101 Sesame Street Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the Sesame Street Trivia Challenge! This is your ultimate test on everything related to the delightful and educational world of Sesame Street. Are you a die-hard fan of Elmo’s World or do you know the number of cookies devoured by Cookie Monster? Since its debut in 1969, Sesame Street has been capturing the hearts of children and adults alike with its blend of entertainment, education, and inclusivity. So, it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane to answer some questions about our beloved characters, unforgettable moments, and the amazing talent behind this long-standing show. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a devoted fan, this trivia post will surely make you smile and remember why we all love Sesame Street. Let’s get started!

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1. What year was Sesame Street first broadcasted?

2. Who created Sesame Street?

3. Who is the puppeteer behind Big Bird?

4. What was the original purpose of Sesame Street?

5. In what city is Sesame Street set?

6. What is the name of Elmo’s goldfish?

7. Which Muppet lives in a garbage can?

8. What is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear?

9. Who are Bert and Ernie named after?

10. Who is the longest-serving human character on Sesame Street?

11. What character is known for their love of cookies?

12. What is Count von Count’s favorite activity?

13. What is the color of Elmo’s fur?

14. What instrument does Hoots the Owl play?

15. What is Snuffy’s full name?

16. What color is Grover?

17. What language does Rosita speak?

18. Who is Big Bird’s best friend?

19. What is the name of Oscar the Grouch’s pet worm?

20. What is Abby Cadabby’s magical object?

21. What is Telly Monster’s favorite shape?

22. Who runs the Fix-It Shop?

23. What pet does Bert have?

24. Who is the fairy school teacher?

25. What kind of animal is Mr. Snuffleupagus?

26. What does Super Grover wear on his head?

27. Who performs the voice of Elmo?

28. Who is the shopkeeper at Hooper’s Store?

29. Which character is always carrying around a rubber ducky?

30. Who is Cookie Monster’s best friend?

31. What is Zoe’s favorite toy?

32. Who is Elmo’s best friend?

33. What is the color of Oscar the Grouch?

34. What is the color of Abby Cadabby’s hair?

35. Which character on Sesame Street is a fairy-in-training?

36. Who is the baker at Hooper’s Store?

37. What does The Count love to count?

38. Who provides the voice of Oscar the Grouch?

39. What color is Big Bird?

40. Who are the Two-Headed Monster’s puppeteers?

41. Who are the Martians, also known as?

42. Who is the dance teacher on Sesame Street?

43. Who is known for his love of trash?

44. What color is Telly Monster?

45. Who operates the Sesame Street News Flash?

46. What is the color of Ernie’s skin?

47. What color is Bert’s skin?

48. What is Rosita’s full name?

49. What is Elmo’s favorite food?

50. What species is Bert?

51. What species is Ernie?

52. What color is Cookie Monster?

53. What was the name of the first episode of Sesame Street?

54. Who was the first human character to appear on Sesame Street?

55. Who played the character of Gordon?

56. Who is the head writer of Sesame Street?

57. What is the name of Big Bird’s nest maid?

58. What are Bert’s favorite hobbies?

59. What instrument does Bert play?

60. Who are the inhabitants of Sesame Street?

61. Who visits Sesame Street from the moon?

62. What is the name of the music teacher on Sesame Street?

63. Who lives in the castle on Sesame Street?

64. What is Oscar the Grouch’s nationality?

65. Which Sesame Street character has a lamb named Ovejita?

66. What is the name of Bert and Ernie’s pigeon?

67. What is the name of the game show hosted by Guy Smiley?

68. Who is Cookie Monster’s mom?

69. What is the name of Abby Cadabby’s mom?

70. Who is Snuffy’s little sister?

71. What is the name of the theater in Sesame Street?

72. What is the name of the alien who visits Sesame Street?

73. What is the color of Zoe’s skin?

74. Who is the Muppet vampire who loves counting?

75. What is the name of Big Bird’s camp counselor?

76. What are Ernie’s favorite bedtime stories?

77. Who is the author of ‘The Monster at the End of This Book’?

78. What does Ernie often lose in various sketches?

79. What kind of pet does Elmo have?

80. Who is Ernie’s roommate?

81. What is the name of Oscar’s elephant?

82. What is the species of Big Bird?

83. Who is the Muppet who refers to himself in the third person?

84. Who are the two female Muppets who share a room?

85. What instrument does Bert love to play?

86. Who is known for saying ‘Wubba Wubba Wubba’?

87. Who is the best friend of Big Bird?

88. What does Grover work as besides being a superhero?

89. What is the name of Ernie’s bath toy?

90. Who is known for saying ‘Me want cookie!’?

91. Who is the Muppet known for his grumpiness?

92. Who is the owner of Hooper’s Store after Mr. Hooper?

93. Who is Big Bird’s cousin?

94. Who is the archeologist on Sesame Street?

95. What is Ernie’s most famous song?

96. What is the name of Grover’s mom?

97. What is the name of the song Oscar the Grouch often sings?

98. What is Bert’s pet’s name?

99. Who is the Muppet that often visits fairy tale characters?

100. Who is the green, grouchy character on Sesame Street?

101. What does Ernie use to bother Bert?

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