70 Full House Trivia Questions And Answers

Full House trivia delves into the intriguing world of one of America’s most beloved sitcoms. Running from 1987 to 1995, “Full House” warmed the hearts of viewers with its light-hearted comedy, family values, and memorable catchphrases. The show narrated the story of Danny Tanner, a widowed father who seeks the help of his brother-in-law and best friend to raise his three daughters in San Francisco.

Full House trivia spans the spectrum from character quirks to behind-the-scenes facts. It covers topics such as the idiosyncrasies of characters like Uncle Jesse, Joey Gladstone, and Kimmy Gibbler, the familiar Tanner household, iconic quotes, and plotline intricacies. It also encompasses details about the show’s production, its spin-off series “Fuller House”, and the broader impact the series had on pop culture. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated fan, “Full House” trivia offers a wealth of insights into the captivating world of the Tanner family.

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1. Who played Danny Tanner in Full House?

2. What is the name of the Tanner family’s dog?

3. Which character was known for the catchphrase ‘You got it, dude’?

4. Who did D.J. Tanner marry in Fuller House?

5. Who played Jesse Katsopolis?

6. What is the name of Jesse and Rebecca’s twin sons?

7. Who is the middle Tanner sister?

8. Who played Rebecca Donaldson?

9. What is Joey Gladstone’s profession?

10. What is Jesse’s relation to the Tanner sisters?

11. What is the name of Danny’s morning talk show?

12. What is the location of the Tanner family home?

13. What instrument does Jesse play?

14. Who played D.J. Tanner?

15. Which character is known for the catchphrase ‘Cut it out’?

16. What is Jesse’s favorite hair product?

17. Who played Stephanie Tanner?

18. What is the profession of Danny Tanner?

19. Who played Kimmy Gibbler?

20. What is the last name of Uncle Jesse?

21. Who is the youngest Tanner sister?

22. Who played Michelle Tanner?

23. Who is D.J.’s best friend?

24. Who did Stephanie Tanner marry in Fuller House?

25. What is the occupation of Rebecca Donaldson?

26. Who is the mother of the Tanner sisters?

27. Who is the eldest Tanner sister?

28. What is the name of Jesse’s band?

29. What was the name of the TV show that Jesse and Joey hosted?

30. Who does Jesse marry?

31. What type of animal is Mr. Woodchuck?

32. What does D.J. stand for?

33. What is the catchphrase of Stephanie Tanner?

34. Who is Michelle’s best friend?

35. What is the name of Danny’s wife?

36. Who played Joey Gladstone?

37. Who does Kimmy Gibbler marry in Fuller House?

38. Who becomes a co-host with Danny on ‘Wake Up, San Francisco’?

39. What is the address of the Tanner family home?

40. Who is Steve Hale?

41. Who is the Tanner family’s wacky neighbor?

42. What is Jesse’s dream job?

43. Who moves in to help Danny after Pam’s death?

44. Who is Stephanie’s best friend?

45. What’s the name of the spin-off series?

46. What is the Tanner family’s car?

47. What is Joey’s famous impersonation?

48. Who is the producer of ‘Wake Up, San Francisco’?

49. Who has a pet ostrich in ‘Fuller House’?

50. What is the name of the school the Tanner girls attend?

51. Who has a pillow person?

52. Who is Rusty?

53. Who is Aunt Becky’s co-worker and Danny’s love interest?

54. What is Joey’s favorite sport?

55. What is the name of Kimmy’s daughter?

56. Who has a catchphrase ‘Watch the hair’?

57. What is the Tanner family’s favorite vacation spot?

58. Who is D.J.’s first boyfriend?

59. Who is D.J.’s boss at the pet clinic?

60. What is Jesse’s original last name?

61. Who plays Vicky Larson?

62. What is the catchphrase of Kimmy Gibbler?

63. Who is Tommy Fuller Jr.?

64. What is the original air date of the first episode?

65. What is Jesse’s radio name?

66. What school did D.J. go to for college?

67. What is the name of the theme song?

68. Who is the creator of ‘Full House’?

69. What network did ‘Full House’ originally air on?

70. In what year did ‘Full House’ end?

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