Passover Trivia Questions And Answers

These Passover trivia questions and answers will be a joy to do while celebrating this Jewish holiday. Passover is a traditional celebration of the Israelites’ escape from Egypt. 

Our Passover trivia questions and answers will cover the history of the holiday and much more. It’ll be fun for the whole family. 

Are you ready to test your knowledge of this celebration? Then check out our Passover trivia questions. If you like our Passover trivia, you might also enjoy our Hanukkah trivia.

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Passover trivia questions

Lamb representing passover trivia questions

1. In which two months does the celebration of Passover typically take place in?

2. How many days is Passover observed for? 

3. How many questions are asked during Seder? 

4. Who asks these questions during Seder? 

5. What did Hebrews commonly put on the door jam in their home to prevent their firstborn from dying? 

6. What are Jewish people forbidden to eat during Passover? 

7. What is the word for Passover in Hebrew? 

8. Which animal was commonly sacrificed for Passover during ancient times? 

9. What is the name of the prayer for Dew? 

10. During Passover, which biblical reading occurs during Seder? 

11. How many types of bitter herbs are eaten on Passover? 

12. What is the name for these bitter herbs that are eaten during Passover? 

13. These bitter herbs are eaten to represent the suffering of what? 

14. In what month does Passover take place based on the Hebrew calendar? 

15. The last day of Passover is intended to celebrate the parting of what? 

16. How many times do you perform ceremonial handwashing at Seder? 

17. What food is traditionally eaten during Passover? 

18. How many cups of wine does each adult drink during Seder? 

19. What do children and those under 21 years old drink during Passover in place of wine? 

20. How many plagues did Egypt experience? 

21. What was the eighth plague to occur in Egypt? 

22. What is the promised land that Moses led the Hebrews to? 

23. What does Seder mean in Hebrew? 

24. Who is the person who usually has a seat saved for them at Seder? 

25. In which river in Egypt was Moses placed into as a baby? 

26. What is the name of the last Sabbath before Passover? 

27. What did God appear as when he came to Moses for the first time? 

28. What is Passover meant to commemorate? 

29. What is the Hebrew word to describe foods that contain leavening agents? 

30. Which U.S. President was first to hold Passover Seder in the White House? 

31. How long were the Israelites enslaved in Egypt for? 

32. In which U.S. city were the largest ever matzo balls made? 

33. Which items are commonly used to search for chametz during Passover? 


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