95 New Girl Trivia Questions and Answers

Hello ‘New Girl’ fans! If you’ve found your way to this page, chances are you’re as smitten with Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece as we are. This quirky quintet has not only charmed us but also given us a lot of laughs over the years. Now, it’s time to test your knowledge about our beloved loft-mates and their endearing universe. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, this trivia will challenge you, make you smile, and possibly even inspire a re-watch of your favorite episodes. So, without further ado, let’s see how well you know the ‘New Girl’ universe with these 95 New Girl trivia questions. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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1. Who created the sitcom ‘New Girl’?

2. What year did ‘New Girl’ first air on television?

3. Who plays the character Jessica Day in ‘New Girl’?

4. What is the name of the bar where the characters often hang out?

5. Which character moves into the loft after Coach leaves in season one?

6. Who plays Winston Bishop in ‘New Girl’?

7. What breed is Ferguson, Winston’s cat?

8. What is the real name of ‘True American’, the game invented by the ‘New Girl’ characters?

9. Who is Nick’s celebrity crush?

10. Who is Cece’s first husband?

11. What is Schmidt’s first name?

12. What’s the name of the book Nick writes?

13. What’s the name of the school where Jess works?

14. What is the name of Schmidt’s college girlfriend?

15. What is Jess’s job?

16. What is the name of Schmidt and Cece’s daughter?

17. What is the name of Nick’s best-selling zombie novel?

18. Who does Jess date in season two?

19. What instrument does Winston play?

20. Who is Jess’s roommate that is a bartender?

21. What is the full name of Jess’s best friend, Cece?

22. Who plays Cece in ‘New Girl’?

23. What career does Cece pursue after quitting modeling?

24. What is the name of Jess’s ex-boyfriend who cheats on her?

25. Who is Schmidt’s first roommate in the loft?

26. What is the profession of Jess’s boyfriend, Russell?

27. Who plays the role of Nick in ‘New Girl’?

28. Who is the principal of the school where Jess works?

29. What are Schmidt’s parents’ names?

30. What is Winston’s prankster alter ego’s name?

31. What is the name of Nick’s ex-girlfriend who returns in season two?

32. Who is the actress that plays Abby Day, Jess’s sister?

33. In which season does Jess and Nick’s first kiss happen?

34. What are Schmidt’s favorite things?

35. What is the name of the ‘no-nonsense’ building manager of the loft?

36. Who plays the role of Coach in ‘New Girl’?

37. Which city is ‘New Girl’ set in?

38. Which actress played Nick’s ‘old lady’ girlfriend in season one?

39. Who is the last character to find out about Cece’s crush on Schmidt?

40. Which character returns to the loft in season 3 after having left in season 1?

41. Who was Jess’s boyfriend who was a pediatrician?

42. What does Nick think he is good at but he’s really not?

43. What’s the name of Jess’s favorite student?

44. Who is the actor that plays the character Robbie?

45. What is the color of the ‘douchebag jar’ where Schmidt has to put money?

46. Which actress plays Nick’s girlfriend Reagan in season 5?

47. What’s the name of the ‘honorary loft mate’ in the loft?

48. What is Schmidt’s job?

49. What is the name of the Thanksgiving event hosted by the loft members?

50. Who was Jess’s roommate before she moved into the loft?

51. What is the make of Schmidt’s SUV?

52. What is Schmidt’s big fear?

53. What kind of doctor is Sadie?

54. Who is the landlord of the loft?

55. In what occupation did we first see Nick’s father?

56. What does Winston claim is his game?

57. Who is Schmidt’s office rival?

58. Who has a medical degree from Belize?

59. What name did Schmidt and Nick originally want to name their bar?

60. What is the first name of Winston’s partner at the LAPD?

61. What is Coach’s real name?

62. What is the name of the character who believes he is Nick fromthe future?

63. What was Cece’s profession before she became a bartender?

64. Who is the last person Jess dates before getting back together with Nick?

65. What is the name of the annoying neighbor who lives above the loft?

66. Who was Schmidt’s college girlfriend?

67. What is Winston’s job before he becomes a cop?

68. What is Schmidt’s favorite food?

69. What’s the name of the actor who plays Winston’s partner, Aly?

70. What is the name of Schmidt and Cece’s house?

71. Who is Cece’s roommate after she leaves the loft?

72. Who says the quote ‘I’m not convinced I know how to read, I’ve just memorized a lot of words?’

73. What’s the name of Jess’s dad?

74. What type of vehicle does Nick drive?

75. What is the name of Nick’s old law school friend who tries to convince him to invest in his swuit idea?

76. Who is the character that Megan Fox plays in ‘New Girl’?

77. Who is the youngest character in the loft?

78. What is the final word spoken in the series finale of ‘New Girl’?

79. What’s the name of the character that Dermot Mulroney plays?

80. Who officiated Schmidt and Cece’s wedding?

81. Who is Nick’s cousin who tries to sell him air conditioners?

82. Which character has a complicated relationship with their father?

83. What does Jess dress up as to surprise Nick in ‘Cooler’?

84. What’s the name of the guy who always hangs out at the bar but isn’t a main character?

85. What color are the walls of Jess’s room?

86. Who has a heart condition in the show?

87. What’s the name of Schmidt’s assistant?

88. Which main character gets a job in New Orleans?

89. Who are the two main characters that get married in the final season?

90. What’s the name of the famous ‘New Girl’ Thanksgiving episode in Season 1?

91. Who is the main character who is a bartender for most of the series?

92. What is the profession of Jess’s long-term boyfriend Sam?

93. Who is the character who loves pranks?

94. What job does Nick get after being a bartender?

95. What is Schmidt’s signature dish?

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