95 Drake Trivia Questions and Answers

From his early beginnings in Toronto to his reign as one of the most influential artists of the 21st century, Drake has crafted an illustrious career filled with hits, awards, and cultural moments. How well do you know Aubrey Graham, AKA Drake? Test your knowledge with this comprehensive set of Drake trivia questions, spanning his music, personal life, and ventures beyond the microphone. Whether you’re a day-one fan or just diving into his discography, there’s something here for every Drake enthusiast. Ready to challenge yourself? Let’s get started!

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1. What is Drake’s real name?

2. Which Canadian city is Drake originally from?

3. What is the name of Drake’s debut studio album?

4. In which TV show did Drake play the character ‘Jimmy Brooks’?

5. Which NBA team did Drake become the global ambassador for?

6. What is the title of Drake’s mixtape released in 2015?

7. Which Drake song contains the lyrics ‘Kiki, do you love me?’

8. Who collaborated with Drake in the hit ‘Work’?

9. What is the name of Drake’s son?

10. Which major award did Drake win in 2019?

11. What is the name of Drake’s luxury airplane?

12. On which date in October was Drake born?

13. Which UK artist did Drake collaborate with on ‘Wanna Know Remix’?

14. What record label did Drake co-found?

15. What is the meaning of ‘OVO’ in OVO Sound?

16. In which year did Drake release ‘Take Care’ album?

17. Which song from ‘Take Care’ features Rihanna?

18. Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ samples which 1972 song?

19. What is the name of the dance move popularized by ‘Hotline Bling’ video?

20. Who did Drake collaborate with on the song ‘Going Bad’?

21. What tattoo did Drake get after beating The Beatles’ chart record?

22. What is the title of Drake’s fifth studio album?

23. Which female rapper did Drake collaborate with on ‘Make Me Proud’?

24. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, had a career in which field?

25. Which musician co-produced Drake’s ‘Started From the Bottom’?

26. In ‘One Dance’, which artist sings the line ‘I need to know where do you wanna go’?

27. Which Drake song mentions a lot of luxury brands like Chanel and Saint Laurent?

28. Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ broke streaming records on which platform in 2018?

29. Which Caribbean country is frequently mentioned by Drake due to his close ties?

30. What is the title of the short film released by Drake in 2015?

31. Which R&B singer is Drake’s uncle?

32. In which movie did Drake voice a character named Ethan?

33. Which of Drake’s album covers features a baby picture of him?

34. Which rapper was featured in Drake’s ‘Truffle Butter’ alongside Nicki Minaj?

35. Drake was once romantically linked to which famous tennis player?

36. In 2010, which Kanye West song did Drake feature in?

37. Which song of Drake’s has the lyric ‘I was running through the 6 with my woes’?

38. In which city did Drake open his restaurant, Fring’s?

39. What is the name of Drake’s 2017 playlist?

40. Drake’s song ‘5AM in Toronto’ was released in which year?

41. Which British show did Drake buy the rights to?

42. Which artist did Drake sample in his song ‘Chicago Freestyle’?

43. Which of Drake’s tours was named ‘Would You Like A Tour’?

44. Who featured alongside Drake in DJ Khaled’s ‘For Free’?

45. Which drink brand did Drake invest in?

46. In 2016, which song did Drake and Future collaborate on?

47. Which TV game show did Drake appear on in 2011?

48. Which artist collaborated with Drake in ‘Moment 4 Life’?

49. Which of Drake’s songs did Madonna make an appearance in its music video?

50. What’s the name of the club that Drake opened in Houston?

51. Who did Drake sample in ‘Nice for What’?

52. Which song did Drake release in response to Pusha T’s ‘The Story of Adidon’?

53. Which of Drake’s albums features the single ‘Controlla’?

54. Who did Drake collaborate with on the song ‘Look Alive’?

55. Which song of Drake’s mentions Jennifer Lawrence?

56. Drake is of which two descents?

57. Which of Drake’s tours was in support of his ‘Views’ album?

58. What did Drake call his mansion in Toronto?

59. Which song by Jay Z did Drake feature in?

60. Who featured in Drake’s song ‘Tuesday’?

61. In which Drake song does he talk about wearing a Dada Supreme outfit?

62. Which sports brand did Drake sign a deal with in 2013?

63. What is the title of the song in which Drake and Rick Ross talk about meeting at ‘Prime 112’?

64. Which Drake album was released in June 2018?

65. Who did Drake dedicate his ‘Views’ album to?

66. What is the name of the organization Drake founded to help underserved youth?

67. Which pop icon did Drake perform with at Coachella 2015?

68. Which of Drake’s song is based on the fling he had with a woman while on tour?

69. Which of Drake’s albums is represented by an owl symbol?

70. Which song did Drake release on his birthday in 2014?

71. What is the title of Drake’s song that features Jay-Z and Kanye West?

72. Which of Drake’s music videos was inspired by a 1970s Jamaican gangster film?

73. Who did Drake dedicate his ‘2013 MTV Video Music Award’ to?

74. Which song’s music video shows Drake throwing a house party?

75. Who directed the music video for Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’?

76. In 2018, Drake announced a joint tour with which artist?

77. Drake’s ‘Jungle’ short film was produced by which company?

78. Who was the lead female role in Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ music video?

79. Which of Drake’s song was featured in the movie ‘Think Like a Man’?

80. Which album includes the track ‘Marvin’s Room’?

81. In which year did Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ win Best Rap Song at the Grammys?

82. What is the name of the high school that Drake graduated from in 2012?

83. Which of Drake’s songs is known for the viral ‘Do the Shiggy’ dance?

84. Which artist did Drake sample in ‘Passionfruit’?

85. Which of Drake’s albums has the most songs?

86. Which UK rapper did Drake bring out during his 2017 ‘Boy Meets World’ tour?

87. What is the title of the project that features Drake’s song ‘Pain 1993’ with Playboi Carti?

88. Which legendary music artist did Drake surpass in Billboard Hot 100 hits in 2020?

89. What is the title of Drake’s song that samples Lauryn Hill’s ‘Ex-Factor’?

90. Which song by Drake and Future is known for the lyric ‘Diamonds dancing on me, doing the moonwalk’?

91. In which song does Drake mention ‘Sandra’s Rose’?

92. What is the title of the freestyle Drake released in 2018 that addresses various topics?

93. Which of Drake’s songs features Michael Jackson?

94. Which of Drake’s tracks is about his feelings after a night out in Toronto?

95. Which song features Drake and is known for the line ‘AstroWorld’s my planet, my home’?

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