93 Ariana Grande Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you an Arianator or simply fascinated by the meteoric rise of this pop sensation? Then dive deep into our handpicked Ariana Grande trivia questions. From her early days on Nickelodeon to her chart-topping hits, these questions are sure to challenge both casual listeners and die-hard fans alike. Test your knowledge, learn something new, and immerse yourself in the melodies and moments that have made Ariana Grande a global icon. Let the trivia fun begin!

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1. What Nickelodeon show was Ariana’s first major acting role?

2. Which character did Ariana play in ‘Victorious’?

3. Which single earned Ariana her first number one on the Billboard Hot 100?

4. Who collaborated with Ariana on the hit ‘Problem’?

5. Which album of Ariana’s has a track titled ‘NASA’?

6. Ariana was named after a character from which animated film?

7. Which year did Ariana release her debut album?

8. What is the title of Ariana’s debut album?

9. In what Broadway musical did Ariana make her debut?

10. What is Ariana’s brother’s name?

11. Which Ariana Grande song features Zedd?

12. What fragrance did Ariana launch in 2015?

13. Which artist collaborated with Ariana on the song ‘Love Me Harder’?

14. Who directed the music video for ‘Thank U, Next’?

15. Which Ariana song features a sample from ‘The Sound of Music’?

16. Ariana has a tattoo of which planet?

17. Which city was Ariana born in?

18. Who collaborated with Ariana on the song ‘Side to Side’?

19. In 2020, Ariana collaborated with Lady Gaga on which song?

20. What is the name of Ariana’s character in ‘Sam & Cat’?

21. Which album contains the track ‘Dangerous Woman’?

22. In which year did Ariana win her first Grammy Award?

23. For which album did Ariana win her first Grammy?

24. What is Ariana’s signature hairstyle?

25. Which of her songs did Ariana describe as a ‘friendship anthem’?

26. Which artist did Ariana sample in her song ‘The Way’?

27. Ariana’s song ‘Into You’ was from which album?

28. What is Ariana’s mother’s name?

29. Ariana made a cameo in which 2016 movie?

30. Who produced Ariana’s album ‘Sweetener’?

31. Which instrument did Ariana learn to play as a child?

32. What is Ariana’s zodiac sign?

33. Which 2019 song features Ariana, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey?

34. What is Ariana’s favorite color?

35. In which animated movie did Ariana voice the character ‘Laura’?

36. Ariana was the host and musical guest of which show in 2016?

37. Which song has the lyric ‘Switchin’ the positions for you’?

38. Who did Ariana duet with for the song ‘Almost Is Never Enough’?

39. Which of Ariana’s albums is a tribute to 60s soul and R&B?

40. Ariana performed at which benefit concert in 2017?

41. Which Ariana song features a rapper named Big Sean?

42. Ariana’s dog Toulouse appeared in which of her music videos?

43. What is the name of Ariana’s 2020 live album?

44. Which artist did Ariana cover for the title track of ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

45. Who co-wrote Ariana’s song ‘Thank U, Next’?

46. Ariana’s ‘Imagine’ discusses which type of love?

47. Who is Ariana’s ‘God Is A Woman’ directed towards?

48. What is the title of Ariana’s second studio album?

49. Ariana had a guest role in which TV series in 2015?

50. What is the name of Ariana’s character in ‘Scream Queens’?

51. Who directed Ariana’s ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ music video?

52. Ariana’s song ‘Needy’ is from which album?

53. Which rapper collaborated with Ariana on ‘Rule the World’?

54. What does Ariana call her fans?

55. Ariana’s ‘R.E.M’ was originally a song by which artist?

56. How many octaves does Ariana’s vocal range span?

57. Which 2019 Coachella artist did Ariana bring out as a surprise guest?

58. Who did Ariana cover in her ‘BBC Live Lounge’ performance in 2018?

59. Ariana’s ’34+35′ remix features which two artists?

60. What is the name of Ariana’s childhood friend who frequently collaborates with her?

61. Ariana’s ‘Boyfriend’ song features which duo?

62. What is the title of Ariana’s 2021 Netflix documentary?

63. Which iconic pop star did Ariana impersonate on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

64. Who did Ariana collaborate with on ‘Stuck With U’ for a charity single?

65. Which song from ‘Sweetener’ is about Ariana’s anxiety?

66. In which TV show did Ariana guest star as ‘Amanda Benson’?

67. Ariana’s ‘Monopoly’ song is a collaboration with which artist?

68. Which of Ariana’s albums has a song named ‘Pete Davidson’?

69. Who was the main producer of Ariana’s ‘Positions’ album?

70. Ariana’s ‘Leave Me Lonely’ features which legendary artist?

71. Which TV show did Ariana compete in at the age of 8?

72. Ariana’s ‘Santa Tell Me’ was released in which year?

73. In the ‘Thank U, Next’ video, which film does Ariana recreate the scene of writing in a burn book?

74. Ariana provided vocals for which Calvin Harris song?

75. Ariana’s ‘Ghostin’ is said to be about which two ex-boyfriends?

76. Ariana’s ‘Everyday’ song features which rapper?

77. In ‘Victorious’, Cat’s brother was known for what characteristic?

78. In which year did Ariana host the MTV Movie Awards?

79. Ariana’s ‘Break Your Heart Right Back’ samples which classic song?

80. Which artist painted the portrait of Ariana for her ‘Sweetener’ album cover?

81. Ariana and John Legend performed the title track for which 2017 movie?

82. Which of Ariana’s music videos was inspired by the movie ‘Inception’?

83. Who was Ariana’s duet partner on ‘Over And Over Again’?

84. Ariana covered which Whitney Houston song during her Honeymoon Tour?

85. Ariana’s song ‘Tattooed Heart’ is inspired by which era?

86. Which actor played Ariana’s love interest in the ‘Into You’ music video?

87. Ariana’s song ‘Motivate’ samples which ’90s hit?

88. Ariana won which award at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards?

89. Ariana’s ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ samples which Motown hit?

90. Which artist did Ariana bring out during her Coachella 2019 set besides NSYNC?

91. Which comedian did Ariana get engaged to in 2018?

92. Ariana’s song ‘Better Off’ is about what topic?

93. Which 2020 award did Ariana win at the MTV Video Music Awards?

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