118 Bible Trivia Questions And Answers

If you went to Sunday school, you were probably taught to know things in the Bible. These Bible trivia questions and answers will test how much you remember.

See if you can guess who the king of Israel was after David. Find out if you know the last book of the Old Testament.

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Bible Trivia Questions

1. What are the first three words in the Bible?

2. What is the first book of the Old Testament?

3. What is the first book of the New Testament?

4. Where did Adam and Eve live in the beginning?

5. Which Bible character was swallowed by a whale?

6. What did Eve eat that caused her eyes to be opened?

7. Who was instructed by God to build an arc?

8. How did God communicate to Moses in the desert?

9. In Exodus, what happened that led the Israelites to be rescued from the pursuing Egyptian forces?

10. Where did Moses receive the ten commandments?

11. Who was the human mother of Jesus?

12. What city was Jesus born in?

13. What Bible character baptized Jesus?

14. What place was Saul the king of?

15. What occupation did Jesus do before starting His ministry?

16. What is the last book in the Old Testament?

17. What is the last book in the New Testament?

18. Which verse is the shortest in the Bible?

19. Who was the disciple that betrayed Jesus?

20. Who was the disciple that denied knowing Jesus?

21. What are the four gospels in the New Testament?

22. Who is the wife of Jacob?

23. Who is the wife of Issac?

24. When Jesus went into the wilderness, who tempted Him?

25. Who would take over as king of Israel after David?

26. What book, chapter, and verse is the last in the Bible?

27. In the Bible, who is said to have lived on earth the longest? 

28. What is the shortest book in the Old Testament? 

29. Which woman is mentioned the most in the Bible? 

30. What is the last word in the Bible? 

31. Who were the first two apostles to follow Jesus? 

32. Who is known as the weeping prophet? 

33. Who was the father of John the Baptist? 

34. What is the longest chapter in the Bible? 

35. Who was the first king of Israel? 

36. What kind of bird brought Elijah food during the famine? 

37. Which two Old Testament people were taken to heaven without dying? 

38. Which disciple denied Jesus three times? 

39. What was the first miracle of Jesus? 

40. Who was the shortest man in the Bible? 

41. Which Old Testament character had his strength in his hair? 

42. Who recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented at the Temple as a baby? 

43. What is the golden rule? 

44. Who was the first Christian martyr? 

45. Who wrote the book of Acts in the New Testament? 

46. How many books are in the New Testament? 

47. Which prophet was told by God to marry a prostitute? 

48. Which book of the Bible describes the end times? 

49. Who are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse? 

50. Which disciple was known for his doubt? 

51. What was the name of the place where Jesus was crucified? 

52. Who wrote most of the Psalms? 

53. What city was Saul traveling to when he encountered a great light and heard the voice of Jesus? 

54. Who was the tax collector that climbed a tree to see Jesus?

55. What Old Testament book tells the story of Ruth? 

56. Who had a coat of many colors in the Bible? 

57. Who was thrown into a lions’ den by King Darius?

58. Who was the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau? 

59. What was Jesus’s first public miracle? 

60. How many plagues did God send on Egypt? 

61. Who wrote the book of Revelation? 

62. What language was the Old Testament primarily written in? 

63. What city was Jonah sent to prophesy against? 

64. Who succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelites? 

65. How many brothers did Joseph (son of Jacob) have? 

66. How many stones did David pick up before he fought Goliath? 

67. What was the name of Moses’ brother? 

68. In which book of the Bible do we read about Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews? 

69. Who was the Queen of Sheba? 

70. Which prophet was thrown into a pit? 

71. Who were the parents of John the Baptist?

72. What is the shortest verse in the Bible?

73. How many sons did Jacob have? 

74. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? 

75. What did God use to create Adam? 

76. What was the profession of Amos before he became a prophet? 

77. Who said, “Here I am. Send me!” when God asked whom He should send?

78. How many years of famine did Joseph predict in Egypt? 

79. What were the names of Abraham’s two sons? 

80. How old was Noah when the flood occurred? 

81. Who are the only two angels named in the Bible? 

82. What was Paul’s original name? 

83. Who was the only female judge mentioned in the Bible? 

84. Who was the tallest man mentioned in the Bible?

85. What does the name “Emanuel” mean? 

86. How did Judas Iscariot die? 

87. What was the first thing that God created? 

88. What is the longest verse in the Bible? 

89. Who was the only apostle to die a natural death? 

90. Who was the mother of Moses? 

91. What is the largest book in the Bible? 

92. How many dreams did Joseph interpret for Pharaoh? 

93. Who was the father of Solomon? 

94. Who was known as the man after God’s own heart?

95. Who was Bathsheba’s first husband? 

96. What was the sign of God’s covenant with Noah? 

97. Who was the richest king in the Bible? 

98. Which disciple was a tax collector before following Jesus? 

99. What was the name of the servant girl who saw Peter at the door after his escape from prison? 

100. What are the seven deadly sins according to the Bible? 

101. What was the name of the prophet who was married to Gomer? 

102. Who was sold into slavery by his brothers? 

103. What was the original language of the New Testament? 

104. Who recognized Jesus as the Christ when He was still an infant? 

105. How many books are there in the Bible? 

106. Which of the apostles was a doctor by profession? 

107. How many times did the Israelites march around Jericho? 

108. What river was Jesus baptized in? 

109. What did Esau sell to Jacob for a pot of stew? 

110. Who was the first martyr in the Book of Acts? 

111. Who closed the door of the ark after Noah and his family were inside? 

112. Who was the Roman governor who sentenced Jesus to death? 

113. Which book of the Bible predicts the coming of Jesus Christ? 

114. Who was the last judge of Israel? 

115. Who was turned into a pillar of salt? 

116. Who baptized Jesus? 

117. What is the shortest book in the New Testament?

118. What is the greatest commandment in the Bible according to Jesus? 

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