88 Owl House Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to The Owl House trivia bonanza! Dive into the magical world of the Boiling Isles and test your knowledge on Luz, Eda, King, and the myriad of mystical beings and enchanting events from this beloved animated series. Whether you’re a seasoned witch or a fresh-faced human, these 88 questions are sure to challenge and entertain. So grab your wand, draw your glyphs, and let’s see just how well you know the ins and outs of “The Owl House”!

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1. Who is the main protagonist of ‘The Owl House’?

2. Which realm does ‘The Owl House’ predominantly take place in?

3. Who is the self-proclaimed ‘most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles’?

4. Which character is a small demon with a soft spot for collecting human treasures?

5. What is the name of the school Luz wants to attend to become a witch?

6. What is Eda’s cursed form called?

7. Which character has a crush on Luz and is skilled at plant magic?

8. Who is the head of the Emperor’s Coven?

9. Which track at Hexside involves studying creatures and their care?

10. What is the color of Luz’s hoodie?

11. Who runs the ‘knee-high conspiracy’ club at Hexside?

12. Which character often ends his sentences with the word ‘baby’?

13. What is the species of tiny fairies that are frequently used as light sources?

14. Which character possesses a staff with a living eye?

15. Who is the strict principal of Hexside?

16. What is the dangerous sport played in the Boiling Isles?

17. What is the town located at the base of The Owl House?

18. Who is the leader of the Bard Coven?

19. What is the title of the spell book Luz discovers?

20. In which episode does Luz learn her first spell?

21. What is the name of the tiny mouse with a camera?

22. Which potion allows one to see the memories of another?

23. Which two characters are twins?

24. Who has a badge for being the ‘Best Bat’?

25. Which character was previously in the Emperor’s Coven?

26. What is the official currency of the Boiling Isles?

27. Which creature has the ability to steal voices?

28. What type of animal is Albert?

29. What form of magic does Willow predominantly practice?

30. What is the name of the store where Eda sells her goods?

31. Which character can communicate through letters and is attached to the door of The Owl House?

32. What type of creature does Luz accidentally turn Eda into?

33. What is the emblem of the Emperor’s Coven?

34. Which creature is known for its allure and dangerous dance?

35. Who is referred to as the ‘Fool’s Blood’?

36. Which spell allows the caster to see a short glimpse into the future?

37. What animal does Eda occasionally transform into due to her curse?

38. What is King’s dream job?

39. What magical item helps witches cast spells?

40. Who claims to have once been a mighty king of demons?

41. Which character attempts to create a human appreciation society?

42. Which magical creature often serves as transportation?

43. What does Luz use to cast her first spell?

44. What magical creature is known to show the truth?

45. Who is the healer and keeper of The Owl House?

46. Which character is known for her signature green flames?

47. What is Amity’s favorite book series?

48. Who is Lilith’s younger sister?

49. Which spell creates a light in the caster’s hand?

50. Who becomes the student representative of Hexside?

51. Which character practices illusions and tricks?

52. Which character has blue hair and is an illusionist?

53. What are the creatures that carry mail in the Boiling Isles?

54. Which episode is about Luz’s first day at Hexside?

55. What creature does Luz befriend in the detention track?

56. What is the main mode of transportation for witches?

57. Who teaches Luz the basics of magic glyphs?

58. What is Amity’s hair color before it turns lavender?

59. What is the realm located beyond a magical door in the Boiling Isles?

60. Who is known as the ‘Queen of Demons’?

61. What do witches use to store their spells?

62. What does the Echo Mouse do?

63. Who was cursed to become a house?

64. What is the most dangerous track at Hexside?

65. Which character is a skilled potions master?

66. What does Eda use to suppress her curse?

67. Who is the keeper of the Healing Hat in the Boiling Isles?

68. Which episode showcases the Grom dance at Hexside?

69. What is the name of the bard who sings at The Owl House?

70. Which character wears a beanie and has a tuft of purple hair?

71. What is the realm where wild magic is practiced?

72. Which creature is used to determine the guilt of someone?

73. What is the official title of the school’s sport competition?

74. What is the name of the magical energy that fuels spells?

75. Which magical creature has a golden guard?

76. Which is the annual event where students face their worst fears?

77. What are the badges earned for mastering a type of magic?

78. Who is the Hexside school’s guidance counselor?

79. What do witches and demons celebrate instead of birthdays?

80. Which character owns a mysterious and magical diary?

81. Who leads the school assembly during Luz’s first day at Hexside?

82. Which witch’s duel did Luz participate in?

83. What is the title of the emperor’s right-hand man?

84. Which character often gets into mischief and pranks?

85. Who did Luz challenge to the Grom fight?

86. What is King’s favorite toy?

87. Who is Amity’s oldest sibling?

88. What is the profession of Luz’s mother in the human realm?

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