94 Mash Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the world of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, its iconic characters, memorable moments, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, this trivia compilation is sure to test your knowledge and take you on a nostalgic trip back to the beloved camp. Ready to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a MASH Trivia expert? Let’s get started!

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1. What network originally aired M*A*S*H?

2. What war serves as the backdrop for the series?

3. In which year did M*A*S*H first premiere?

4. Who was the chief surgeon at the 4077th?

5. Which character was known for wearing dresses to get a discharge?

6. Who played the character of Hawkeye Pierce?

7. Which character was known for his love of martinis?

8. Who served as company clerk after Radar?

9. Which character hailed from Crabapple Cove, Maine?

10. Who was the original head nurse?

11. Which officer often sought psychiatric advice from Sidney Freedman?

12. Who replaced Trapper John as chief surgeon?

13. What is the full title of the series?

14. Who often played pranks on Major Frank Burns?

15. Who was Margaret’s romantic interest in the early seasons?

16. Which character left the show by getting his discharge papers?

17. Who was the camp’s padre?

18. What was the theme song of M*A*S*H?

19. Which character has a wife named Peg back home?

20. Who was the camp’s dentist?

21. Which actor directed several episodes of the series?

22. In which year did the series conclude?

23. Which character always wore a fishing hat?

24. Who often had his teddy bear with him?

25. Which character was played by Mike Farrell?

26. Who succeeded Frank Burns after his departure?

27. What’s the name of the chopper pilot often seen?

28. Which character was known for his expertise in thoracic surgery?

29. Who was the original commander of the 4077th?

30. Who often corresponded with his family via tape recordings?

31. Which character called Margaret ‘Hot Lips’?

32. Who was responsible for the camp’s public announcements?

33. What kind of vehicle was frequently used by the camp for transportation?

34. What animal was the camp’s mascot?

35. Who played the character of Charles Emerson Winchester III?

36. Which character’s father was a respected Boston surgeon?

37. Which character was known for his nasally voice?

38. What was the name of Klinger’s wife?

39. Which character often said, ‘I’ll carry on’?

40. Who wrote the novel that inspired the M*A*S*H series?

41. Which character tried to sell a ‘toe-clipping’ device?

42. Who was known for his ever-changing stories about his family?

43. Which character hailed from Toledo, Ohio?

44. Who played the character of Colonel Sherman Potter?

45. Which character often had problems with his hearing?

46. Who called BJ ‘Beej’?

47. Which character was a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers?

48. Who played the character of Trapper John McIntyre?

49. Which character left by being discharged for a ‘Section 8’?

50. Which character often played the accordion?

51. Who frequently gave Father Mulcahy religious artifacts?

52. Which character frequently tried to get rich quick?

53. Which character loved the films of King Kong and Godzilla?

54. Which character had a large mustache?

55. Who was Hawkeye’s bunkmate?

56. Who was known as ‘Ferret Face’?

57. Where did Margaret and Frank have their secret rendezvous?

58. Who played the character of Major Margaret Houlihan?

59. Which character struggled with alcoholism?

60. What animal lived under Radar’s bunk?

61. Which character often clashed with Margaret due to professional disagreements?

62. Who was responsible for the latrine duties?

63. What was the nickname of Walter O’Reilly?

64. Who was the first CO of the 4077th M*A*S*H?

65. Which character was known for saying, ‘Jocularity!’?

66. Which character was notorious for mispronouncing words?

67. Who succeeded Henry Blake as the commanding officer?

68. What nickname was given to the 4077th’s base camp?

69. Which character frequently cited regulations?

70. Who played the character of Radar O’Reilly?

71. Which character frequently wore Hawaiian shirts?

72. What type of hat did Colonel Potter frequently wear?

73. Which character was played by Jamie Farr?

74. Who was the 4077th’s chief anesthetist?

75. Which character hailed from Mill Valley, California?

76. Who played the character of Major Frank Burns?

77. Which character often acted as the moral compass of the 4077th?

78. What was the name of Radar’s teddy bear?

79. Who always wore his robe, even during surgery?

80. Who had a pet chicken named Roscoe?

81. Which character was played by McLean Stevenson?

82. Who often called Hawkeye by his full name, Benjamin?

83. What instrument did Major Winchester frequently play?

84. Which character frequently wore glasses?

85. Who was in charge of the motor pool?

86. Which character frequently wore his Class-A uniform?

87. Who played the character of Father Francis Mulcahy?

88. Which character had a penchant for cigars?

89. Who always wore his cap, even in the OR?

90. Which character frequently quoted his grandmother?

91. Who had a strong affinity for the opera?

92. Who played the character of Major Charles Emerson Winchester III?

93. Which character had a noticeable Boston accent?

94. Who always wore a ring on his pinky finger?

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