110 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions And Answers

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running shows of all time. If you’re a fan of the show, this list of 110 Grey’s Anatomy trivia questions and answers will be a lot of fun.

Find out interesting things like which famous actor was considered for the part of Derek Shepherd. Learn about the actress who was actually pregnant while on the show.

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With no further delay, enjoy these 110 Grey’s Anatomy trivia questions and answers.

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1. What was the title of Grey’s Anatomy originally intended to be?

2. Who is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy?

3. The plot of Grey’s Anatomy was based on stories from what?

4. In which U.S. city is Grey’s Anatomy set in?

5. The characters Meredith, Cristina, Arizona, Mark, and Derek are known as what?

6. To keep the plot a secret, what was changed on the script during auditions?

7. Which actor was considered for the role of Derek Shepherd but passed on it?

8. In what year did Grey’s Anatomy first air?

9. How many characters in Grey’s Anatomy have been in every single episode of the show?

10. Which actress was pregnant in real life at the same time that her Grey’s Anatomy character was?

11. Patrick Dempsey auditioned for a role on another medical drama series before being cast in Grey’s Anatomy. What was the other show?

12. What is commonly used in place of blood on the sets of Grey’s Anatomy?

13. The character Dr. Bailey is based on who?

14. Which character is the first to refer to Derek Shepherd as “McDreamy” in the second episode?

15. The organs from what animal were used during scenes involving surgery?

16. The title is based on the book “Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body.” Who is the author of that book?

17. “It’s the End of the World” is the most watched Grey’s Anatomy episode. How many views did it have?

18. What is the most current name of the hospital in which the show is set?

19. The title of each episode is also the title of what else?

20. How many of the original characters are still on the show?

21. Which actress was released from her contract during the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy?

22. Who was the first person to call Mark Sloan “McSteamy”?

23. George O’Malley is given the nickname “007” by which other character?

24. Which character was a model before becoming a surgical resident at the hospital?

25. Before Ben Warren went into General Surgery, he was a specialist in what?

26. What university did Cristina go to?

27. Who coaches the hospital softball team?

28. In season two, a man is admitted to the hospital, and they discover what in his stomach?

29. Which two characters had to perform surgery on a patient in an elevator?

30. Which character had to have their leg amputated after a plane crash?

31. In what season does Denny Duquette die?

32. How many people were shot during the hospital shooting in the sixth season?

33. Which character leaves the hospital and becomes a fireman?

34. Which character was stabbed by a falling icicle?

35. What is the name of the surgery that involved six kidney transplants?

36. At what age did Maggie Pierce finish medical school?

37. What was the name of the hospital at the beginning of the show?

38. Which character grew up on a farm?

39. Who was the officiant at Arizona and Callie’s wedding?

40. How many half-sisters does Meredith have in the show?

41. Which character died from drowning but was brought back to life?

42. Which character discovered he had an arrhythmia after being stabbed with an Epi-pen?

43. What is the name of Meredith’s mother in the show?

44. In which U.S. state does Meredith do her research on Parkinson’s?

45. Cristina left the Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, taking a job at a hospital where?

46. Owen calls which two characters “the twisted sisters”?

47. Which characters married each other in Las Vegas?

48. Which character became addicted to morphine? 

49. In which season does Meredith get attacked by a patient?

50. Which two characters were Meredith’s first roommates?

51. What caused the death of Lexie Grey?

52. What is the ER referred to as throughout the show?

53. Which character quit surgery after developing PTSD from the hospital shooting?

54. Meredith donates which organ to her father?

55. Which character gets fired after the Mercy West merger?

56. Which character escaped the hospital shooting by claiming to be a nurse?

57. After her amputation following a plane crash, Arizona develops what syndrome?

58. What was the name of Derek’s first wife?

59. Which character suggested renaming the hospital after the plane crash?

60. Which hospital was Derek taken to after his car crash?

61. What department did the characters spend time in when they needed some peace and quiet?

62. What disease did Ellis Grey suffer from?

63. Where did Meredith spread her mother’s ashes?

64. Which character drops a kidney on the floor during the Domino transplant?

65. What kind of cancer did Izzie have?

66. Who was the first to be shot during the hospital shooting?

67. Which actress rejected her Emmy nomination for the portrayal of her character on the show?

68. What did the doctors at Dillard not do that resulted in Derek’s death?

69. Which character is a surgical nurse in real-life?

70. What disease did the show help to raise awareness of?

71. What is Meredith Grey’s mother’s name?

72. Who plays Derek Shepherd in the series?

73. What is the medical condition that Richard Webber suffers from?

74. In what season did Izzie Stevens leave the show?

75. Who plays Meredith Grey in the series?

76. Which character becomes the Chief of Surgery after Dr. Richard Webber?

77. Who did Meredith Grey first have a romantic relationship with, outside of Derek Shepherd?

78. What is Cristina Yang’s specialty?

79. Who plays Cristina Yang in the series?

80. Who does Cristina Yang marry?

81. Who becomes Meredith’s half-sister in the series?

82. What does Meredith post-it note to Derek symbolize?

83. What is the cause of George O’Malley’s death?

84. What type of animal does Derek Shepherd compare a spinal cord to in Season 1?

85. Who shot Derek Shepherd in the Season 6 finale?

86. What field does Arizona Robbins specialize in?

87. Which of Meredith’s children is biologically her and Derek’s?

88. Who plays Callie Torres?

89. Who does Alex Karev end up marrying?

90. Who was the first main character to leave the show?

91. What is the Harper Avery Award?

92. Which character was in the army before becoming a doctor?

93. Who plays Amelia Shepherd in the series?

94. What is Meredith Grey’s specialty?

95. Which character was not part of the original intern group but becomes an important character in the later seasons?

96. What is the name of the bar the doctors often go to after work?

97. Who does April Kepner marry?

98. Who becomes the owner of the hospital after the plane crash?

99. What is the name of Cristina Yang’s mentor at the Mayo Cinic?

100. What is Jackson Avery’s medical specialty?

101. Who plays Jackson Avery?

102. What tragedy befalls April and Jackson’s first child?

103. What is the name of the surgical method that Richard teaches the interns in season 1?

104. Who was the first intern to perform surgery solo?

105. Who was Meredith’s room-mate before George and Izzie moved in?

106. Who becomes head of Cardio after Dr. Burke leaves?

107. What is Bailey’s first name?

108. Who is Ellis Grey’s one true love?

109. Who dies in the plane crash alongside Lexie Grey?

110. What natural disaster hits the hospital in Season 9?

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