Palm Sunday Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

These Palm Sunday trivia questions and answers can be good fun for those interested in the celebration. The week recognized as “holy week” can be a treasured time for religious people.

Our Palm Sunday trivia questions will teach you a bunch about this historic time. Find out what it celebrates and other cool things.

Time for some good old fun facts. Enjoy this trivia on Palm Sunday. While you’re here, check out our Bible Trivia, Easter trivia, and look for our holy week trivia coming soon.

Palm Sunday Trivia

Palm trees

1. What city was Jesus entering in Matthew chapter 21?

2. What is Palm Sunday a celebration of?

3. What does Palm Sunday represent the first day of?

4. In most liturgical churches, what is blessed and distributed as a part of the Palm Sunday celebration?

5. In the branch of eastern Christianity known as Syriac Christianity, what do they call Palm Sunday?

6. What date will Palm Sunday be celebrated among western Christians this year?

7. What date will Palm Sunday be celebrated among eastern Christians this year?

8. In Western Christianity, what two things did palm branches symbolize in ancient times?

9. What Biblical character had cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers carved into the doors and walls of the temple?

10. What celebration occurs the Friday after Palm Sunday?

11. What celebration occurs on the Sunday after Palm Sunday?

12. What are the days of Holy Week referred to as?

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