, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable episodes over its run. Whether you’re a superfan or just love a good trivia challenge, this compilation of questions is sure to test your knowledge and remind you of the show’s most iconic moments. Dive in and see how many Modern Family Trivia questions you can answer correctly!

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1. Who is the patriarch of the Pritchett family?

2. Which character is a real estate agent?

3. Who is Claire’s younger brother?

4. Which country is Gloria originally from?

5. What is the name of Mitchell and Cameron’s adopted daughter?

6. What type of dog is Stella?

7. Who is the clown in the family?

8. What instrument does Manny play?

9. Who becomes a councilwoman in the series?

10. Who is afraid of butterflies?

11. What’s the name of Jay’s dog bed business?

12. Who has a magic shop?

13. What does Gloria frequently mispronounce as ‘baby cheeses’?

14. Who was a figure skating champion in their youth?

15. What does Jay call his grandson, Manny?

16. What sport did Alex make varsity in at high school?

17. Which character becomes a weatherman?

18. Who names their boat after their spouse?

19. Which two characters frequently do ‘The Slow Treadmill’?

20. What is Phil’s ‘cheer up’ dance called?

21. Who ends up in Australia due to a work assignment?

22. What’s the name of Gloria’s hot sauce?

23. Who becomes a professor?

24. Which character has a ‘Leap Day’ birthday?

25. Which character gets a tattoo?

26. What type of lawyer is Mitchell?

27. Who accidentally shoots Jay in the foot?

28. Which character has a wilderness experience named after them?

29. Who becomes a dog trainer?

30. Who does Mitchell slap at a wedding?

31. Which character often exclaims ‘Good Lord!’?

32. Who is known for their ‘peerenting’ strategy?

33. What’s the name of the bar owned by Jay and his friends?

34. Who gets stuck in a Princess castle at Disneyland?

35. Who officiates Mitchell and Cam’s wedding?

36. Which character frequently gets lost, even in familiar places?

37. Which member of the family often wears colorful and flashy shirts?

38. Which character has a fear of flying?

39. Who has an ‘attack mode’ when playing charades?

40. What’s the name of Jay and Gloria’s son?

41. Who tries to sell Jay’s dog Stella?

42. Who was once the frontman for a band called ‘Dylan and the Babes’?

43. What do Jay and Cam bond over during a day out?

44. What type of shop does Jay’s father own?

45. What do the family mistakenly think Shorty is going to announce?

46. Which character does a commercial for the closet company?

47. Who tries to join a double Dutch jump rope team?

48. What role does Luke get in the school play of ‘Phantom of the Opera’?

49. Which family member tries to learn the trapeze?

50. What kind of dog accessories does Jay create and sell?

51. Which character has a nemesis named Sal?

52. Who gets their wisdom teeth removed and acts funny afterwards?

53. Which character becomes a social media influencer?

54. Who once worked at an amusement park?

55. Who does a dramatic tango for a school talent show?

56. Which character is notoriously bad at giving gifts?

57. What’s the name of the ranch where Jay and Gloria get married?

58. Which character is passionate about birds and even has a bird-themed wedding?

59. Who went to a space camp as a child?

60. Which family member loves cowboy movies?

61. Which country club is featured in Modern Family?

62. Who sets a tree on fire during Christmas?

63. Who gets mistaken for a famous basketball player in a hotel?

64. Who believes they can talk to dogs?

65. What does Jay build in his backyard to commemorate a trip?

66. Who becomes obsessed with a tabletop game called ‘The Game of Thrones’?

67. Which character tries to sing ‘Ave Maria’ at a wedding?

68. Who tries to sabotage Manny’s chances at student council president?

69. Which family member ends up in jail on Valentine’s Day?

70. Who occasionally uses a Spanish accent to sound more authentic?

71. Which character has a drone they use to spy on others?

72. Who dresses up as the tooth fairy to retrieve money from under Luke’s pillow?

73. Who had a small role in ‘Crocodile Dundee’?

74. Who is notorious for their over-the-top Halloween decorations?

75. Which family member has an estranged sibling?

76. Who ends up in the ER after trying to impress a girl with a fire trick?

77. Who gets called out for cultural appropriation at a school talent show?

78. Who once worked as a mall Santa?

79. What is the name of Jay’s ex-wife and Mitchell and Claire’s mother?

80. Which character has an artistic talent for figure drawing?

81. Who is notorious for crashing Jay’s parties?

82. Who does Gloria hire to teach Spanish to Joe, only to find out she’s a terrible teacher?

83. Which character constantly reinvents their personal style?

84. Who tries to launch a line of skinny jeans?

85. Who challenges Gloria on her Colombian authenticity?

86. Which character is known for their propensity to exaggerate stories?

87. Who once dressed as Prince Harry for Halloween?

88. Who has a clown alter ego named ‘Fizbo’?

89. What does Jay want to name his son before Gloria picks the name Joe?

90. Which character loses a toy helicopter on the roof of the house?

91. Who frequently says ‘I’m the cool dad’?

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