100 World of Warcraft Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, brave adventurers of Azeroth! Today, we’re stepping away from our perilous quests and fierce battles to challenge our minds instead of our might. As any seasoned hero knows, the lore of World of Warcraft is as vast and complex as the world itself. It is filled with legendary figures, ancient races, mythical beasts, and divine entities. 

Knowledge of these intricate tales and histories can often make the difference between a true champion and an aspiring one. Therefore, we’ve crafted 100 World of Warcraft trivia questions and answers that will put even the most experienced WoW veterans to the test. Are you ready to embark on this intellectual journey and prove your profound understanding of this expansive universe? Let’s see if you can truly master the World of Warcraft lore trivia challenge. Good luck, and may the wisdom of the ancients guide you!

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1. What is the highest peak in Azeroth?

2. Who is the final boss of the Blackrock Foundry raid?

3. What dragon aspect’s name means ‘Time’ in Draconic?

4. Who is the current leader of the Undead Forsaken as of Shadowlands?

5. Which Old God was killed by Titans and buried in a prison deep beneath the land that would become the desert of Silithus?

6. Which boss ends the Icecrown Citadel raid?

7. In which expansion was the Monk class introduced?

8. What is the capital city of the Nightborne elves?

9. Which legendary two-handed sword is dropped by Illidan in The Black Temple?

10. Who was the first Paladin in Azeroth?

11. In which zone is the Temple of Atal’Hakkar located?

12. Which of the Windrunner sisters became the Dark Lady of the Forsaken?

13. Who did Arthas Menethil kill to become the Lich King?

14. What is the name of the Horde’s airship that crashes in the Lost Isles?

15. Who is the elemental lord of fire?

16. Who became the Aspect of Magic after the death of Malygos?

17. What’s the name of the legendary staff that can be assembled by collecting fragments in Cataclysm expansion raids?

18. Which creature type is Illidan Stormrage?

19. Who was the King of Stormwind during the events of the Cataclysm expansion?

20. What race are Ner’zhul and Durotan?

21. What is the starting zone of the Draenei?

22. What is the Pandaren’s racial mount?

23. What is the maximum level a player can reach in the “Shadowlands” expansion?

24. What is the name of the planet where the Draenei come from?

25. What is the Horde capital in “Battle for Azeroth”?

26. What is the name of the final raid in the “Legion” expansion?

27. What is the name of the Night Elf’s racial leader?

28. What is the name of Thrall’s Doomhammer?

29. Who led the first War of the Shifting Sands?

30. Who was originally Med’an’s guardian?

31. Who did Queen Azshara make a pact with to save her people during the War of the Ancients?

32. Who was the orc that became the first Death Knight?

33. Who is the supreme leader of the Burning Legion?

34. What is the artifact weapon for Elemental Shaman in “Legion”?

35. Who was the orc responsible for freeing Illidan Stormrage in “The Burning Crusade”?

36. What is the Horde fortress in Ashenvale?

37. Who created the Lich King?

38. Who was the Zandalari prophet that orchestrated the union of all troll tribes into the Zandalari Empire in “Battle for Azeroth”?

39. Which race’s history is covered in the novel “Rise of the Horde”?

40. Who is the leader of the Argent Dawn?

41. Which boss drops Ashes of Al’ar?

42. What is the currency used in the Darkmoon Faire?

43. What was the first pet to be implemented in World of Warcraft?

44. What is the in-game language for Worgen?

45. In which instance would you find Baron Rivendare?

46. What is the name of the Titan facility located in the Storm Peaks?

47. What weapon does Anduin Wrynn use?

48. What is the prison world for the most dangerous threats to the cosmos?

49. What is the name of the Night Elf capital city?

50. Who was the leader of the Nightborne during the events of “Legion”?

51. Who was the original leader of the Scarlet Crusade?

52. What is the name of Grommash Hellscream’s axe?

53. Who is the daughter of Bolvar Fordragon?

54. What item does Mimiron’s Head drop from?

55. Who was the troll who briefly served as Warchief of the Horde?

56. What is the name of Illidan’s twin blades?

57. What is the name of the dungeon located in Deadwind Pass?

58. Who was the original Lich King?

59. What race is Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth?

60. Who is the Prime Designate of Azeroth, responsible for its protection?

61. What is the name of the second boss in the Serpentshrine Cavern raid?

62. What is the name of the PVP battleground located in Arathi Highlands?

63. Who is the final boss of the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion?

64. Who are the four horsemen in the Death Knight Order Hall campaign in “Legion”?

65. Who was the last boss of the “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion?

66. Who is the ruler of the Undercity?

67. Which boss is located in the Vault of Archavon?

68. Which zone in Northrend is home to the Icecrown Citadel?

69. Which dragon became the first Twilight Dragon?

70. Which race is Admiral Taylor?

71. Who was the last boss of the “Cataclysm” expansion?

72. Who is the leader of the Earthen Ring?

73. Who were the three original leaders of the Knights of the Ebon Blade?

74. Who is the final boss of the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion?

75. What is the name of the realm where Night Elves go after death?

76. Who was the final boss in the “Mists of Pandaria” expansion?

77. What is the capital city of the Zandalari Trolls?

78. Who is the leader of the Gilneas?

79. What is the name of the human kingdom that was destroyed by the Scourge and is now known as the Ghostlands and Eversong Woods?

80. What is the name of the blood elf capital city?

81. What is the name of the World Tree?

82. Who is the leader of the Iron Horde in “Warlords of Draenor”?

83. What type of creature is Loque’nahak?

84. What is the name of the bronze dragon who aids players in Culling of Stratholme?

85. What is the level cap in “The Burning Crusade”?

86. What is the home world of the Burning Legion?

87. Who was the final boss in the “The Burning Crusade” expansion?

88. What is the artifact weapon for Retribution Paladins in “Legion”?

89. Who is the regent of the Zandalari Empire in “Battle for Azeroth”?

90. Who is the Guardian of Tirisfal after Med’an?

91. Which Old God was imprisoned beneath the ancient Titan city of Ulduar?

92. Who is the orc Shaman that helped found the Horde?

93. What is the language spoken by the Draenei?

94. Who created the Demon Soul?

95. Who was the father of Arthas Menethil?

96. What is the realm of the afterlife known as, introduced in “Shadowlands”?

97. Which Pandaren chose to join the Horde?

98. What is the name of the subzone of Icecrown, home to many Vrykul, Ymirjar, and the Lich King’s frost wyrms?

99.What city serves as a hub for players in “Shadowlands”?

100. Which dragon is the guardian of all life in the Emerald Dream?

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