97 Buffy Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Buffy trivia challenge! If you’re a die-hard fan of the Vampire Slayer, her gang, and the dark, supernatural underbelly of Sunnydale, you’ve come to the right place. These collection of 97 questions will test your knowledge on everything from pivotal plot points to quirky character details. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a seasoned Buffy expert, there’s something here for everyone. So grab your stakes and get ready to dive deep into the Buffyverse. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to conquer this challenge!

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1. Who is the main character of the show?

2. Who created ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’?

3. Which town is the setting of the series?

4. What is the name of the school Buffy attends in the first seasons?

5. Who was Buffy’s first Watcher?

6. Which character is known as Buffy’s best friend?

7. Who was the computer science teacher in the early seasons?

8. What is the name of the nightclub that the characters frequent?

9. Who did Buffy first date?

10. Which character is a British Watcher?

11. What supernatural entity does Willow become?

12. Which character is turned into a rat in one episode?

13. Who is the werewolf in the group?

14. Which character is known for his sarcastic wit?

15. Who is Buffy’s sister?

16. Which demon did Anya used to be?

17. What was Spike’s human name?

18. What object is placed in a vampire to make them ‘dust’?

19. Who sang ‘Rest in Peace’ in the musical episode?

20. Who dies but is then resurrected in the series?

21. Which character became the first potential slayer?

22. Who runs the Magic Box shop?

23. What does the Initiative do?

24. What is the name of the demon that helps Buffy in season 7?

25. Who betrays Buffy in season 6?

26. What do Buffy and her friends call themselves?

27. Which character is a former vengeance demon?

28. What is the underground group of vampires called in season 7?

29. What is Buffy’s last name?

30. Which character gets their own spin-off show?

31. Who is the librarian at Sunnydale High?

32. What is the main supernatural hotspot in Sunnydale called?

33. Which villain has a God complex in season 5?

34. Who was Buffy’s college roommate?

35. Which character starts as a nerd and ends up a big bad?

36. Who replaces Giles as the Watcher?

37. Which character was raised by a robot mother?

38. What is the name of the demon bar in Sunnydale?

39. Who is the head of the Watchers’ Council?

40. Which character dies in the episode ‘The Body’?

41. Who is Xander’s demonic ex-fiancée?

42. What type of demon is Lorne in the spin-off ‘Angel’?

43. Which season features the ‘Trio’ as villains?

44. What is Drusilla’s relation to Spike?

45. Which character works at the Doublemeat Palace?

46. What is the vampire slayer’s birthright tool?

47. Who is Willow’s girlfriend after Tara?

48. What is Faith’s last name?

49. Who impersonates Buffy in the episode ‘Intervention’?

50. Which character says the line, ‘Bored now’?

51. Who becomes a high school principal in the last season?

52. Who was Riley Finn’s wife?

53. Which character is known as ‘The Cheese Man’ in Buffy’s dream?

54. Who is the mayor of Sunnydale in season 3?

55. Which character is a rogue slayer?

56. What is the name of Spike’s signature leather coat?

57. Which character temporarily loses her voice in ‘Hush’?

58. Who gives Buffy the ‘Class Protector’ award?

59. What is the name of the demon loan shark?

60. Which character can read minds after being cursed?

61. Who is known as ‘The Key’?

62. What is the name of the vampire who is obsessed with Buffy?

63. Which character is in a band named ‘Dingoes Ate My Baby’?

64. What is the name of Anya’s rabbit phobia?

65. Who is the leader of the ‘Bringers’?

66. Who guides Willow in her use of dark magic?

67. Which character is a ghost in the episode ‘Conversations with Dead People’?

68. Which character loses an eye?

69. What is the name of Willow’s computer demon?

70. Who is the military officer in season 4?

71. Who became the first slayer to share her power?

72. What is Giles’ main function to Buffy?

73. Which character is killed by Glory’s minions?

74. Who takes over as Watcher for Faith?

75. Who directed the musical episode ‘Once More, with Feeling’?

76. What did the Gentlemen steal in ‘Hush’?

77. Which character had the alias ‘Anne’?

78. Who attempts to resurrect Buffy in season 6?

79. Which character often dreams about the future?

80. What is Spike’s relationship with Drusilla?

81. Who did Tara meet at a Wicca group?

82. What demon does Buffy first encounter in the series?

83. Who warns Buffy of the ‘Harvest’?

84. Which vampire is accidentally sired by Buffy?

85. What supernatural event occurs in ‘The Zeppo’?

86. Who is the first major villain in the series?

87. Who was Buffy’s roommate in season 4?

88. Which character becomes a social worker?

89. Who was Xander’s date to the prom?

90. Which vampire kills Kendra?

91. Who is the werewolf hunter in ‘Phases’?

92. Which character is the first to encounter a Turok-Han?

93. What does Angel lose in order to save Buffy?

94. What is the significant locale in Sunnydale where many battles take place?

95. Which character is from England?

96. Who attempts to bring Buffy to the dark side?

97. What kind of creature is Olaf?

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