88 SPN Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the world of “Supernatural” – a realm filled with demons, angels, and the legendary Winchester brothers. As you embark on this thrilling trivia journey, prepare to dive deep into the show’s mysteries, characters, and unforgettable moments. With 88 unique questions crafted for fans, this trivia is a treasure trove of supernatural knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter like Sam and Dean or a newcomer to the series, get ready to test your knowledge and relive the adventures of this iconic show. Are you ready to face the unknown? Let the SPN trivia begin!

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1. Who are the two main Winchester brothers?

2. Which actor plays Dean Winchester?

3. Who plays Sam Winchester?

4. What kind of car does Dean drive?

5. Who is the angel that frequently aids the Winchesters?

6. Which demon makes a crossroads deal with Dean?

7. What is the Winchester brothers’ home state?

8. Who is the Winchester brothers’ father?

9. Which character owns the Roadhouse?

10. Which singer’s music is Dean particularly fond of?

11. What is Sam allergic to?

12. Which creature is scared off by iron and salt?

13. What is the name of the demon with yellow eyes?

14. Which archangel is trickster Gabriel?

15. Who saves Sam from the cage in Hell?

16. Which prophet writes the Supernatural books?

17. Who kills the Yellow-Eyed Demon?

18. What fake surname do the brothers often use?

19. What item traps a reaper?

20. Where do Sam and Dean imprison Crowley?

21. What creature is Benny Lafitte?

22. Who trained John Winchester to hunt?

23. Which weapon can kill almost anything?

24. What is Charlie Bradbury’s real name?

25. Who kills Bobby Singer?

26. Which character is a reaper and Dean’s friend?

27. What does the Mark of Cain grant its bearer?

28. Which British actress plays Rowena MacLeod?

29. What kind of monsters are Sam and Dean’s mother killed by?

30. Which season sees Lucifer unleashed on Earth?

31. What is the Winchester’s dog’s name?

32. Which weapon is made of nephilim grace?

33. Who is the King of Hell after Crowley?

34. Which character runs Purgatory?

35. Who is the bartender in the alternate universe?

36. Who is the first blade’s original owner?

37. Who brings Castiel back to life multiple times?

38. In which season is the Apocalypse supposed to occur?

39. Which character was formerly a Man of Letters?

40. What do the Men of Letters collect?

41. Which angel tries to release the Leviathans?

42. Which season introduces the Men of Letters?

43. Who becomes a werewolf in the series?

44. Which character is a psychic?

45. Who is Kevin Tran’s angel protector?

46. Who becomes a vessel for Lucifer?

47. Which season sees the introduction of Jack?

48. Who resurrects Mary Winchester?

49. Which demon is a black-eyed demon?

50. What powers does Jack inherit from his father?

51. Which season sees the British Men of Letters’ introduction?

52. Who is Claire Novak’s mother?

53. Who is Garth’s werewolf wife?

54. Which angel kills Balthazar?

55. Which character can communicate with ghosts?

56. What is the name of the fairy who is fond of Dean?

57. What object can be used to summon Death?

58. Which character kills Abaddon?

59. Who kills Lucifer’s son Jack?

60. Who adopts the alias of ‘Alex’?

61. Which character is known as the Sheriff of Sioux Falls?

62. Which character is a Knight of Hell?

63. Who was the demon who initially trains Meg?

64. What is the real name of the Trickster?

65. Who becomes a vampire and is later cured by Dean?

66. Which angel possesses Jimmy Novak?

67. Who is the werewolf who turns Kate?

68. Which character marries Sam in an alternate reality?

69. Who sacrifices herself to create bullets to kill Dick Roman?

70. What creature is Tessa?

71. Who is the Alpha Vampire’s progeny?

72. Who is the Seraphim who helps the Winchesters?

73. Which character loses her soul and becomes a hunter?

74. Who is the ‘Man of Letters’ who helps Sam and Dean?

75. What kind of angel is Castiel?

76. What creature can be killed by decapitation?

77. Who is the demon who possesses Ruby?

78. Who helps Dean escape from Purgatory?

79. What is the name of Dean’s vampire friend?

80. Who sacrifices herself to save her friends in Season 10?

81. Who is the first Prince of Hell?

82. Which angel loses his grace and becomes human?

83. What does the Mark of Cain originally protect?

84. Who is the vampire who helps Sam find Dean?

85. Who is the leader of the British Men of Letters?

86. What is the alternate name for the Jefferson Starships?

87. What kind of creature is Crowley before becoming a demon?

88. Who is the Queen of the Crossroads?

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