91 Twilight Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, ‘Twilight’ fans! If you’ve ever wondered just how well you know the saga of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, this post is for you. We’ve curated a collection of 91 Twilight trivia questions that will test your knowledge of everything from Forks, Washington to the Volturi. The questions range in difficulty, so whether you’re a casual reader or a dedicated Twihard, you’ll find something to challenge you. Each question includes the answer, so you can check your responses immediately. Ready to dive in? Let’s see how much you really know about the world of ‘Twilight’!

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1. Who wrote the ‘Twilight’ series?

2. In what year was the first ‘Twilight’ book published?

3. What is the name of Bella’s daughter?

4. What special ability does Edward possess?

5. Which ‘Twilight’ book introduces the character of Jacob Black?

6. What is the name of Bella’s father?

7. Who is the leader of the Volturi?

8. Which member of the Cullen family can see the future?

9. What is the name of the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileute wolves?

10. What is Jacob Black’s special ability?

11. Which actor portrayed Edward in the film adaptations?

12. In what US state does ‘Twilight’ primarily take place?

13. Who does Bella Swan marry?

14. What type of vehicle does Bella drive?

15. Which character imprints on Bella’s daughter Renesmee?

16. What is the name of the high school that Bella, Edward, and Jacob attend?

17. What does the term ‘imprinting’ mean in the Twilight series?

18. What causes Edward and his family to leave Forks in ‘New Moon’?

19. What is Bella’s full name?

20. Who is Victoria?

21. Who turned Alice into a vampire?

22. What role does Carlisle Cullen play in the human world?

23. What gift does Bella possess?

24. What’s the name of the book Stephenie Meyer published that tells ‘Twilight’ from Edward’s perspective?

25. Who plays Bella Swan in the movies?

26. How does Bella discover that Edward is a vampire?

27. Which actress plays Alice Cullen in the ‘Twilight’ movies?

28. In ‘New Moon’, who saves Bella when she jumps off a cliff?

29. What color are Edward’s eyes when he is well-fed?

30. What is the name of the third book in the ‘Twilight’ series?

31. Who tries to kill Bella during her birthday party in ‘New Moon’?

32. In ‘Eclipse’, who proposes a plan to defeat Victoria’s newborn army?

33. Which character was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War?

34. In ‘Twilight’, which family member does Bella live with?

35. What is the occupation of Bella’s mother?

36. In the ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie, what song is playing during Bella and Edward’s first dance as a married couple?

37. What is the name of Bella’s mother?

38. Who turns Bella into a vampire?

39. In ‘Breaking Dawn’, what unusual trait does Bella’s daughter possess?

40. Who helps Bella and Jacob to repair the motorcycles?

41. What is the name of Jacob Black’s father?

42. Which Cullen family member was a professional soldier before he became a vampire?

43. What is the name of the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileute wolves?

44. In ‘Eclipse’, who helped the Cullens fight Victoria’s army?

45. Where did Edward and Bella honeymoon?

46. Who played Carlisle Cullen in the movies?

47. What is the title of the fourth book in the ‘Twilight’ series?

48. How old is Edward when he becomes a vampire?

49. How old was Bella when she became a vampire?

50. In ‘New Moon’, where does Edward go to attempt to commit suicide?

51. Who does Jacob Black imprint on?

52. Who portrays Jacob Black in the film adaptations?

53. What is the name of the second book in the ‘Twilight’ series?

54. Who is the oldest Cullen?

55. Which vampire’s gift is pain infliction?

56. Who was Bella’s first friend in Forks?

57. What is the name of the vampire who helped create the newborn army in ‘Eclipse’?

58. Who played Rosalie Hale in the movies?

59. What is the population of Forks, Washington, according to the ‘Welcome’ sign in the movie?

60. What is the name of the vampire who falls in love with Alice Cullen?

61. What is Renesmee’s nickname?

62. How did Rosalie Hale become a vampire?

63. Who is the leader of the Quileute wolf pack in ‘Twilight’?

64. Which member of the Volturi can read every thought a person has ever had with just one touch?

65. What does Bella Swan’s name change to after she marries Edward?

66. Which vampire is known for his extreme speed?

67. What is the name of the nomadic vampire who seeks revenge on the Cullens in ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’?

68. What is the name of the waitress at the local diner in Forks?

69. In which ‘Twilight’ book does Bella marry Edward?

70. How long is the time gap between ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’?

71. What kind of car does Edward drive?

72. In which ‘Twilight’ book does Bella become a vampire?

73. Who are the main enemies of the vampires in ‘Twilight’?

74. How do vampires in the ‘Twilight’ universe respond to sunlight?

75. Who was Bella’s biology lab partner before Edward?

76. Who saved Edward from the Spanish influenza?

77. What creature is Laurent in the ‘Twilight’ series?

78. What is the name of the high school in Forks, Washington, where Bella and Edward attend?

79. What is the name of the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileute tribe?

80. What was Edward’s human surname?

81. What does Bella’s shield ability protect her against?

82. Which ‘Twilight’ character is telepathic?

83. In ‘New Moon’, where does Bella spend most of her time?

84. What is Edward Cullen’s full name?

85. What is Charlie Swan’s occupation?

86. Which Cullen family member is known for their physical strength?

87. What is the last line in the book ‘Breaking Dawn’?

88. In ‘Twilight’, who is the first person at school to talk to Bella?

89. Who is the youngest Cullen?

90. What’s the name of the actress who plays Renesmee Cullen?

91. In ‘Breaking Dawn’, which vampire can project illusions?

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