80 A League of Their Own Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, movie buffs and trivia enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into one of the iconic sports films of the ’90s – “A League of Their Own.” This Penny Marshall-directed masterpiece gave us a glimpse into the world of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, spiced with humor, drama, and memorable performances. We’ve compiled a list of 80 A League of Their Own Trivia questions and answers about this remarkable movie that will test your knowledge and maybe even help you discover something new.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan of Dottie, Kit, and the rest of the Rockford Peaches or you’ve just recently seen the film, it’s time to step up to the plate. Let’s see how much you really know about “A League of Their Own”. Play ball!

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1. Who directed “A League of Their Own”?

2. What real-life professional baseball league inspired “A League of Their Own”?

3. Which actress played Dottie Hinson in “A League of Their Own”?

4. Which musician played Jimmy Dugan?

5. In what year is the main story of “A League of Their Own” set?

6. What city’s baseball team do Dottie and Kit play for?

7. Which actress played Kit Keller in “A League of Their Own”?

8. What is the name of the chocolate bar Jimmy Dugan advertises in the film?

9. Which former sitcom star played Doris Murphy?

10. What famous line did Tom Hanks’s character say about crying in baseball?

11. What famous pop singer played Mae Mordabito?

12. What position did Dottie Hinson play?

13. Which famous comedian played the team’s scout, Ernie Capadino?

14. What was the name of the team’s assistant manager?

15. What position did Kit Keller play?

16. Which actress played Marla Hooch, a player notable for her powerful hitting?

17. Who does Dottie compete with for Jimmy’s attention?

18. Who won the final game of the season in the movie?

19. What relation are Dottie and Kit to each other?

20. What city does Kit get traded to?

21. In the movie, who provides the commentary for the games?

22. How does the film start in terms of narrative time?

23. Who gives Dottie the news that her husband is coming home from the war?

24. What causes the argument between Dottie and Kit that leads to Kit’s trade?

25. Why did Dottie decide to leave the league?

26. What happens to Jimmy Dugan at the end of the film?

27. What is the profession of Dottie’s husband, Bob?

28. What team does Marla Hooch play for?

29. What happens to Betty ‘Betty Spaghetti’ Horn after the death of her husband?

30. What does Dottie teach the women before their first game?

31. What is Dottie doing when Ernie Capadino first sees her?

32. What reason does Ernie initially give for not wanting to recruit Marla?

33. What war is going on during the events of “A League of Their Own”?

34. Who does Dottie’s grand-daughter play in the film’s final scene?

35. How does Marla impress the scouts?

36. Who ended up catching the ball in the final play of the World Series game?

37. Why did Jimmy Dugan stop playing baseball?

38. How does the team respond to the charm school lessons?

39. What song do the players sing on the bus?

40. Who is the elderly woman that begins and ends the film at the Baseball Hall of Fame?

41. Who hits the crucial home run in the World Series finale?

42. Why does Jimmy Dugan dislike the idea of coaching a women’s team at first?

43. What change in Kit’s pitching does Dottie advise to the catcher in the World Series finale?

44. Who accompanies Marla when she leaves for the league?

45. Where does Dottie live at the start of the movie?

46. Who invites Dottie and the other former players to the opening of the AAGPBL exhibit?

47. Who’s photograph does Betty ‘Betty Spaghetti’ Horn receive with the news of her husband’s death?

48. Who narrates the opening of the movie?

49. What dance does Marla perform at the Suds Bucket?

50. Who plays older Dottie?

51. Which of the players couldn’t read?

52. How did Jimmy Dugan become the coach of the Rockford Peaches?

53. Why was the AAGPBL started according to the film?

54. Who does Dottie compete against in the World Series final?

55. What does Jimmy Dugan ask Evelyn about when he first meets the team?

56. What rule change leads to a fight between Jimmy and the umpire?

57. Who gets married during the league’s first season?

58. Who do Dottie and Kit see in the stands at their first professional game?

59. What does Jimmy gift Dottie before the World Series game?

60. How does Jimmy react when Dottie comes back for the World Series?

61. Who does Dottie talk to after the final game of the World Series?

62. What habit does Jimmy Dugan have a problem with?

63. What record does Dottie set in the league?

64. Who offers Dottie a managing job?

65. What is the nickname of the Racine team?

66. Who breaks the news of the league’s formation to Dottie and Kit?

67. What does Dottie do at the end of the final World Series game that makes Kit the hero?

68. Who takes over as coach of the Peaches when Jimmy Dugan is not available?

69. What part of the uniform are the players most uncomfortable with?

70. Where do the girls go for charm and beauty school?

71. What ailment does Jimmy Dugan pretend to suffer from to avoid meeting the press?

72. Who makes the final out in the World Series game?

73. What candy does Stillwell continually eat during games?

74. Who is the first player to be injured during the charm and beauty school?

75. Where is the Baseball Hall of Fame located, which features at the beginning and end of the movie?

76. What causes Dottie to leave the game in the middle of the season?

77. Which actress plays older Marla Hooch in the movie?

78. What is the name of the team’s bus driver?

79. Who does Marla Hooch marry?

80. What does Dottie show the women to avoid getting scratched while sliding into base?

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