85 Scrubs Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the quirky world of Sacred Heart Hospital with this ultimate Scrubs trivia collection! Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, these 85 questions will test your knowledge on the unforgettable characters, hilarious moments, and memorable lines from the show. From J.D.’s daydreams to Dr. Cox’s rants, see how much you remember from this iconic TV series. Put on your scrubs, and let’s get started!

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1. Who is the main character of ‘Scrubs’?

2. Which actor played Dr. Perry Cox?

3. What’s the full name of the janitor?

4. Where does the series primarily take place?

5. What is Dr. Turk’s first name?

6. Who is J.D.’s best friend?

7. Which actress played Carla Espinosa?

8. Who is the Chief of Medicine in the first season?

9. What is J.D.’s brother’s name?

10. Which actor played Todd Quinlan, the ‘High Five’ surgeon?

11. Who does Elliot Reed eventually marry?

12. Which band sings the show’s theme song, ‘Superman’?

13. Who has a stuffed dog named Rowdy?

14. What’s the name of the lawyer who frequently sings a capella?

15. Which character is known for saying ‘Eagle!’ while being carried?

16. Who is the sarcastic nurse who often belittles the doctors?

17. Which actress played Jordan Sullivan, Dr. Cox’s ex-wife?

18. What’s the name of the coffee shop in the hospital?

19. Who is ‘The Todd’s’ favorite thing to give?

20. Which character is J.D.’s college roommate?

21. Who became the Chief of Medicine after Dr. Kelso?

22. What medical condition does Turk discover he has?

23. Which character has a brother played by Tom Cavanagh?

24. Who did Carla marry?

25. What nickname does Dr. Cox often call J.D.?

26. Which character has a stuffed unicorn named Steven?

27. Who becomes a medical resident in the later seasons?

28. Who becomes a professor at Winston University?

29. Which character said, ‘I’ve got some hot gossip’?

30. Who was known as ‘Snoop Dogg Intern’?

31. Which character becomes a surgical attending?

32. Who buys a boat named ‘SS Myface’?

33. Which character loves appletinis?

34. Who does Dr. Cox often fantasize about?

35. What type of animal is Rowdy?

36. What is J.D. and Turk’s favorite song?

37. Which actress played Denise ‘Jo’ Mahoney?

38. Which doctor had a brief stint as Chief of Surgery?

39. What do J.D. and Turk call their steak night?

40. Who often pretends to have a foreign background?

41. Which actor played Dr. Zeltzer?

42. Which doctor frequently mispronounces medical terms?

43. What’s Dr. Molly Clock’s profession?

44. Which actor guest-starred as Dr. Kevin Casey?

45. What game do J.D. and Turk play in their downtime?

46. Who is known for saying ‘That’s so sad’?

47. What’s the name of the fantasy sequence featuring Turk’s dance skills?

48. Which character frequently sports a giant afro?

49. What do the surgeons call their team?

50. Who has an imaginary wife named ‘Enid’?

51. What’s the name of Dr. Kelso’s dog?

52. Who is the hospital’s bitter pharmacist?

53. What nickname does Dr. Cox give to Elliot?

54. Who is Carla’s close nurse friend?

55. Which character is known for his ‘Evil Eye’?

56. Who temporarily leaves Sacred Heart for a private practice?

57. What does ‘J.D.’ stand for?

58. Who often gives ‘The Rant’ at the end of episodes?

59. What song does Turk dance to in the ‘Air Band’ fantasy?

60. Which doctor has an affinity for taxidermy?

61. What’s the name of J.D.’s son?

62. Which actor guest-starred as Dr. D’s brother, Dan?

63. What is the name of J.D.’s scooter?

64. Who does Elliot date in the earlier seasons?

65. What does Dr. Cox often call Hugh Jackman?

66. Which character was a member of ‘The Worthless Peons’?

67. Who is the surly security guard?

68. Who does J.D. refer to as ‘Blonde Doctor’?

69. Which doctor is known for his bright pink scrubs?

70. What does Dr. Cox call his daughter?

71. Who becomes an endocrinologist?

72. What do J.D. and Turk use to communicate across long distances?

73. Who has a ceramic dog named Steven?

74. Which surgeon is obsessed with hibachi?

75. Who is Dr. Kelso’s wife?

76. Who is the frequent butt of the staff’s jokes due to his clumsiness?

77. What musical instrument does Ted play?

78. Who manages the cafeteria?

79. Which doctor is known for his hand puppet?

80. Who has an intern named ‘Sunny’?

81. What song do The Worthless Peons sing at a patient’s bedside?

82. What stuffed animal does Turk give to Carla?

83. Who runs away to a tropical island?

84. Who becomes a guidance counselor at Winston University?

85. Which actor guest-starred as a patient named Harvey Corman?

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