100 Fall Trivia Questions And Answers

Fall is a time for changing colors and falling leaves. Enjoy celebrating it with these Fall trivia questions and answers.

Discover interesting facts about this season that make it unique. Find out how much things change during this time.

Are you ready to prove your knowledge of autumn? Then enjoy these fall trivia questions and answers. If you like our Fall trivia, you might also like our Halloween Trivia, spring, summer, winter, December, or election trivia.

Fall leaves
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Fall Trivia Questions

1. Why is autumn typically called fall in the United States?

2. What date is the start of fall?

3. What does the start of Fall mark the start of in the Southern Hemisphere?

4. What is another term for the start of fall?

5. What holiday in the fall is celebrated in October?

6. What Fall vegetable often gets carved up?

7. What four colors are commonly associated with fall?

8. What are the three months of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere?

9. What are the three months of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere?

10. What green pigment in leaves breakdown, which results in their colors appearing yellow and orange?

11. What Fall activity was once a British courting ritual?

12. What can you do for good luck according to an old Fall superstition?

13. In what direction do birds begin to migrate in autumn?

14. According to a Journal of Consumer Research study, what type of movie is watched more in the fall?

15. What Autumn month is known for having more births than any other time in the year?

16. What month does daylight saving time end?

17. What time change is made when daylight saving time ends?

18. What was the weight of the largest pumpkin pie ever made?

19. What other flying creature begins to migrate in the fall?

20. How much money is estimated to be spent on candy every Halloween?

21. What popular Fall holiday in America is celebrated in November?

22. What traditional dish is served on Thanksgiving?

23. What are animals preparing for when they start storing food and building their nests?

24. What do squirrels collect in the fall before winter?

25. What is the full moon that occurs closest to the Autumn equinox?

26. What area of the United States is popular for leaf peeping?

27. What is the activity of leaf peeping?

28. What is the significance of the Autumnal Equinox?

29. In what month does fall officially end in the Northern Hemisphere?

30. What U.S. holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of October, often associated with the fall season?

31. What is the scientific name for the process by which leaves change color in the fall?

32. Why do some people refer to fall as ‘harvest time’?

33. What is the famous autumn festival celebrated in Germany?

34. In Greek mythology, which goddess is often associated with the fall harvest?

35. Which zodiac signs fall under the autumn season?

36. Which American state is famous for its fall foliage?

37. Which Shakespearean play has a reference to fall in its title?

38. What’s the name of the warm wind that occurs in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. during the fall?

39. Which famous poem by Robert Frost describes a walk in the woods on a fall day?

40. What popular sport begins its season in the fall in the U.S.?

41. In China, what traditional festival is celebrated in the fall to give thanks for the harvest?

42. Which vitamin is produced by the body when it’s exposed to sunlight, something that decreases in the fall?

43. Which famous author wrote the novel “The Fall”?

44. What is the color of the autumn equinox moon?

45. What are the fall solstice and the spring solstice commonly called?

46. Which apple variety is typically harvested in the fall?

47. What do squirrels commonly do during the fall in preparation for winter?

48. Which constellation is commonly associated with fall in the Northern Hemisphere?

49. What is the phenomenon where deer grow their antlers back in the fall?

50. Which famous fall marathon takes place in New York City?

51. Why do some trees not lose their leaves in the fall?

52. What traditional fall festival involves events like corn mazes and hayrides?

53. What traditional holiday falls on the first day of autumn in Japan?

54. What type of bird is commonly seen migrating in a “V” formation during fall?

55. Which famous trail in the U.S. is known for its beautiful fall colors?

56. What holiday on November 1st is often associated with the fall season?

57. What do some birds do in the fall to prepare for winter?

58. What is the term for people who travel just to view fall foliage?

59. Which month marks the beginning of fall in the Southern Hemisphere?

60. Which festival celebrating light over darkness coincides with the fall season?

61. What American holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in September?

62. In the Jewish tradition, what holiday occurs in the fall and marks the new year?

63. What fruit, besides pumpkins, is commonly harvested in the fall and used in pies?

64. In the US, what is the name of the day after Thanksgiving?

65. What is the name of the moon that appears in October?

66. What’s the term for the “smoke” that waterfowl and fish create when they move to a warmer climate in the fall?

67. In literature, what does the fall season often symbolize?

68. Which traditional Celtic festival celebrated at the beginning of November marks the end of the harvest season?

69. Which popular caffeinated beverage gets a flavor update in the fall?

70. What is “fall back” in terms of Daylight Saving Time?

71. Which flower, associated with Mexico’s Day of the Dead, typically blooms in the fall?

72. Which famous American author wrote the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher”?

73. Which Greek god is associated with the harvest and fall?

74. What festival on November 5th is celebrated in the UK during the fall?

75. What is the name of the Jewish day of atonement that occurs in the fall?

76. What’s a common fall weather phenomenon that’s caused by warm and cold air mixing?

77. What is another term for the “fall line” in the context of geography?

78. What does the term “Indian Summer” refer to?

79. What do many animals do in the fall to prepare for the winter?

80. What fall month is National Apple Month in the United States?

81. What’s the name of the scale used to measure the intensity of fall colors?

82. What phenomenon causes the full Harvest Moon to appear larger and more orange than other full moons?

83. Which Jewish holiday, also known as the Festival of Booths, is celebrated in the fall?

84. Why do some people suffer from “seasonal depression” during the fall and winter?

85. What fall holiday involves building a “sukkah”?

86. What is the term for the period of calm weather in late October and early November in the Great Lakes region?

87. Which constellation is most visible in November in the Northern Hemisphere?

88. What is the name of the November full moon?

89. What vitamin are pumpkins high in?

90. What is a group of geese in flight called?

91. What type of tree produces acorns in the fall?

92. What is the fear of Halloween called?

93. Which president made Thanksgiving an annual national holiday in the U.S.?

94. What food is traditionally eaten on Michaelmas, a fall holiday in England?

95. In the fall, monarch butterflies migrate to which location?

96. What is the name of the phenomenon where trees pull water back into their roots in preparation for winter?

97. Why do some trees turn red in the fall?

98. In what month does the fall season officially begin in the Southern Hemisphere?

99. Which popular fall fruit is known as a “superfruit” due to its high nutrient and antioxidant content?

100. What fall festival in India celebrates the victory of light over darkness and good over evil?

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