68 Fresh Prince of Bel Air Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the world of Bel Air and test your knowledge about the iconic ’90s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. From quirky dance moves to unforgettable one-liners, this Fresh Prince of Bel Air trivia covers it all. So, whether you’re a casual watcher or a die-hard fan, these 68 questions will challenge your recall and rekindle fond memories of the show. Let’s see how many you can get right!

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1. Who played the character Will Smith?

2. What city did Will originally come from?

3. Which character is known for his unique dance?

4. Who played Carlton Banks?

5. Who is Will’s wealthy uncle?

6. What’s the name of Will’s cousin who has a strong feminist perspective?

7. Who is the Banks’ family butler?

8. Who played the character of Geoffrey?

9. Which character is a talented singer and attends Bel-Air Prep?

10. Who played the original Vivian Banks?

11. Which actress replaced Janet Hubert-Whitten as Vivian Banks?

12. Who is the youngest member of the Banks family?

13. Which famous boxer makes an appearance as himself?

14. What is the name of Carlton’s stuffed animal?

15. Which character attends ULA with Will?

16. Who played Lisa, Will’s fiancée?

17. Which character tries to run for judge?

18. Who often teases Carlton about his height?

19. Which character is known to have a soft spot for poetry?

20. Which popular band performs at Hilary’s Halloween party?

21. What is Geoffrey’s last name?

22. Which character attended Princeton?

23. How is Jazz typically thrown out of the Banks’ house?

24. Which actor plays Will’s father when he makes an appearance?

25. What’s the name of the private school Nicky attends?

26. Who always introduces himself as ‘Dr. Noam Nevelda’

27. Which character was Will’s first girlfriend in Bel-Air?

28. Who teaches Will to play the piano?

29. Who played the character ‘Boo’ in the show?

30. What is Jazz’s real name in the show?

31. Which basketball player visits the Banks’ house?

32. What does Hilary name her poodle?

33. Who plays Uncle Phil’s mother, Hattie Banks?

34. What is the alma mater of Philip Banks?

35. What is the name of Will’s mom?

36. Who becomes a campus clown at ULA?

37. Which character always aspired to be a weather girl?

38. Which song often prompts Carlton to dance?

39. Who is afraid of flying and often mentions it?

40. What’s the name of the high school bully that often targets Will?

41. Which artist’s poster is prominently featured in Will’s bedroom?

42. What’s the color of the cab that drops Will off in Bel-Air in the opening credits?

43. In the show, who becomes a famous singer and travels to New York?

44. Who does Carlton idolize and hope to emulate?

45. Which character is a police officer and dates Hilary for a time?

46. How does Trevor tragically die in the show?

47. Who becomes a lawyer at the end of the series?

48. Which character has an affinity for Shakespeare?

49. Who plays Ashley’s boyfriend, Kevin?

50. Who occasionally refers to Will as ‘Master William’?

51. Which character gets a job as a mall security guard?

52. Which character has an obsession with the British royal family?

53. What’s the profession of Uncle Phil?

54. Who teaches Ashley how to drive?

55. Which character tries to become a professional singer?

56. Who guest stars as the Principal at Bel-Air Academy?

57. Which famous basketball player is featured in an episode as Will’s friend?

58. Who manages to graduate from high school in just three years?

59. What’s the name of Carlton’s dance?

60. Which character is the valedictorian of her high school?

61. Which character fears being sent back to Philadelphia?

62. Which actor guest stars as Hilary’s therapist?

63. Who is the dean at ULA that Will often interacts with?

64. Which celebrity guest stars as a spiritual guide to Will?

65. Who is Uncle Phil’s biggest rival on the show?

66. How many seasons of the show were there?

67. In which year did the series premiere?

68. Which character is known for her extravagant shopping sprees?

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