100 World War 2 Trivia Questions and Answers

Delve into the annals of history with our World War 2 trivia collection! Spanning from the early beginnings of the war in 1939 to its tumultuous end in 1945, these questions cover key events, figures, operations, and moments that defined this global conflict. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a student, or just curious about the Second World War, these questions will challenge your knowledge and perhaps shed light on lesser-known facets of this pivotal time in history. So, gear up and see how many answers you can get right!

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1. In what year did World War 2 begin?

2. Which two cities in Japan were hit by atomic bombs?

3. Which German leader is associated with World War 2?

4. What was the largest concentration camp established by the Nazis?

5. Which country was known as the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ during WW2?

6. What major battle was fought between June 4 and 7, 1942 in the Pacific?

7. Which country invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, marking the start of WW2?

8. Which French general led the Free French forces during WW2?

9. In which Russian city did the Red Army defeat the Germans after a long siege?

10. Which treaty is often credited with indirectly leading to WW2?

11. What was the primary goal of the D-Day invasion?

12. Which operation was the German invasion of the Soviet Union?

13. What was the name of the British operation to evacuate troops from Dunkirk?

14. Who was the British Prime Minister for most of WW2?

15. Which code name refers to the Allied invasion of North Africa?

16. What was the last major German offensive on the Western Front?

17. Which island was the location for a flag raising captured in a famous photograph?

18. What project developed the first atomic bombs during WW2?

19. Which conference in 1945 established the post-war order?

20. Who was the U.S. President at the start of WW2?

21. Which country did Germany invade in April 1940?

22. What was the main anti-aircraft gun used by the British?

23. Which plane dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

24. What was the code name for the German plan to invade the UK?

25. What major operation involved an airborne assault on the Netherlands in 1944?

26. Which British jet became operational at the end of WW2?

27. Which ship was the flagship of the U.S. Pacific Fleet?

28. What were the German defenses on the French coast called?

29. Which German general was known as the ‘Desert Fox’?

30. Which pact in 1939 surprised the world and paved the way for the invasion of Poland?

31. What was the main German tank in the early years of WW2?

32. What was the codename for the Allied invasion of Sicily?

33. Which battle in 1940 marked Germany’s first defeat?

34. What strategy did the U.S. adopt against Japan involving island hopping?

35. What was the Russian winter counter-offensive that relieved Moscow in 1941?

36. Which WW2 battle was the largest tank battle in history?

37. Which country did Mussolini’s Italy invade in 1935?

38. Who was the commander of the U.S. Third Army in Europe?

39. In what year did WW2 end?

40. Which nation joined the war in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

41. What did the acronym ‘RAF’ stand for?

42. Which vehicle was used by the Allies and known as a ‘duck’?

43. What German battleship was sunk in 1941?

44. What was the infamous Japanese fighter plane?

45. Which country was the first to declare war on Germany?

46. What was the German air force called?

47. Which battle resulted in a turning point on the Eastern Front in favor of the Allies?

48. What was the codename for the German invasion of the Soviet Union?

49. Who was the leader of Fascist Italy during WW2?

50. Which sea battle halted the Japanese advance in the Pacific?

51. What was the series of trials for the prosecution of major WW2 criminals?

52. Which operation led to the capture of Rome in 1944?

53. Which British intelligence project broke several Axis codes?

54. Which Japanese city was the second to be hit by an atomic bomb?

55. Which force was a special operations group specializing in mountain warfare?

56. What railway connected Thailand and Myanmar, built with forced labor?

57. What was the main Japanese naval aircraft in WW2?

58. Which body of water did the Allies cross on D-Day?

59. Who was the supreme commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force?

60. What was the German defensive line in Italy?

61. Which U.S. naval battle was called the ‘Marianas Turkey Shoot’?

62. Who was the commander of the Afrika Korps?

63. What was the main light machine gun used by the U.S. forces?

64. Which operation was the Allied counter-offensive in the Ardennes?

65. What British bomber was used in the ‘Dambuster’ raids?

66. Which country was known for the ‘Blitz’ bombing campaign?

67. What was the Japanese term for a divine wind, used for their pilots?

68. Which German missile was known as the ‘Vengeance weapon’?

69. Which major WW2 battle was fought in North Africa at El Alamein?

70. Which battleship did Japan use as its flagship at the Battle of Leyte Gulf?

71. Which German tank was known as the ‘Tiger’?

72. What operation was the airborne assault on southern France in 1944?

73. Which Russian city was under siege for 872 days?

74. Who commanded the German Panzer divisions during the invasion of France?

75. Which country declared neutrality but was invaded by Germany in 1940?

76. Which operation resulted in the heaviest one-day airmen casualties for the U.S.?

77. Which bridge in Netherlands became famous as ‘a bridge too far’?

78. Which WW2 campaign involved the battle for Guadalcanal?

79. What was the primary U.S. semi-automatic rifle used in WW2?

80. Which country did Japan sign a neutrality pact with in 1941?

81. Which city hosted the conference that formed the United Nations in 1945?

82. Which nation suffered the highest civilian and military casualties during WW2?

83. Which beach was primarily assigned to the Canadian forces on D-Day?

84. What was the German ‘Wolf Pack’ tactic?

85. Which U.S. general promised ‘I shall return’ after leaving the Philippines?

86. What was the name of the main German defensive line on the Eastern Front?

87. Which nation had the ‘Gurkha’ soldiers who fought alongside the Allies?

88. Which country did Germany and Italy support in the Spanish Civil War?

89. Which French region saw heavy fighting in the ‘Battle of the Hedgerows’?

90. What was the codename for the planned German invasion of Switzerland?

91. Which German general was involved in a plot to kill Hitler?

92. Which WW2 conference was the last meeting of the ‘Big Three’ Allied leaders?

93. What was the primary British fighter plane during the Battle of Britain?

94. Which group conducted sabotage and resistance against the Nazis in France?

95. What operation was the codename for the bombing of Tokyo in 1942?

96. Which British ship was sunk with a loss of over 3,000 men in 1941?

97. What event on December 7, 1941, led the U.S. to join WW2?

98. Which battle was Germany’s last attempt to achieve air superiority over the UK?

99. Which French port city was surrounded and defended against the Germans until 1942?

100. Which U.S. battleship, sunk at Pearl Harbor, was later raised and returned to service?

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