99 One Tree Hill Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate One Tree Hill trivia challenge! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the beloved TV drama or simply curious about the world of Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Brooke, and their friends, this trivia list will put your knowledge to the test. Dive into these questions and see if you remember the iconic moments, unforgettable characters, and intricate plotlines from the streets of Tree Hill. Ready to reminisce and rediscover the series? Let’s get started!

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1. Who is the creator of ‘One Tree Hill’?

2. Which town is the show set in?

3. How many seasons does ‘One Tree Hill’ have?

4. Who shoots Keith Scott?

5. Who is Nathan Scott’s wife?

6. What is the name of Peyton Sawyer’s biological brother?

7. Who becomes mayor of Tree Hill in season 3?

8. What song does Gavin DeGraw sing for the show’s opening?

9. What’s the name of the cafe where the characters often hang out?

10. Who becomes a famous novelist?

11. Which character has a fashion line named ‘Clothes Over Bros’?

12. Who is Lucas Scott’s best friend?

13. Which character worked as a bartender at Tric?

14. What is the name of Nathan and Haley’s son?

15. Which character gets kidnapped in season 9?

16. What sport does Nathan Scott play?

17. Which artist does Haley James tour with during season 2?

18. Who adopts a baby named Logan?

19. Who does Brooke Davis marry?

20. Which character becomes a motivational speaker?

21. Where do Lucas and Peyton move to at the end of season 6?

22. What profession does Julian Baker have?

23. Who becomes the owner of Tric after Karen sells it?

24. Who was Brooke’s first husband?

25. Which character suffers from a heart condition?

26. Who was Lucas’ first fiancee?

27. What does ‘Mouth’ McFadden’s real name stand for?

28. What event occurs in the school during season 3, which is a major plotline?

29. Which character is a former drug addict?

30. Who hits Jamie with a car but doesn’t stop to help?

31. Which character had a TV show named ‘Unkindness of Ravens’?

32. Who becomes Brooke’s business partner in ‘Clothes Over Bros’?

33. Who is the biological mother of Brooke’s adopted daughter?

34. Which character dreams of becoming a music artist?

35. Who coaches the Tree Hill Ravens after Whitey?

36. Which character worked as a record label executive?

37. What is the name of Nathan’s agent in season 9?

38. Who runs a web show called ‘Mouth and Millie in the Morning’?

39. Who tries to buy Karen’s Cafe but gets turned down?

40. Which character loses their leg in an accident?

41. Who is known for the quote ‘Your art matters’?

42. Which character suffers from depression in the series?

43. What is the name of Brooke and Julian’s twin sons?

44. Who does Nathan rescue from a car crash?

45. What tattoo do Nathan and Haley get?

46. Which character is known to have a drug overdose at Tric?

47. Who is the villainous character in season 9, causing trouble for the main characters?

48. What nickname does Jamie have for his grandfather?

49. Who did Haley first kiss on the show?

50. Which character goes to rehab in season 5?

51. Who does Mouth date in season 5?

52. Which character is pregnant in season 8 but loses her baby?

53. Who does Skills date in the later seasons?

54. Who is known as the ‘clean teens’ leader?

55. Where does Lucas propose to Peyton?

56. Who sets the dealership on fire?

57. Who becomes Lucas’s book editor?

58. Which character has a stalker in season 4?

59. Who gives birth in an elevator during a storm?

60. What do Lucas and Nathan initially have in common?

61. Who does Lucas hire as an assistant coach for the Ravens?

62. What is the name of the strip club where Deb works?

63. Who shoots Quentin Fields?

64. What book does Lucas write?

65. Which character has a webcast called ‘Red Bedroom Records’?

66. Who has a dog named Chester?

67. What is the name of Nathan and Haley’s daughter?

68. Which character briefly becomes a music manager?

69. Who becomes the principal of Tree Hill High?

70. Who does Chris Keller have a crush on?

71. Which character becomes addicted to pain pills?

72. What is the name of Dan’s TV show?

73. Which character gets into a car accident with Cooper?

74. Who dates Julian before Brooke?

75. Who does Mouth start a long-distance relationship with in season 6?

76. Which character’s mother passes away from cancer?

77. Where do Peyton and Lucas first kiss?

78. Who does Brooke punch in the face in season 3?

79. Who is Nathan’s basketball rival at the start of the series?

80. What nickname does Lucas have for Jamie?

81. Who sings at Tric on Peyton’s label?

82. Who buys Karen’s Cafe at the end of the series?

83. Which character runs a shelter for women?

84. Who becomes a sports agent?

85. Which character’s father is a reverend?

86. Where do Nathan and Haley first get married?

87. What’s the name of the club where most of the music events happen?

88. Who is Peyton’s biological mother?

89. Which character is a radio host?

90. Who is known for her red hair in the series?

91. Which character joins the army?

92. Who is Chase Adams’ best friend?

93. What’s the name of the show within the show, based on Lucas’s book?

94. Who dates Alex Dupre?

95. Who serves time in prison?

96. Which character is played by actress Bethany Joy Lenz?

97. Who does Peyton discover is her half-brother?

98. Who opens a bar named ‘Tric’?

99. Which character becomes a famous fashion designer?

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