Kwanzaa Trivia Questions And Answers (2022)

Kwanzaa is a beautiful celebration of African culture and history. We’ve put together the ultimate Kwanzaa trivia questions and answers.

There is so much to learn about this fascinating holiday. Our Kwanzaa trivia questions and answers will teach you a lot of history and facts.

It can be a good way to teach your family, friends, or students about the celebration. So are you ready for some fun Kwanzaa trivia? Then in honor of the 46th anniversary of this holiday, here’s a list of 46 Kwanzaa trivia questions and answers.

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Kwanzaa Trivia Questions And Answers

1. What language is the word “Kwanzaa”?

2. In which U.S. state was Kwanzaa first celebrated?

3. How many days does the Kwanzaa celebration last?

4. What is the name of the 2012 documentary about Kwanzaa?

5. Who narrated this documentary about Kwanzaa?

6. The word “Kwanzaa” means what?

7. Which three colors are referred to as “the colors of Kwanzaa”?

8. Which color represents the rich lands of Africa and symbolizes abundance for the future?

9. Which color represents the unity of African people?

10. Which color represents the struggles of African ancestors?

11. What date does Kwanzaa begin each year?

12. What is the date that Kwanzaa ends each year?

13. Kwanzaa was established as a holiday in what year?

14. Which type of food is considered a symbol of Kwanzaa?

15. Each day of the Kwanzaa celebration is dedicated to one of what?

16. What holiday was Kwanzaa intended to be an alternative to?

17. Who is credited with creating the celebration of Kwanzaa?

18. Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday. What type of holiday is it?

19. What Black nationalist organization did Dr. Maulanga Karenga establish?

20. Who is the famous talk show host and actress who celebrates Kwanzaa?

21. What is the phrase used to greet someone properly during Kwanzaa?

22. What is the name of the candelabra used during Kwanzaa celebrations?

23. How many branches does the candelabra used during Kwanzaa have?

24. The candelabra holds candles in all three colors of Kwanzaa. Which color is there only one candle of?

25. In what year did the U.S. Postal Service issue the first Kwanzaa postage stamp?

26. How many Kwanzaa postage stamps were produced during its first year?

27. Who is the self-taught artist who designed the first ever Kwanzaa stamp?

28. What was Dr. Maulana Karenga’s intention when creating Kwanzaa?

29. Which U.S. President was the first to make a declaration about the celebration of Kwanzaa?

30. What time of day do you light the candles on the Kinara?

31. Dr. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in response to what?

32. The U.S. Organization was considered a rival to which other black nationalist group?

33. What is the name of the cup that is a symbol of Kwanzaa and is used on the 7th day of the celebration?

34. Which U.S. city hosts the “Spirit of Kwanzaa” festival each year?

35. What is the phrase for the seven principles in Swahili?

36. What percentage of Americans celebrate Kwanzaa?

37. What is the colorful traditional African shirt that men will typically wear during Kwanzaa?

38. What is the name of the colorful shawl typically worn by women during Kwanzaa?

39. Drinking from the unity cup is a way to honor who?

40. What is the Swahili word for “unity”?

41. What is the name of the Zulu first fruits festival that inspired Kwanzaa?

42. In what country is Kwanzaa primarily celebrated?

43. Collard greens are one of the dishes commonly eaten during Kwanzaa. What does it symbolize?

44. Dr. Maulana Karenga was born under a different name. What is the name he was given at birth?

45. In what year was the first Kwanzaa Hallmark card sold?

46. What is the Swahili word which means “Let’s pull together” and is often used during Kwanzaa?

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