73 Spongebob Trivia Questions And Answers

SpongeBob SquarePants has entertained children and adults on television for over 20 years. Test your knowledge of the show with these Spongebob trivia questions and answers.

There’s no doubt that Mr. Squarepants has been one of the most popular kids’ tv characters of all time. He’s taught people it’s okay to be weird and different and have a good attitude in life. Our Spongebob trivia questions will cover facts like the names of certain characters and other interesting things you might remember from the show.

Are you ready to quiz yourself on the individual who lives in a pineapple under the sea? For all the fans of this show, here are 40 fun Spongebob trivia questions.

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Spongebob Trivia Questions And Answers

1. Who is the actor who voices SpongeBob?

2. What is the name of the restaurant that SpongeBob works at?

3. What is SpongeBob’s job in the restaurant?

4. What color are SpongeBob’s eyes?

5. What is the phrase that SpongeBob often says in the show?

6. Stephen Hillenburg got his inspiration for the show when he was working as a what?

7. What is Mr. Krabs’ first name?

8. What is the name of the most popular menu item at the Krusty Krab?

9. What is the name of the character who is the only land animal in Bikini Bottom?

10. What musical instrument does Squidward play?

11. What species of fish is SpongeBob’s driving instructor?

12. What is Plankton always trying to steal from the Krusty Krab?

13. What is the name of Plankton’s restaurant that is across the street from the Krusty Krab?

14. What is the name and marine species of Mr. Krabs’ daughter?

15. What is the name of the character that Squidward makes up to scare SpongeBob in the episode “Graveyard Shift”?

16. In the episode “Big Pink Loser,” what does Patrick end up getting an award for?

17. What is the name of Squidward’s arch nemesis?

18. What is Plankton’s first name?

19. What street does SpongeBob live on?

20. Who is everyone’s favorite superhero in Bikini Bottom?

21. What is the name of the legendary ghost who is a regular character on the show?

22. What is the name of the evil drawing that comes to life after being drawn by a magic pencil?

23. What is SpongeBob and Patrick’s favorite hobby?

24. What is the name of SpongeBob’s favorite amusement park?

25. What was the Krusty Krab before Mr. Krabs turned it into a restaurant?

26. What does Sandy say when she greets people?

27. What form of martial arts do Sandy and SpongeBob perform together?

28. What is the name of Plankton’s supercomputer wife?

29. What did SpongeBob call the colorful Krabby Patties that he invented and made everyone sick with?

30. What are SpongeBob’s two worst fears?

31. What is the name of the purple shell that SpongeBob and Patrick asked questions to?

32. What U.S. state is Sandy from?

33. What is the name of the mermaid king in SpongeBob SquarePants?

34. In the episode “Ripped Pants” what nickname does SpongeBob use for Larry the lobster?

35. What is the name of the sea cucumber who is the leader of the Jellyspotters?

36. Where does SpongeBob SquarePants live?

37. What is SpongeBob’s pet snail’s name?

38. What is the name of SpongeBob’s boating teacher?

39. Who is SpongeBob’s best friend?

40. What does SpongeBob love to do more than anything else?

41. Who is the cheapest crab in Bikini Bottom?

42. What is the name of Plankton’s computer wife?

43. Who is Pearl’s father in the show?

44. What does Sandy Cheeks live in?

45. Who voices SpongeBob SquarePants?

46. What is the name of the town where SpongeBob lives?

47. What is the Krusty Krab originally?

48. What is the name of the artist who sings the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song?

49. What is the name of Patrick Star’s older sister?

50. What is SpongeBob’s full name?

51. Which character always says, “My leg!” in various episodes?

52. What are the names of Mr. Krabs’ pirate ancestors?

53. What is the episode in which SpongeBob and Patrick sell chocolate bars?

54. What is the name of the place where Mr. Krabs and Plankton originally found the secret recipe?

55. Who is the main character of the “SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” who is not from the original TV show?

56. What is the name of Squidward’s snail?

57. Who won the Fry Cook Games in the episode with the same name?

58. What is the name of the health inspector in the episode “Nasty Patty”?

59. What is SpongeBob’s mother’s name?

60. Who are the members of the band that Squidward is desperate to join?

61. What is the name of the prison where Mrs. Puff ends up every time SpongeBob fails his driving test?

62. In what year was the first episode of SpongeBob SquarePants aired?

63. Who is the jolly, green, and ghostly character that only appears during Christmas?

64. In the episode “F.U.N.”, what does F.U.N. stand for according to SpongeBob?

65. What is the name of the superhero Patrick becomes in the episode “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V”?

66. How many spots does SpongeBob have?

67. What’s the name of the resort where SpongeBob and Patrick go to deliver pizza in “Pizza Delivery”?

68. Who is the president of the SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club?

69. What is the name of the episode where SpongeBob’s pineapple house is eaten by nematodes?

70. In the episode “Ripped Pants”, what song does SpongeBob sing at the talent show?

71. What type of creature is Gary?

72. Who is the judge in the episode “Krabs vs. Plankton”?

73. What is the color of Patrick Star’s pants?

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