10 Facts About St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated Friday, March 17th, 2023. Beyond the parades and wearing green, there are interesting facts about the man this day is named after.

Our facts about St. Patrick will teach you some interesting things about him. He’s well known for sharing the message of Christianity with Ireland.

We hope you’re ready to learn as you enjoy this annual festivity. Here are some thought-provoking facts about St Patrick. Feel free also to check out our Irish trivia and St. Patrick’s Day trivia.

10 Interesting Facts About St. Patrick

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1. St. Patrick was born in Britain.

Before he became known as the Apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick was born in Britain. According to Brittanica, his original name may have actually been Maewyn Succat.

2. Patrick isn’t the only patron saint of Ireland.

There are two other recognized patron saints of Ireland. Brid of Kildare and Columba. Another interesting thing to note is St. Patrick was never canonized, though he is venerated as a saint.

3. It’s unclear when St. Patrick lived.

Most historians agree that he was likely alive during the fifth century.

4. Irish Pirates captured St. Patrick.

At age 16, it is recorded in his autobiographical Confession that he was captured by Irish pirates and enslaved.

5. St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th because it’s thought to be the date his life ended.

6. St. Patrick has many false legends written about him. One legend tells a story that it was Patrick who drove all the Snakes out of Ireland.

7. St. Patrick reported that an angel in his dreams told him to return to Ireland as a missionary.

8. Tradition holds that Patrick served as the first bishop of Armagh.

9. St. Patrick’s Letter to Coroticus denounced the British mistreatment of Christians in Ireland.

10. St Patrick’s last rites were administered by St. Tussach.

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