132 Seinfeld Trivia Questions And Answers

Seinfeld was one of the most popular shows in the 90s. Find out how much you know about the show with these Seinfeld trivia questions and answers.

We’re sure you probably know who created the show. But do you know who some of the characters were based on? Our trivia questions might surprise even the biggest Seinfeld fan.

We put together interesting facts and tidbits that’ll make for a great Seinfeld trivia night. Enjoy these 132 Seinfeld trivia questions and answers.

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Seinfeld Trivia Questions

1. The show concept was created by Jerry Seinfeld and who?

2. Which of the main characters on the show did not appear in the pilot?

3. What is the name of the character who says, “No soup for you”? 

4. The character George Costanza is based on who? 

5. What is the name of the coffee shop where the characters hang out? 

6. What is the name of Jerry’s nemesis who is described as “pure evil”? 

7. What apartment does Jerry live in for most of the series? 

8. What is Kramer’s first name? 

9. Art Vandelay is the alias of which character? 

10. What IQ does Elaine claim to have in the episode “The Café”? 

11. What was the name of the original script for the series? 

12. What was it about Jerry’s girlfriend Gillian that he disliked and ended the relationship over? 

13. How many episodes of Seinfeld are there?

14. Whose fiancé died from licking toxic envelopes? 

15. What is the name of Jerry and Kramer’s landlord? 

16. Where does Elaine work? 

17. What celebrity did George run into during a charity softball game? 

18. George has two fake horses named Snoopy and what? 

19. What is the name of Elaine’s nemesis who is described as a “braless wonder”? 

20. Seinfeld is often described as a show about what? 

21. What does Kramer’s license plate say? 

22. George plans to name his future son “Seven” after who? 

23. In what episode does Elaine first appear? 

24. Which episode is the only one that doesn’t have George? 

25. What everyday item is the group discussing in both the pilot and the finale? 

26. While in Los Angeles, Kramer is accused of being a serial killer. What is the killer’s name? 

27. What does Jerry name his favorite shirt? 

28. George becomes convinced to buy a convertible car that supposedly belonged to which celebrity? 

29. What day of the year does Festivus fall on? 

30. What causes Elaine to fail a drug test for work?

31. Which company stole Kramer’s idea for a cologne? 

32. What was the name of Elaine’s boyfriend who shared his name with a serial killer? 

33. A black and white cookie causes Jerry to do what for the first time since 1980? 

34. Which character is known for saying “yada yada yada”? 

35. How much money does Kramer make from selling his life story? 

36. Wayne Knight, who plays Newman on the show, originally auditioned for which role? 

37. What superhero is regularly referenced in the show?

38. What is the name of the famous baseball player that Elaine asks out? 

39. Which of the main characters has Elaine dated? 

40. Which celebrity makes a guest appearance in the episode “The Wife”? 

41. What is the name of George’s childhood friend who becomes a baldness doctor?

42. Who was Elaine’s eccentric boss at the J. Peterman company?

43. What make and model was Jerry’s car?

44. What was Newman’s job?

45. What was George’s alias when he was trying to avoid his fiancee’s parents?

46. What kind of doctor was Jerry’s Uncle Leo always bragging his son Jeffrey was?

47. What game does George play when he takes his Frogger machine across the street?

48. What were the names of Kramer’s Japanese friends who slept in his drawers?

49. What kind of sandwich did George have in his hand when he saved the whale?

50. What is the name of Elaine’s dog-killing, piano-playing boyfriend?

51. How does Kramer butter his toast?

52. What does George decide to name his future child in “The Seven”?

53. What is the name of George’s ‘Worlds Theory’?

54. What is the name of the horse that Kramer feeds Beef-A-Reeno to?

55. What song makes Elaine’s boyfriend “Shoopman” fall asleep?

56. What is the name of the accountant who sniffs Jerry’s hands in “The Sniffing Accountant”?

57. What is the name of the bra Elaine fails to put on properly, causing her Nip Slip?

58. What was the make of the vehicle that JFK Jr. was driving when he dropped off Elaine at the curb?

59. What is the name of George’s holistic healer?

60. What is the name of the store that gives Elaine a free sub after her 23rd purchase?

61. What does Elaine call the red dot on her white cashmere sweater?

62. How many minutes early did Kramer like to arrive at the airport to feel comfortable?

63. What was the name of Jerry’s high school friend who became a ‘gigolo’?

64. What was the name of the cereal Jerry was eating when Uncle Leo stole the book?

65. Who was Jerry’s first girlfriend on the show?

66. What baseball team does George work for?

67. What kind of business does Newman say the post office is in?

68. What is the name of the Chinese gum that Kramer becomes addicted to?

69. What is the name of the fruit that Kramer loves so much, he takes one back that he gave to George?

70. What is the name of the character who “stopped short” with Jerry’s mom?

71. What is the name of the woman that both Newman and Kramer dated?

72. What is the nickname that George wants his co-workers to call him?

73. Who got George’s ‘twix’ candy bar stuck in the vending machine?

74. What are Jerry and George eating when they first think of the idea for “a show about nothing”?

75. Who won’t let Elaine in because she didn’t want to show her square-dancing moves?

76. How many women did Jerry break up with on the show?

77. What actor played the library cop Mr. Bookman?

78. What kind of “special” clothes does Jerry buy to get in shape?

79. What is the name of the gambling game that Frank Costanza invents?

80. What does Elaine make her Christmas card out of in “The Pick”?

81. What is the name of the body suit man?

82. What is the color of the ‘cashmere’ sweater George buys for the cleaning lady?

83. What condition does George have that requires him to wear glasses, as revealed in “The Glasses”?

84. What is the one food item that Jerry hates?

85. What is the name of Jerry’s barber?

86. Who played Elaine’s boyfriend David Puddy?

87. Who is the character that Elaine describes as a “bounder” and a “cad”?

88. What does Kramer want to use Newman’s mail truck for?

89. What movie is shown in the bootleg that Kramer makes?

90. What is the name of George’s phone line?

91. What two ingredients does Elaine hate in her salads?

92. What fictional animal does George refer to when explaining why he is comfortable lying?

93. What type of cake is stolen from an old lady in the episode “The Old Man”?

94. What is the name of the deli where the Soup Nazi works?

95. What does Kramer name his Chicken?

96. Who is the actress that plays George’s girlfriend, Susan Ross?

97. What is the name of the mysterious man who gives Jerry a suede jacket?

98. What does Jerry’s girlfriend, Manya, die from?

99. What is the name of the author that Elaine is supposed to meet in “The Library”?

100. What color is the jacket that Jerry buys in “The Jacket”?

101. What do George and Kramer use to try to move George’s car before it gets towed in “The Alternate Side”?

102. What does George’s boss, Mr. Wilhelm, think George’s job is in “The Bottle Deposit”?

103. What gift does George buy for the “Dinner Party”?

104. What is the name of the coffee table book that Kramer writes?

105. What does George suggest Jerry use to clean his suede jacket in “The Jacket”?

106. Who is the actor that plays Kramer?

107. Who gets hit with the “rancid” cream in “The Pie”?

108. What does Kramer use as an oven mitt in “The Pie”?

109. What does Elaine’s boyfriend eat for breakfast in “The Dog”?

110. What is the name of the horse that pulls Kramer’s carriage in “The Rye”?

111. What kind of doctor is Elaine’s boyfriend, Joel Rifkin?

112. What is the name of Jerry’s girlfriend who eats her peas one at a time?

113. What does Jerry spill on himself in “The Friar’s Club”?

114. What does Kramer use as a bookmark in “The Bookmark”?

115. What is the name of George’s cousin who tries to have him committed?

116. Who is George’s boss at the Yankees?

117. What does Jerry’s mom bring him when she comes to visit in “The Raincoats”?

118. What is the name of George’s childhood home?

119. What does George order at Monk’s in “The Chinese Restaurant”?

120. What does Jerry’s neighbor, Newman, try to eat in “The Big Salad”?

121. Who is the character that always says “Hello, Newman”?

122. What is Kramer’s pet name for Jerry?

123. What does Elaine’s father do for a living?

124. What song is playing on the radio when George is at the dentist in “The Jimmy”?

125. What’s George’s answer when Jerry asks him what his dream job is?

126. What does Elaine get banned from the soup stand for in “The Soup Nazi”?

127. What does George’s boss give him in “The Red Dot”?

128. What type of cookie does Jerry say he enjoys in “The Dinner Party”?

129. What color shirt is George wearing in “The Smelly Car”?

130. What does Jerry try to return in “The Jacket”?

131. What is the name of Jerry’s high school gym teacher who George claims he was having nightmares about?

132. What’s the name of the opera Kramer and his girlfriend attend in “The Opera”?

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