97 Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia Questions and Answers

Hola and welcome to our Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia! From the vibrant dances of South America to the iconic figures who’ve left an indelible mark in history, the Hispanic world is rich with stories waiting to be told. Whether you’re proudly celebrating your own heritage or seeking to learn more about the diverse tapestry of Hispanic cultures, this trivia is a delightful way to gain insights. With 97 unique questions spanning geography, arts, sports, and more, prepare to embark on a fascinating exploration of Hispanic legacy. ¡Vamos a empezar!

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1. When does Hispanic Heritage Month begin?

2. On what date does Hispanic Heritage Month end?

3. Which U.S. president first introduced Hispanic Heritage Week?

4. Which president expanded the celebration to a month?

5. Which country does not have its independence day during this month: Mexico, Chile, or Brazil?

6. On what date is Mexico’s Independence Day?

7. Which country celebrates its independence on September 15?

8. What is the main goal of Hispanic Heritage Month?

9. Which famous Hispanic artist painted ‘The Two Fridas’?

10. Which Hispanic athlete is known as the ‘Dominican Dandy’?

11. In which country was the literary icon Gabriel Garcia Marquez born?

12. Who wrote the novel ‘Don Quixote’?

13. Which Puerto Rican singer is known for the hit ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca’?

14. Which artist’s real name is Armando Christian Pérez?

15. Who is the first Latina U.S. Supreme Court Justice?

16. Which country does the dance ‘Tango’ originate from?

17. Which Latin American revolutionary is known for the slogan ‘Hasta la victoria siempre’?

18. Which Cuban-American singer is known as the ‘Queen of Salsa’?

19. In which year was Hispanic Heritage Month first celebrated?

20. Which Hispanic actress starred in the movie ‘Frida’?

21. Which Latin American country is known as the ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’?

22. What is the capital of Peru?

23. What is the most spoken language in Latin America?

24. Which Latin American country has Portuguese as its official language?

25. Which Caribbean island is divided between France and the Netherlands?

26. What’s the world’s highest navigable lake, located in South America?

27. Which country is home to the ancient city of Machu Picchu?

28. Who is the author of the novel ‘The House of the Spirits’?

29. What popular dance originates from the Dominican Republic?

30. Which large river flows through Brazil?

31. In which country is the Atacama Desert located?

32. Who is the renowned Argentinean soccer player who played for FC Barcelona?

33. Which dish made of mashed avocado is a staple in Mexican cuisine?

34. What is the Spanish word for ‘beach’?

35. Which popular holiday involves building altars to honor deceased loved ones?

36. Which Central American country connects North and South America?

37. Who is the famous Hispanic singer of the hit ‘Whenever, Wherever’?

38. Which music and dance style originated in the Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba?

39. Which famous actor starred in ‘No Country for Old Men’ and is from Spain?

40. What currency is used in Mexico?

41. Which popular dish consists of meat or fish wrapped in a corn-based dough and steamed?

42. In which South American country would you find Angel Falls?

43. Which Latin pop singer released the album ‘Fijación Oral Vol. 1’?

44. What is the Spanish word for ‘friend’?

45. Which UNESCO World Heritage site located in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat?

46. Which film director is known for movies such as ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’?

47. Which country is famous for its Galápagos Islands?

48. Who wrote ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’?

49. Which Mexican state is known for the creation of Tequila?

50. In which country would you find the historic city of Cartagena?

51. Which popular Hispanic game involves picking numbers for a prize?

52. Which singer’s hits include ‘Bailamos’ and ‘Hero’?

53. What’s the Spanish word for ‘dance’?

54. Which iconic Chilean poet won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971?

55. Which U.S. state has the highest percentage of Hispanic residents?

56. Which music genre that originated in Puerto Rico blends reggae and hip-hop elements?

57. What’s the main ingredient in the Cuban cocktail ‘Mojito’?

58. Which classic Cuban dish consists of slow-roasted marinated pork?

59. What do you call the colorful, festive processions often seen in Hispanic celebrations?

60. Which city in Texas is known for its annual River Walk parade during Fiesta San Antonio?

61. Who is the famous Spanish tennis player who has won numerous French Open titles?

62. Which country in Latin America is the largest in terms of land area?

63. What is the name of the Spanish rice dish that often includes seafood?

64. In which city is the famous La Rambla street located?

65. Which Spanish artist is best known for his cubist works?

66. What’s the Spanish word for ‘music’?

67. Which mountain range separates Chile from Argentina?

68. Which legendary Spanish guitarist is known for his flamenco performances?

69. Which Mexican holiday celebrates the victory over French forces in 1862?

70. Which dish made of corn dough is often filled with meats, cheeses, and chilies?

71. Which river serves as a natural border between Texas and Mexico?

72. What is the main ingredient in a traditional Argentine asado?

73. Which U.S. city is known for its historic Hispanic neighborhood ‘Little Havana’?

74. What is the dance of the Andalusian gypsies?

75. Which Hispanic author wrote ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’?

76. What’s the primary language spoken in Puerto Rico?

77. Which musical instrument is central to mariachi bands?

78. What type of dance is typically performed with castanets?

79. Which term refers to a young woman’s 15th birthday celebration in Latin cultures?

80. Which singer is referred to as the ‘Queen of Tejano Music’?

81. In which Latin American country is the tango dance most strongly associated?

82. Which Spanish explorer is credited with discovering Florida?

83. Which body of water lies to the west of Mexico?

84. Which Latin American dance has a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music?

85. Which dish, made of rice and pigeon peas, is a classic in Puerto Rican cuisine?

86. Who is the Latina singer known for hits like ‘Ain’t It Funny’ and ‘On the Floor’?

87. Which Central American country’s capital is San Salvador?

88. Which Hispanic film director is known for ‘Birdman’ and ‘The Revenant’?

89. What is the name of the highest peak in the Andes Mountains?

90. Which Mexican artist is known for his murals and being married to Frida Kahlo?

91. Which Latin American city is famous for its Christ the Redeemer statue?

92. What’s the term for a traditional Mexican ballad?

93. Which Hispanic actress starred in the movie ‘Miss Bala’?

94. Which Caribbean island is known for its Merengue music?

95. Which festival in Spain involves running in front of bulls?

96. Which stringed instrument commonly has 10-12 strings and is used in Latin American music?

97. Which fruit is known as ‘the king of fruits’ in Latin America?

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