Holy Week Trivia Questions (2023)

Our Holy Week trivia questions and answers will show you how much you know about this special time. The week recognized as “holy week” is arguably one of the biggest times of the year for religious folks.

This Holy Week quiz will teach you a whole lot about these special days. Find out what some of the celebrations are, among other interesting things.

Ready to enjoy these religious facts? Then check out our trivia on Holy Week. If you dig this, you can enjoy our Bible, Easter, Catholic Trivia and Palm Sunday trivia.

Holy Week Trivia

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1. What religious celebration occurs the week after Holy Week?

2. What is the first day of Holy Week?

3. What dates will Holy Week fall on this year (2023)?

4. In Eastern Christian tradition, what celebration occurs before Palm Sunday?

5. What celebration honors Christ’s entry into Jerusalem?

6. What does Good Friday commemorate?

7. What story is remembered on Holy Wednesday?

8. What does Maundy Thursday commemorate?

9. According to Brittanica, in the earliest celebrations of Holy Week, what two days were observed as holy days?

10. Who denied knowing Christ three times?

11. What Biblical character is known for doubting?

12. What was served at the last supper?

13. How many apostles were at the last supper?

14. What is the name of the season Christians commemorate the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert?

15. What will be the date of Palm Sunday recognized by Eastern Christians?

We hope you enjoyed our trivia on holy week. Want more? Feel free to have fun doing our trivia questions on Christmas too.

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