72 Big Lebowski Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, Dudeists and movie aficionados! Dive deep into the eccentric world of our Big Lebowski trivia questions. Whether you’re a longtime fan of The Dude’s laid-back wisdom or a newcomer just stepping into the bowling alley, these 72 questions will test your knowledge and reignite your love for this cult classic. Pour yourself a White Russian, put on some Creedence, and let’s see how well you remember the adventures of Jeffrey Lebowski and his unique set of friends. Ready? Let’s roll!

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1. Who directed ‘The Big Lebowski’?

2. What is the main character’s nickname?

3. Which actor played The Dude?

4. Who played Walter Sobchak?

5. The Dude has a preferred drink. What is it?

6. Which famous actor played Jeffrey Lebowski, the millionaire?

7. What sport is prominently featured in the film?

8. What’s the name of The Dude’s landlord?

9. What is the name of Maude’s artist friend?

10. Who is Bunny’s real husband?

11. What does Walter throw out of the car window?

12. Which band’s song does The Dude dislike?

13. What is Bunny’s real name?

14. Walter has a strict policy about bowling on which day?

15. What is Walter’s ex-wife’s name?

16. Which actor played Donny?

17. Which actor played Jesus Quintana?

18. The Dude has a hallucination set to which song?

19. What does The Dude refer to as ‘The royal we’?

20. What does Walter believe in?

21. Who is Larry Sellers?

22. What kind of car does The Dude drive?

23. Who throws a marmot into The Dude’s bathtub?

24. Where do the Nihilists order pancakes?

25. Who plays Maude Lebowski?

26. Whose ashes does Walter spread?

27. What does The Dude often wear on his feet?

28. What’s the name of the private detective in the movie?

29. What’s the name of the boy band picture in Maude’s loft?

30. Which song does Jesus Quintana dance to?

31. How much money is initially demanded for Bunny’s ransom?

32. Which character narrates the movie?

33. What color is the rug that gets urinated on?

34. Who played The Stranger?

35. What’s the name of the beverage Maude offers to The Dude?

36. What is the relationship between Maude and the Big Lebowski?

37. Why does Walter keep Donny’s ashes in a coffee can?

38. Who did The Dude vote for in the presidential election?

39. What’s written on the check The Dude writes at the grocery store?

40. Why did The Dude go to see the doctor Maude recommended?

41. What does Walter suggest as the main reason for Bunny’s disappearance?

42. What religious group does Walter say he converted to?

43. How does Donny die?

44. What’s the name of the foundation run by the Big Lebowski?

45. Who does The Dude believe has stolen his rug?

46. Why does Walter smash up a car?

47. Which president is shown giving a speech on TV?

48. What’s inscribed on the plaque on The Dude’s bowling ball bag?

49. What is the first name of The Dude’s real-life counterpart?

50. What type of event is Marty rehearsing for?

51. Who throws The Dude out of a moving car?

52. What brand of beer is most commonly seen in the film?

53. Which famous actor plays the sheriff in the movie?

54. What does The Dude say in response to ‘Do you like sex, Mr. Lebowski?’

55. What is the final line of the movie?

56. What does Walter shout during the scatter of Donny’s ashes?

57. How many White Russians does The Dude consume in the film?

58. Where is The Dude’s stolen rug originally from?

59. Where do Walter and The Dude go after the first ransom drop goes wrong?

60. What does The Dude listen to on his car’s cassette player?

61. Who doesn’t roll on Shabbos?

62. What is the name of the TV show that The Dude was an extra on?

63. Who does Walter accuse of being a pacifist?

64. What’s the title of the fictional film starring Bunny?

65. How does The Dude typically greet people?

66. What type of dog does Walter bring to the bowling alley?

67. What does The Dude spill on his rug?

68. Who refers to himself as ‘the walrus’?

69. What song is playing when The Dude drops his joint in his car?

70. Who says ‘You’re out of your element!’?

71. What song plays during the film’s opening credits?

72. Who does The Dude say ‘stole his rug’ during a dream?

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